Ask the entrepreneur’s wife a question and a suggestionshlf1314AdSense violations highlights

, this is their own research and development, and their own release >


according to the information revealed on the Internet, I found out that the company should be Beijing exhibition game company, their game is mainly the following several.

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then his husband went to CEO to talk about equity, and CEO turned him down.

as a Mobile Games practitioners, for today "even if 10 Fen of the shares once husband did not get in my heart, he is still the best entrepreneurs", to raise a few questions, said several opinions.

may be the author’s wife as his husband, for the hand travel industry no concept, so there are many places in this is almost impossible, I simply said a few of my own doubts.


brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

1, water one hundred million games, net profit has 5589

he said as he automatic speaking, second company employees, the first in the game development, water one hundred million, net profit also wuliuqianwan so far is still the game’s profit in the whole company to feed more than 100 people. However, he said, CEO said that the game bonus had been split the year before, the only money we got that year when we got married. We got rid of the car. After tax deduction, we had less than four hundred thousand. This is my husband from 10 years began to follow his business to now all dividends. But CEO also said that previous contributions cannot talk now, those are the past, if I give you shares, how can I be sure that you can make so many corresponding contribution to the company’s future, if you talk about companies such as water to achieve three billion, net profit of one hundred million do again, and who who took the greatest contribution big head, they are empty.


because Apple is divided into 30% on the IOS store, and on Android, Android channels tend to be bigger than fifty percent. Get rid of buying large Mobile Games in buy user the cost of removing taxes, this a few games of the three estimates are losing money, but the profit earning the most optimistic scenario will not exceed 30%.

That’s what the original

/ a source: a ID:astory4u

I think the author mentioned that game a lot of money should be the upper left corner of the "Titans" because this is three, they play the most games. But whether this is a few games in which one is impossible when water one hundred million, net profit of wuliuqianwan.


article probably means that his husband followed CEO entrepreneurship for many years, as a co-founder, has been holding a high salary, and later their company’s game earned some money, his husband points out one million bonus. But then take the money to buy a house, get married, the home has been stretched.

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