Examples of Google Sitelink and Sitelink love Shanghai


Figure four: Google

with non Sitelink


recently launched Sitelink love love Shanghai, Shanghai has been doing micro adjustment, as for what is to enhance the user experience and reduce the user experience, this is really hard to say, the overall feeling is mixed. Love is not the innovation of Shanghai Sitelink algorithm, has been actually love Shanghai in imitation of Google search engine, and Google as a global leader. The algorithm exploits and user experience are just drops, imitation is always imitate, love Shanghai Sitelink and some places need to be improved. Below by comparing several examples of love Shanghai Sitelink and Google Sitelink.

A comparison of the Figure three:

domain name search display Sitelink

and figure two can be found in love with Shanghai Sitelink display are several catalog page Chinaz master, or two level domain name page, why only the 6 display page? I guess love Shanghai algorithm is calculated according to page visits, "the webmaster tools" the two level domain IP every day may be the most, because too many people in the use of this tool. In contrast, Google’s Sitelink, you will find the same 6 Sitelinks, but more than a Google webmaster forum, I guess is the proportion of the amount of IP for Google’s Sitelink algorithm than love Shanghai, Google Sitelink (domain name or directory page note baryon content). In addition, Google’s Sitelink at the bottom and the other relevant information link.

is shown in Figure three and figure four are.

love Sitelink of Shanghai in a way is to enhance the user experience, but it also hurt many small sites in Shanghai, because of love for the Sitelink objects are some of the large, brand station, when a user searches for a brand word, is bound to more click the brand website, consider from the perspective of ordinary users, the move is to enhance the general user experience. Similarly, Google Sitelink also display some large sites, but two kinds of search engine is how to determine what kind of website belongs to the industry brand station, what kind of website is Sitelink. These we can make nothing of it!

: falling in love with a display of the Sitelink

A5 Sitelink


Figure two: Google sea search A5 station network domain name search web


search area


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