Discussion on how to prevent the risks and preventive measures in WangzhuanGolden Wangzhuan nine com

in our early construction site, we have to experience less access to traffic, low registration process, the most important reason is that our site’s popularity is too low. Not many people will know or care about our website. Soft Wen promotion is to us in the most direct way will be the site of the sensory features present in front of the user base, users have solutions on the website, so often to visit our website, finally seek services or purchase products. Soft Wen promotion of low cost, produce the effect is very big, is our essential promotion method. So the writing of soft Wen is our most important thing,

Optimization of

then how can we do what we said above?


said now booming Taobao off it, just a few links into the website, can make money, small investment, high return, thousand is not a dream, this is under the guise of some institutions played to the end, you put the money to the station, the link is also linked to, is not making money. This is not, can only explain a problem, pie or without you, do it, don’t look so easy Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, not to think that there is no risk, it is a childish idea.

for a webmaster, the first is to develop a website for web services to determine the service object, understand the way they used to obtain similar services, especially various network channels and give them a written summary report. Then, according to their characteristics and the characteristics of our website services to make network marketing strategy, comply with the service and promotion technology to improve. Then we can move forward in these areas. Finally make our website bigger and stronger. Of course, for all of us, in the promotion process, have what skills lots of things for us to refer to, and will not let us go wrong? I can tell you, the answer is yes! The Sequoia will Wangzhuan from several aspects to focus on the analysis, I hope to help everyone some.

maybe you still want to, as long as the ranking is up, the site also worry about no one buys goods? You don’t have this idea, the Internet is always changing and developing, now the great risk of SEO, ranking changes can occur at any time, may let you put a few months between the night to pus.

introduces SEO optimizations, let’s look at what SEO optimizations are. As you all know, search engines have become the most popular tool for most online consumers, mainly because of its emergence, greatly reducing the consumer access to product and service information time. Today, the vast majority of web traffic comes from search engines. Now the search engine is known as shlf1314, sh419 etc. have their own website ranking mechanism, so we can also like them, in addition to PPC mode, can also be devoted to optimize the website, the search engine has generated more favorable impression on it, this is the SEO optimization.


you said, I choose to click to make money, of course these survey make money, is that you don’t have to spend money, but you have not thought, the time you put it, is not time, time is the real money, you understand this? When entering Wangzhuan novice, often by some tutorials that have an ulterior motive harm, advocate a click to earn 1 hair, one day earn hundred is a minor fraud, waste a lot of time and effort to do the survey, click, do visit. The final result is 1 months, the time has passed, with the same energy, money, money? No! So as not to think Wangzhuan novice so simple, even if these free Wangzhuan, are looking for some good reputation, timely payment website, do not believe just a website with a click is 1 hair thing, not so much pie pie is not for you, you should be aware of this trap, a little


in soft writing, we should first of all for our consumer group characteristics, from entering into the determination of our soft Wen type and field. Good, soft text must be high quality, good content, helpful to the user. Such as some website product experience, service experience, experience and so on. Second, be skilled, and don’t make the propaganda too obvious. If you want to advertise, you’d better put them in our experience, and let the readers feel that we have made a complaint about our website. Also, we must remember that in the article to leave the name and URL of our website, so that not only can play a publicity effect, but also can increase our web site of the chain, play the SEO optimization effect.

Wangzhuan is risky, Wangzhuan novice to join the industry, must have a correct attitude towards Wangzhuan mentality, do not think that it is harmless, don’t underestimate the risk of wangzhuan. Before you invest, invest in your time


network to make money, it seems to be a very relaxed thing, in fact, otherwise, the network to make money is equally complex, and not just a little mouse on it. The couple in the Wangzhuan, often only see the success of the higher figure, very envious of them, but do not know their efforts, their blood and tears streaming down, in Wangzhuan process, no matter what is going, no matter what you do Wangzhuan project, you will encounter risks and setbacks. In Wangzhuan, did not imagine the beautiful, you must also set up the same with the reality of the risk awareness, prevention and cure, achieve "calamity, died of happiness"

second and SEO

Wangzhuan to entrepreneurship is the same reason, are investing time and money in exchange for returns, since there is no risk investment must coexist, the risk of the project to estimate the earth people do, don’t look so simple Wangzhuan, you will see the trap, the fraud, do not blindly believe the Internet of people.

first, soft Wen promotion

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