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, I said, isn’t this your bidding? I said, what do you think of bidding?

wants to gain more income through long tail words, so it can not be limited to the optimization of a few words, but to know how to do it in batches. In order to lose weight or product as an example, this kind of product can dig out the long tail word very much, although each word brings flow value is very high, but because it is not popular vocabulary, naturally can not get more traffic. The best way to make up for this flaw is to optimize the long tail word, just think, if a word can bring 20IP every day, we optimize 10 pages is 200IP. It is said that some diligent cattle people can do hundreds of pages every day, and they can get traffic.

for 04 years, we go out of business, I chose to do software development, he chose the management software, management software he I directly and he said, the Internet can be downloaded, there is no market, his computer software is the financial management system of the bath center, when he did not develop the ability, agent a local company’s software business, then hire clerk began to run the business, after a period of time, he registered a small company, in the year when I met him, he focuses on the software bidding business now, then the generation of the original company to recruit agents around.

this is our past bids on a misunderstanding, I hope everyone can truly realize this, it is the release of ads, free to promote local products, the cooperation of interested manufacturers can send product information to your mailbox, and then to carry on the simple test according to their agent price and market test the price, look in the end there is no competition, if there is a strong network competitiveness, we can try to promote.

but for us, we do not have the strength to design, to produce some exclusive products, some of the more distinctive products, so we are always looking for products, but can not find good products. A kiss Xingmin today said, said a young man of fortune.

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if you advertise in the local, said to promote their products and corporate partnership, I believe no one enterprise is not willing to cooperate with you, in this form, you can have many choices.

I am not a smart person, but I do not understand the advanced technology. I want to find my living space on the competitive network. I have to work far away from the Red Sea and work hard in the blue ocean I can play. Long tail word market is big, for no strength of small Adsense is a good opportunity, believe that as long as you work hard, will be in this blue sea >

SEO for the master, to optimize the long tail word will be despised by them, because in the master’s eyes, long tail word optimization is very easy, it is difficult to reflect the high level of SEO technology this low-level job. But for not enough capital grassroots Adsense, do long tail word optimization is absolutely low cost, big income strategy.

optimization of the long tail word do Wangzhuan, not only in the words of high value, but also in long term potential, little competition. The weight loss products as an example, the present stage to lose weight the ideal position it is very difficult to optimize the word. With high commercial value of the vocabulary is easy to be the major site of competition, grassroots webmaster want to partake in this piece of the Red Sea easier said than done. The long tail word is different, because a popular keyword can be derived from long words, so the competition of such words is very small. Webmaster can according to the search habits of Internet users, to discover countless profitable value of high-quality words, and only a small amount of labor can get a good ranking.

said he is very easy to do, the most suitable for something that is not a bluff, packaging conceptual project, but can really serve the project, to achieve cooperation with others, generating profits of the project, these projects are often some large companies have business, but these large companies often do not go to the network promotion, so if you want to do, the best way is to help the local exclusive products or special products of the enterprises to do network promotion agency, could be developed rapidly.

‘s earnings: Web pages, beauty, design, language, telephone number, company, customer service, delivery mode, price…… But this is a minor, because these are what we can ascend, only one thing is we can not change, that is the product, and the product is the core of the auction, so if you want to get a good income, it is necessary to find good products on the packaging, by posing as to get high income the product is certainly not the beginning, opportunistic earn some money, but after all the others copy or imitate others, not always stand in the sun.

There are many factors that influence

long tail word only so high value mainly lies in these words to be pure directional flow is very precious. For example, your website is selling weight loss products, and if visitors come to your site through the word "weight loss", then the chance of an order will be very low. Because the word "weight loss" is very general, the searchers may just want to know something about losing weight and not have a strong desire to buy. But if they come through the similar slimming products wholesale, slimming products, online ordering, search words such as the most effective weight-loss drug, then the resulting order probability will be much larger, because the search this kind of words is very clear to buy. Some people will say that the long tail word brings small flow, the fact is true, but do not forget, we need is not the amount of traffic, but valuable targeted customers. Popular keywords although the flow is large, but it is likely that thousands of IP will not produce an order, and pure directional long tail word flow brings every IP may produce huge profits.

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