Why does your website have no trafficMao Hongliang is it really profitable to make web sites

actually ask this question webmaster friend is more, many webmasters do the website is also directed at the money to join the webmaster industry. But now you know the network environment? Since at least 2009, those websites rely on advertising money myth will no longer have how much! The reason is very simple, it is a sh419 for large, Internet users are on the sh419 website, the small owners rely on sh419 to eat. But sh419’s temper is not well known.

off? because the station mentality, and is closely related to the size of the station, your attitude determines your stand, your attitude determines your station size, because he is your website, not my website

In fact, there are a lot of

personal website is the most have the ability to fight, why do you say that? Enterprise network will not have? I must tell you: " enterprise network is not the personal website of the rival " because of the enterprise network, is the company’s website, every 8 hours of work time, finished work, a project down cycle for a long time, and personal webmaster, eat supper thought that can be implemented at night "

sh419 likes a truly original web site, and sh419 has a human participation review site, and sh419 has artificially optimized rights to sites that have apparently done SEO. K, your home page. Look, you’re still alive. When you’re on your website for one year and two years, there’s no more than 30 IP. The purpose of your web site when you can achieve it, so I want to tell you is to do website, mentality should be put right, join the webmaster industry, make the site money, do not put the first place. What’s the first thing? Of course, make a website and give priority to it.

actually site, do not need you have so good technology, do not need your website has how luxurious gorgeous. No amount of money needed to hit it. The key lies in how to plan, how to promote, and how to make a profit. If you don’t, you’ll just be buried




, if you really want to make a website and click on ads to make a profit, I’ll be very responsible to tell you that you don’t earn even the cost of your own domain name. Do website really can make money? See you do what station, see you with what profit, have 1000 people to have 1000 kinds of ideas, often the person of ability of thinking is different, can make unusual thing, come out!

to say that the website can make money, really can, I have seen a program even do not understand Hunan local webmaster. His program is bought. He made a local brand network, and when he was ready, he personally contacted the business in the county. The running business of one shop. Each store is a brand, brand recommended, top brand. It’s not his website, X. The real reason for making money is that he can run the business. He’ll call home to get in touch with each other. Get all the shopkeeper to his website. Those shopkeepers are his users. That’s his IP and traffic. His website in sh419 included only 100 pages to him now to buy a house, immediately to buy a car, how can we master the direction of your profit, there? Do you still stay in advertising? Do Taobao

to do a website, first of all can be collected, the collection station will die, not false original, pseudo original articles have websites I simply mere trash, put my name in the west country farmer. In fact, my name is faint, China farmers. In the long run, such a website has become a typical garbage station. Even if you buy traffic to click ads, shlf1314, sh419 will also think you are cheating,

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