Analysis of the factors included the causes and effects of the site included drop

included site down sometimes is not necessarily right down, but right down will lead to the site included drop. Right down lead site included drop regularly, generally decreased from the flow of the search engine, and then the target keywords ranking drop then is included in the site down. There is a reason it will lead to the site included drop, that is the frequency of updates. For example, you’ve updated daily 100 article, now updated daily 10 article, then the total included you will fall. Below in order to clearly understand that two reasons included drop, let’s analyze, influence factors of the web site included.

included drop, in fact every webmaster will encounter a problem, often included drop, everyone will take down the right site to determine, today we have to analyze the reasons for the decline, influence the website included, as well as the basic factors of pages included.

said there are people that asked, is not all pages within the links will be displayed on the home page or column page. In fact, this need not. Let’s do a website to the user experience as the core, in order not to affect the user experience included. No >


search engine "is a standard, we should all know this. When a page is included with the standard will be included. What is the standard? It is a quality score of + the + Chain "in the chain = total score. When the score is greater than or equal to the included standard he will be included. In fact, this included standard is very low, so we do not worry. The search engine is not the same as for a station of all the web pages update frequency, such as the update frequency can reach home has been updated every day. But the inside pages can not achieve. Because of changes in the inside pages of very small weight no home high, so if the page is updated every day is not scientific, so they love Shanghai these search engines are not so stupid. Calculate them on the inside pages of the update frequency is time. According to the long-term observation, the update time is generally 4-8 weeks inside page. So it is a concept of time difference. I will mention. Let’s just say, "the standard is included in the chain of" quality + + Chain = total score, total score is greater than or equal to the time will be included standard to be included, so if you remove the inside and outside the chain chain, this article will be included, the answer is no.. Because this article has lost contact with the outside world. So the search engine did not check his presence. In our home chain in the update article in the daily and column page will be replaced by the new article. So the old lost within the chain home page and column page. The equivalent chain loss. If this article without the support of the chain, then love Shanghai in the next round of the update will remove these articles included. We mentioned in the page update time is generally 4-8 weeks, so even if the article is lost in the chain and the chain, the search engine is also included to cancel his happened after two months, there is a time difference. Here you can explain the influence of the amount collected on the website of the update frequency.

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