A record of a week to recover the special case of the K website

Kung Fu, on the day of analysis, the final accident and let me find the bizarre was the cause of the K, aiming at this problem, after settlement, the website also within one week of rapid recovery was included with the number, as shown below. Here I will talk about this a website by K analysis of the reason and solve process.

for Shanghai dragon Er, I sometimes feel it is the dancer on the blade, because the face of man-made or non-human factors brought by K punishment. I still remember this month in the morning of 5 to see all aspects of the site of Shanghai Longfeng data when the mood, when seeing their hard construction sites included and rankings are zero, feeling like a knife. I believe each Shanghai dragon ER in case of K station time is very difficult to calm down, I was no exception, the crazy keyboard hit the mouse, his mouth still scold. I need in the short time to find the cause of K is

site was K after we first need to find self detection, is the cause of the K, because K is often comes from their own reasons. Of course, this is our guess most of. Because the management of the site has not adopted other informal means to optimize the keywords, so the stack, hidden links, a large collection of text, or just on the line this year to buy punishment links are not leading to the site is Scindapsus algorithm K reason. Firstly, the exclusion of these factors. Since it is not because the informal means to optimize the cause, so is the K cause of narrow range a lot, then we will from some daily regular means of optimization analysis. Because I have to record the daily construction of the chain and content publishing habits, so I will start from these records analysis, results the author found that the quality of the chain recently is very high, although the content is not 100% original, but work in quality and relevance is the exclusion of this factor content and the chain the next station, the author analyzes the internal and external chain chain form, the author found that the content of the site found all the anchor text is pointing to the home page, the author consulted some predecessors, also check some information, it is found that there is a problem in Shanghai Longfeng site, but this is not enough to make love Shanghai K off the site. After the author analyzed some data, such as web pages and page in the competition, the friends of the chain, the site is black and all that may cause is the cause of the K. In the day of analysis and elimination of the author did not find the real reason, so today I decided to work overtime in the company, I have a long time did not work overtime, before work is directly home and do not have access to a web site in time. The livelong night, a person in the office analysis to about eight, the office suddenly cut off, I remember before the office building is not related to electricity, was the first reaction is finished, the site can not access the (company’s site on the server in the office). So I asked the building tube >

is self detection of

K websiteThe !

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