Ai Rui Yang Weiqing find a long term foothold in the networkWebsite promotion terminology

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

Ai Rui Yang Weiqing: the next 3 years, the owners of entrepreneurial opportunities

our research areas include online advertising, search engines, digital entertainment, mobile value-added space, and the morning. Our clients are mainly large companies, including Sina, Sohu and sh419, and we have large teams in Beijing to provide them with research and data support services. I used to participate in some other webmaster activities, but also hope to give personal webmaster to provide more data support and research support.

news March 10th, 2006 Chinese super stationmaster entrepreneurship competition " entrepreneurship practice " training held in Beijing today, the Tencent of science and technology for this meeting for the exclusive broadcast.

below is Yang Weiqing, President of iResearch Consulting Group,

Yang Weiqing: the webmaster, we will start the afternoon, because many guests will bring wonderful speech in the afternoon, there are aspects of interaction, in addition to the guests to explore, we will give you more time left stationmaster interactive for everyone to participate in the discussion. The head of our company’s website department also came, my proposition composition is three years inside stationmaster to start an undertaking environment and opportunity. In fact, three years, five years or less time but there is no clear limit, just as I am concerned, we are now on the company on the Internet also has some accumulation, I told Eric to do something today to help you what.

there are more than 60 people in our company now. In China, it is almost the largest Internet research institution. We do market research on the one hand, on the one hand also learn from each webmaster, improve our technical terms, we have a technical approach to the study of Internet technology, to provide some technical support for research. In addition we just put our website we belong to a unified network Ereli, every year we will have several network economic conference, there will always be new sites, including we now publish new iResearch, to provide some new Internet industry, creating a variety of industry, make money the information.

first of all, I’d like to talk about the market analysis of personal websites. Before I talk about this, I’ll tell you about our product, IuserTracker. Our product has been prepared for more than a year and a half. What does it do? It is called the user behavior of Internet users through continuous testing, we actually install a small software in the Internet to the client, users pay through the Internet users all the behavior detection whether he’s use of software or Internet use. Why study from Internet users because of the end zone, we study the institution is not a separate website for us, we want to study the behavior of all Internet users. We draw a result through a rigorous process, including recruitment, including model weighting. This result does not include Internet cafes, because we don’t know men and women and Internet cafes

what is the search engine promotion?

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