Sharing experiences in the operation of large cities and communities

now many large city has its own community forum, some even have been covered by the traditional large portal, like local portal strategy of Tencent has been extended to more than a dozen capital! For large portal infiltration, grassroots webmaster how to want to compete in the same platform, so the difficulty is as can be imagined! Grassroots webmaster, local community portal operation of a large city, it should take the segmentation of the road, take Beijing for example, there are a dozen large and small regions, each region there are a number of areas, we can run through these small portals, one can avoid a large community campaign, on the other hand, it is easy to make its own characteristics, make their own small and delicate, small affinity with


find the direction, then you need to learn the method, don’t think small community portal operation it is very simple, do not think that is not what the pressure of competition, the Internet now greatly small community website innumerable, how different is the only competition. So I want to success intensity! Good small community the portal, it is necessary to do the operation of a large portal to the spirit, not only to master the method, but also has an indomitable courage! Here I come from talking about how to operate differentiation

community portal!

one: initial planning,

don’t think site type small, can think of where to do is, in fact, a small community portal is complete, involved in all aspects of life, such as second-hand transactions, local news, advertising, tourism, dating, irrigation, local information and so on version block, its main functions and large portal community so as have a good plan in the construction and operation of the early, for example to identify the local target user group, mining the appropriate user to do the appropriate forum moderators, understand the district’s population size, life characteristics, surfing habits, whether the floating population is more so, only careful planning, and combined with the local characteristics. To start planning the corresponding community forum, as well as the corresponding content, so as to make the construction and operation of the residential gateway everything in good order and well arranged


two: method of operation

The key to success lies in the operation of

marketing, marketing is the key method for local community forum, especially in the big city of the local area, operation methods are often particularly important, because it involves the SEO marketing, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion and so on, should not neglect the area where the city, such as Beijing Haidian District Zhongguancun community portal you can’t simply say, Zhongguancun, and we should take the corresponding large city names together to form a long tail keywords for marketing, so marketing will have to join, but also can be attracted to these large city other users of


in the promotion of local community, can not simply through online promotion, because we do the area is relatively small, the target user is also very clear, through the promotion of such line is a good choice, now each cell.

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