Borrow rice total Lei Jun seven words to talk about the Shanghai Dragon

then learn Shanghai dragon now? I still see a lot of people learn the way Shanghai dragon to learn programming language what. For example: ASP, php.div+css and so on, although I think that to learn, but tasted it, after all, we are not a programmer, this will lead you to the Shanghai dragon is half a bucket of water.

limit their ability to do

reputation: beyond user expectations of

attention: less is more, road to jane.

today in the "own" Ray total Internet thought the article summarizes the seven words "focus, extreme, reputation, known as fast" seven words, let me think of Shanghai, did not like this

we open your site when the site optimization speed? Page loading speed? Your inner chain is reasonable? You whether the contents meet the users? Your outer chain really can bring you the user clicks? If you steal others results and modify made you of those Links? If you bring you the weight transfer of

: the ultimate

? ?How

estimates that many people Jobs "apple" series of very yearning, it represents what can not say here, I want to say that apple and Jobs gave us the first inspiration is the focus.


is the ultimate do the best you can do, others do not reach the height, when we talk about the extreme, in fact it is very easy to say it’s hard to do, you do

although the Shanghai dragon born SEM but I personally think that Shanghai dragon to understand something more, such as network marketing, e-commerce website, Taobao, these are to understand this is a webmaster will learn, but we as a Shanghai dragon as long as you focus on Shanghai dragon on the line, the other you as long as you know in principle, Shanghai Longfeng actual operation will encounter JS such as position adjustment, code noffow, and that in alt, some small icons div+css pages with the basic HTML code that you need to know.

what is beyond user expectations, a metaphor is when you watch the movie to find the site, the site not only let you enjoy the picture quality content, but also provides high quality broadband, not only that also help you recommend something you really want to see something, then you will not be happy? Would you recommend this to a friend.

I see a lot of people, when the algorithm has been updated many jumped up and said my website how, I don’t know whether you are dealing with your boss in the pure pursuit of quantity regardless of quality, the effect of changing the collection of people everywhere out of order? Here’s a suggestion is when you do outside the chain outside your chain is good for your website, if you do the contents of your users useful, your website can open your users quickly.

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