Talking about experience of non mainstream picture station

‘s "non mainstream" Baidu index is more than 80 thousand, and Mars’s Baidu index is more than 50 thousand, showing how awful the non mainstream is. Various non mainstream sites such as everywhere.

has been, including me. Yes, these three words. Very sensitive. Rather repulsive or even disgusted. "Non mainstream" has become a "dance mission", "Mars", "90" pronoun. In fact, you see the colorful explosion head, playing nose nails, lip nails, dressed in very unusual, they also have a noun called "kill Matt.".

is the real non mainstream trend of offbeat, I also don’t think 90, since the start of non mainstream picture stand, collecting pictures and relevant QQ space and pictures, through this a few months to update the content that they do not see that we just like I said, I feel quite good in the backward, you kill Matt girls, and then send a non mainstream style MJJ love which you see. There’s too much talk, and the next thing.

1, domain name, I recommend com, also recommend taking some meaningful domain meters, not like me so pure digital 53411 do not know what to call, there are many Internet users don’t remember URL, rely on Baidu search, so you have a decent name or useful.

2, do a picture of the station or to keep the picture quality, found some stations a lot of pictures, more large amount, less poor quality, because this is not what they want, also affected the site’s appearance. There are also pictures of each page classification, I was 3 pages, and found that there are many 1, raising the PV, but if you go to point, you are bored,


3, watermark, I suggest or add, but not too big and affect the picture. In fact, I was forced to, often people from here here and then add their own, simply added.

4, interactive, recommend QQ non mainstream group, often call everyone chat, in fact, those 90 found what good things will be issued to their friends and groups, and gradually accumulate popularity.

5, make money, most of the non mainstream are generally GG, popups, CPM advertising, and so on, it is recommended to put less pop influence browsing.

6, links, often exchange links higher ranking, and now many non mainstream webmaster class group, here announced a more than 200 people 45684185.

all right, here you go, there’s a similar station with me, www. 53411. COM, link me, Q, QQ:317930458

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