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eBay mobile recharge card, he is based on sales commission of 12%. I think the Commission is OK, they have done their promotion. 11, the data can also be, I have done thousands of sales, slightly a little amount of deduction, can also endure. In December, I increased my strength to do the promotion. In December, I did more than 450 mobile phone prepaid cards. The sale amount is about 4.4 W. In January 2008, I was foolish when the data came out of the eBay prepaid mobile phone card. A commission of more than 500 is available. I immediately contacted of KF. They said it was eBay’s problem. I immediately contacted eBay’s KF, which was contacted by 08, 1.8, and KF said 2 working days to reply to me. As a result, that eBay was definitely not available. Angry ah, such a big advertisers. XDJM, please don’t do any of eBay’s products. I won’t say anything else.

by definition, doing vertical is a more pragmatic path, because the platform is relatively difficult to make. But before I was in Alibaba, live off work, both are platform based companies, entrepreneurs naturally think of doing platform, I feel this direction more reliable.

the United States already had Homejoy>



I started learning to do websites in 2005, and basically all the domestic advertising associations have done. shlf1314 has done abroad, and I basically toss him in 2006,

PR money picture

million euro review Tang Hao, founder of the district worry free, said its three major survival methods: first, to expand high frequency services, horizontal vertical; II platform for the king; restraint division business; plus in subtraction; selected services. Next, we’ll continue to do a lot of subtraction so that users can make a very simple decision or, before making a judgment, be able to share the experience of past data accumulation.

shlf1314 in 2007 to make adjustments, I put the flow and energy into the domestic advertising alliance. In November 2007, was found to have made a new CPS ad.

that was 2011, and I worked as a vice president for live off. At that time, live in the mobile search room market share of up to 50%, I strongly feel the ferocious trend of the mobile Internet, I would like to participate in them. So, I and three friends together for about 1000000, in May 2012 the establishment of small free the second half of 2013, I was completely from anjuke out, I want to connect a variety of life services in the area of the scene through the mobile Internet: both forgot the keys for unlocking, also is a dirty house cleaned. Or hungry called a takeaway.

below is the worry free CEO Tang Hao oral, Chinese entrepreneur magazine reporter Chen Xi interview:

created the "community worry", from my youth community complex: when the familiar alley neighbourhood harmony, idle away in seeking pleasure with nothing…… But with the rapid economic development, people are becoming increasingly strange, the district is not so cordial. I would like to do a community related project, after all, people will eventually return to the family and return to the community.

in the wave of community entrepreneurship, each model is different, some emphasis on information integration, and some emphasis on landing docking. Compared to vertical services such as laundry, home economics and takeaway, platform companies are harder.




rooted in Shanghai more than a year of community worry, because the two news in October 2014, fame increased sharply. The first is the beginning of the October, won the million angel investment "Ding Dong District" by the outgoing capital chain rupture, Beijing office shut down, Shanghai team layoffs of more than 70%. And almost at the same time, the district announced the completion of worry free A round of $20 million financing.


Ding Dong District to social as the starting point, rapid expansion; community worry tendency surrounding community service, cautious pace, both see platform concept, but the results are different. Unlike the Ding Dong District, community worry in the individual vertical field is done fast, but it is not willing to depart from the fundamental platform. So, holding high the banner of the district worry free community community can become an integrator,

eBay sales mobile phone recharge card pictures, because too much, just send a few representatives of

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