A5 Optimization the importance of Shanghai dragon follow love Shanghai guide the search optimization

the first category of "white hat Shanghai dragon"

2, what is the credibility of the credibility of the search, the search? A perennial Shanghai dragon people are less likely to be a bit of publicity, love Shanghai. "


no matter what there are always some people love the loopholes, Zoupian Jian Feng, even Shanghai Longfeng optimization is also so, these people use search engine defects in the rules, so as to enhance the website keyword violations trial weights, and finally achieve the purpose of "Shututonggui". But the drawback is obviously, for the optimization of such cheating test, the final result is often away from the search engines, commonly known as: K station. Such as: the domain name bombing, mirror, stations, hidden pages, links workshop, keyword stuffing and so on, are serious cheating, so A5 optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon zhenduan贵族宝贝) warned not to "webmaster black hat Shanghai dragon".

webmaster how to identify the "black hat Shanghai dragon"


really do rankings, no one will believe such opportunistic approach may be done in a day, but a few hours later "dead" instead of The loss outweighs the gain. The following now, how to see through the black hat Shanghai dragon?

many stationmaster itself is not proficient in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so invite Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website, but some websites in effect immediately after payment disappeared, what makes the ranking of "come, go? In fact, most likely is the webmaster site was "fix" black hat.

1 case, check if a stable case are not, then you feel reliable? Even if one day, as if it were raining flowers three days, Ranking Ranking, or a month, normal two months and so on.

with the network market demand continues to increase, optimization technology has become a major factor in Internet companies compete for market share in the search engine, can be said to have a good sales performance is not high ranking enterprise keyword will not. Therefore, the search engine optimization "Shanghai dragon" has become a lot of people work IT "occupation". Through many search engine ranking rules analysis, then timely on the site to make targeted optimization, and enhance the business more keyword ranking. But from the word "Shanghai dragon" appeared on, gradually divided into two acts:

called the white hat Shanghai dragon is do analysis of the rule of the search engine, a step by step to improve the website optimization problems, so as to improve the search engine friendliness in the foundation, and then get the keyword ranking and traffic. For this, love Shanghai to encourage the webmaster for the correct "white hat optimization" and released the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" I believe that many webmaster have heard.

second categories of "black hat Shanghai dragon"

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