Money can not see the movie station promotion methods to make money 3Taobao suffered a dollar crisis

method 1: blog promotion

method two: sh419 post bar

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! site!

is now a lot of people say that the blog promotion effect is not very big, here I want to explain, many people do blog to promote their website, blog posts are the same, the number of blind pursuit, rather than the pursuit of quality, you have not thought about, if you really wrote a article is recommended to Sina blog page, is what the concept, you can bring much traffic I will not say.

four: all the negative image of the Taobao also led to Taobao customers more difficult to do

one yuan door event, and the last Taobao CCTV exposure repeated sale of counterfeit goods, so many consumers on Taobao view more and more, although Taobao has started to improve, but during this period, the impact of Taobao customers is still very large, whether Taobao can once again to the development of the fast lane, decision >

is a very important point in the Post Bar promotion is to care for each Post Bar rules in Post Bar post behave is very important, otherwise you post a few minutes after it was removed, and the number has been closed, you calculate to several IP is not very cost-effective.


and Taobao customer rebate website, group purchase website and basically no competitive advantage, one is to users as much as possible to spend money, one is to let users spend as little as possible, so a go, natural rebate network, network group purchase more easily by the user’s favor! And business are more willing to play advertising on these sites, Taobao customers and therefore the loss of some businesses

I think

Taobao recently exposed many businesses in commodity prices has been converted into a tangled yuan this event, Taobao once again pushed to the in the teeth of the storm, Taobao in order to solve the crisis of confidence in their own, take the zhuangshiduanwan spirit, his partner as a scapegoat, this is not the thing, the Taobao one yuan the door of the outbreak of the crisis, not only affected Taobao’s reputation, so that consumers in e-commerce have safety concerns, but also caused serious impact on Taobao, the so-called death Ze lip tooth cold, in fact, since the 2011, Taobao customer business has been increasingly difficult, now Taobao one yuan door just let the crisis Taobao customer business just below the author one disaster after another, first to analyze the operating status of the guest this year Taobao

method three: sh419 Encyclopedia

two: Taobao guest web site is almost the same, users have not caught a cold,


off the huge money effect, a lot of portal before is unexpected, so many small Taobao off site had very moist, but now, with many large electricity supplier platform to enter the portal, Taobao, Taobao began to let the customer industry there is fierce competition, especially the small and medium-sized passenger line just Taobao, at present almost no can be a tiny bit of land we can from Taobao, customers on the billboard will be able to see this point, almost able to earn money well is the large

1: portal into Taobao customers, competition white hot

Taobao For example, the Taobao

is very obvious in the sh419 encyclopedia promotion, do not believe the friend can go to try, but also in the encyclopedia promotion to select specific, not to do the promotion for those hot movies or TV shows, many of the editing, you just put the address left behind, they can give you go.

three: rebates, buy site suddenly rises,

when Taobao started off, can also attract the attention of consumers, such as the introduction of some charts to users recommend those goods the better, if done well, it has some guidance, but when users find these promotion often very fraudulent is doing this for profit the feeling of nature will be greatly reduced, coupled with the website content is thin, almost no can attract users, Taobao passenger traffic nature began to sharp decline


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