What’s the way to make websites quick to make moneyFive makes you earn like Admin5


develops its own shopping website, where it sells its products and services. This model, known as the B2C model, is the model used by most e-commerce companies in the world, such as amazon. B2C mode according to the website to sell a product or service entity has two kinds of different processes, namely: the selection of products — order — online payment service – distribution; transaction and payment transaction confirmation transaction.

is now a variety of sites to make money in different ways, but it can really make money is not much, most only peibenzhuanyaohe, the most fundamental reason is that everyone stared at the money website, but did not really go with your own web site features, consider the network station fast money problems. One step slow, the whole dish is slow.

two. Win hearts,

webmaster network is a very common website, why would he be popular? Not because of the success of the site, the Admin5 team is successful people.

so, the real way to make money is to be able to make money quickly, tens of thousands of webmaster army, only fast to earn money. In the current Internet environment, what are the ways to make money quickly,

, such as Ali, shlf1314, sh419’s advertising alliance and Content Alliance, in the long run, or personal Adsense to make money a big weapon, after all, is the strength of the background is strong, but also experienced a lot of webmaster test. But for each different website, you need to find your own platform for making money. For example, leisure, entertainment, special sub – fine, games and other types of websites, it is suitable for bubble play game platform.

  is speculation; from the computer report Phoenix, Party General webmaster friends of friends, and what Wang Chen, I forgot, I thought that the party did not learn what things, but will be the major media outlets, sina sohu.., this is a speculation, speculation in graph king ability is definitely not an ordinary person can be compared, but also from the soft start of the graph king.


second: making online sales and service platform

  Admin5 was founded in unremittingly; 05 years in May, less than three years and has developed so fast during the sh419 letter, being hacked, not only advocates sought is graph king does not give up, do not abandon, unremittingly efforts. And we are sealed by sh419, then change the domain name to do garbage station again? If you must add a little stick, that is to accumulate, accumulate steadily time, time is the webmaster outbreak. Every grass root can explode his ability. Go ahead, guys.

  in my first article, I thought it would be deleted or not through the examination, did not think second days to see his article published, and not just that, in the home, including the free agent hundred dollars less I also enjoyed, I www.wangzhanyouhua.net.cn  one thousand and five hundred is the chain soft Wen come from Admin5 on, just imagine who will take their daily traffic over a million industry stand for the net friend to the text? And we have to remove the link to the article, but also want to get people’s hearts?

first: develop your own shopping website

    the graph king has never put on airs; although he is very busy, but my information he can return, in my heart, he is an ordinary grass root stationmaster. There is no contradiction between this and speculation, speculation is for the cause, for people to be calm and low-key.

one. Low-key

Feng Yingjian once said that it’s one of the best ways to favor smaller sites to earn money through alliances. The mode of making money it so much, but from the webmaster, more convenient and better, there is still the most convenient advertising, especially advertising alliance, if people do less, the league’s most convenient, as long as doing their own content and flow promotion, holding income can be.

why? Because this kind of web users are mainly to leisure, time, willing to spend money for entertainment on the Internet, so the user is in line with the bubble play platform union.popwan. This kind of website as long as you increase a game channel with the previous content alliance is similar, then do some publicity to guide the user to play the game, when the user to indulge in them, site on the adhesion of the user is improved, and when the user recharge in the game, can also extract a considerable percentage of

third: find the right alliance, platform,

three. Establish prestige
  like diagram King enthusiastic help others, and " ordinary " selfless webmaster, prestige is hard built up. If you don’t want to go this way, recommend Admin5 home feeling after I read a very good "seal a collection", believe that one brother is prestige, opposed by many people, the more people pay attention to his explanation.


makes online sales and service platforms, and Taobao and Ebay are well-known websites both at home and abroad. This website model can be classified as C2C mode, Consumer to Consumer. The flow of such models is looking for categories and product items – bids auctions – closing deals – distribution – well received.

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