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this module is divided into three parts:

some time ago I saw a micro-blog, the story is this: a little painter found an old artist asked, why I drew a day for several days to sell? The old painter said: if you draw a picture for a year, I believe that sell your paintings one day one day, you made time to draw a picture of your paintings a year now, but also sell, one for a couple of days, the world’s richest man, Sun Zhengyi in the world, he was to choose a project a period of two years. Choice is greater than effort,

a lot of open shop friends are facing such a problem, the shop has been open up after some senior No one shows any interest in, the shop owner knows, open shop supply is not the main factor, promotion is the key problem of open shop profit. Zhang Qian goes before the cash back shopping distribution shop also don’t know how to go to their shop promotion in business. The shop itself, because cooperation is well-known shopping site, customers after the purchase of businesses will according to the strict three packs of services to provide customer service service, in fact, with Zhang Qian’s own words cash back shopping shop was able to attract customers mainly because customers can get cash in return after shopping, so the original is the famous business customers shopping only through such a shop platform will be able to get extra.

he is the new normal, Taobao mall customer agent, agent after you have this: 381713669.ku copied to the browser to open the same mall, mall merchandise is the system automatically calls Taobao sales of goods, that is: you help Taobao sellers to sell their goods, you do not need to supply and don’t need to do not need to send customer service, logistics and customer service to do, as long as you allow buyers to buy things from your store, you have a commission Commission, commission and Taobao customers are the same, the highest percentage of 50%.

in Microsoft he became the richest man in the world, what you want, in the personal computer era, Microsoft encountered competition is relatively small, but if he do the catering industry, the competition is quite large, even if you do well, not necessarily for the richest man in the world, so that Bill Gates was caught a great opportunity, if he did not seize such a trend in the future, he may also have a great achievement, but now with the achievement ratio, there may be only 1% or less now, this is the main trend of the future.

3, good project, what are the ways of thinking of the product;

1, good project, good product standard 10 standards,:

2, good project, good product steps what are the methods and steps

small business entrepreneurship is now mainstream, so small business entrepreneurship this year what the most money? You want to know the answer to this question, listen to small series introduction, carefully selected for you the small business investment projects this year is very good, come and see.

every one of us often hung in the mouth of a word, do the Chaoyang industry; what is called sunrise industry? The next 10-20 years will become a trend, a large market, from small to large, become the mainstream of society, this is a trend, a sunrise industry, such as: Bill Gates that will have a personal computer every one on the table in his future, what age, the computer is placed in what place, the computer is placed in the room.


Bill Gates found such a chance, he was not the inventor of the computer; such as the IBM HP apple have seen such a trend, are vigorously promoting the personal computer era, Bill Gates is just to see such a trend and participate in, to find a good position in his position; very simple, do not compete with software, to which IT giant, ask you a question, Bill Gates is a business genius, but if he did not choose to do software at the time, or choose another profession, he went to the business of fast food industry, I believe that he is a great entrepreneur, he will have 500 the fast-food restaurant, even if it is the world’s largest fast-food restaurant, you think this with Microsoft to bring his wealth to

1, future trends,


reality is the same principle as doing business on the Internet,

is not the main distribution and more than 200 well-known shopping site cooperation such as Samsung Electronics dangdang Jingdong Suning Appliance Store etc.. These famous websites. In this way, customer shopping does not require any concern about the quality of the goods. Because these websites will provide perfect after-sales service according to the three package service provided by the state. Customers use this online shopping model to go shopping on the merchant’s website and do not need the owner to manage the sale himself. Compared with the traditional online store, this saves the owner more time and effort. So, similar to this kind of return network is generally a lot of people are doing as a part-time job, one is to increase additional income, and, in addition, is to understand more about online shopping related knowledge.

what’s a two item Taobao? What’s a two item Taobao? What about 381713669?.

first of all, I’m going to talk about the first part – the good project, the standard of the product 10 standards,

off the establishment of time for five years, now has become the most popular network part-time project, its development speed we can see, in the next ten years Taobao passenger was a very promising project, not only for the individual but also suitable for enterprise team to operate, small, big, first recommended the part-time project.

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small investment projects: do Taobao customers, help others sell goods earn commission.

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