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we have a lot of business, but what’s bad is that we have basically a net profit from 2008 to, but this profit doesn’t come out at all. Electricity providers do not have to take into account the market problems, as long as the company is good to consider the operation, in 2009, January, 18 million monthly sales. However, when you are in this state, you will feel very painful, because the resources can not keep up, and if the resources are greater than the output, you are relatively happy, but if the resources can not be used, the team pressure is enormous. And for the first time, you don’t have the halo effect. You can count on your own brothers, but it’s not enough to rely on only a few brothers.

"no partnership venture that said, no one is your true friend!" in April 13th will be the dark horse "China partners sharing session, dark horse association, big park network founder Wang Zhiquan issued such a view. In the eyes of many people, this seems to be sensational, but for Wang Zhiquan, this is after the pain of cutting one’s body "ruin" sentiment, also own a brother after thorough. The following is the king’s entire readme.

‘s collaboration with Gome was a failure,

one, if you have a very hard standing, the daily flow of 10W, the above estimate is easy to achieve, this is not the scope of our discussion;

finally suggested: Earn $100 per day, program

network is a gold mine, depending on how you dig it. Do you have that sharp eye? Actually, just like mining gold mine. The key may not be your gold mining, the key is how to find the gold rich, find the golden key, every year hundreds of billions of Internet advertising, you may want to use your mind to share




two, if you have more than PR=6, the best foreign language station, what not to say, to sell the chain long enough for you to live, not to say what to do Wangzhuan, advertising will be very rich

three, if you are a novice, what are not capital, how does that do? If this time your goal is to make $100 a day, so early to do GG alliance better you advice, some people will ask to do this is to make money? In fact, this is their own design, the Internet is a creation a place where miracles. The number of millionaires in this generation, what should be in the mind to think about this, when you are still bidding price low, you can understand the domestic auction market? Can understand foreign auction market? I posted before English keywords the most expensive 1000, if your aim is to make money. Well, at first you’ll see what keywords are bidding for, and you’re more confident of yourself. 100 dollars. If you do 10 websites, a website is only $10. A site of $10 a day. In accordance with the general bidding effect, generally around 150 click, you can achieve. 150 click on the IP1000 station, the difficulty of implementation is not very difficult, but also consider the conversion rate, then there must be people who say, do 10 such station I’m not tired? Not so much energy, update too much trouble, big brother you can imagine: 100 dollars a day time will you do these things? Mind, this time you get on the way to make money. Didn’t you hire 2 editors to solve everything? So you could spare more time to do other things.

because of the financial crisis, VC closed its doors in the second half of 2008 and the full year of 2009, and few people made investments. By the first half of 2010, we decided not to play with VC anymore, but instead chose to play with industrial capital. Prior to sh419 when the failure, Tencent has not shot, electronic commerce must be three to support the supply chain, and flow of funds, Tencent belongs to the last one, but until the second half of 2010, the Tencent was shot to do. So we chose the United States, the result of cooperation with the United States as you know, we leave last year, leave is to determine various comprehensive factors, is voluntary, for my personal or team, this is a kind of happiness. Many entrepreneurs will encounter such a dilemma – own enterprise scale up, but the problem is big, the life is not what you want in life, a feather! I told the old unfamiliar, but I know Liu Qiangdong’s Day is definitely not the thought of their own, but when the frame was to go above, you will get down, responsibility drives you forward the pain.

determine the bidding key, select the 10-20 that you are familiar with;

keyword analysis based on long tail keywords, analysis of long tail keywords, determine the theme of the site direction;


online there are many such examples make $100 a day, that is amazing, actually how many people can do? Here we examine every day to earn 100 dollars, 100 dollars RMB exchange nearly 700. This is definitely not a small number, so how can we achieve this goal,

is a business of Kuba is not careful, it let us into a huge market. Now back in view, we chose in 2006 to sell electricity on the Internet is a mistake, it was indeed a consumer value, profit margins are relatively high, the electricity supplier is also very fast. But this business is too big. We can’t do it at all. We can’t do it in our power and resources. Fortunately, we have a better understanding of this industry, the speed is very fast, a few years time to do a few billion by March 2012, when I left, Kuba has the scale of nearly 2 billion yuan.

analyzes sh419, shlf1314, and YAHOO rankings by keyword

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