Peng Hongwei how to get better traffic through promotion

on the network promotion, in fact, are commonplace, and over and over again, they feel nothing new, recently invited by friends of the Yangtze River Kun Kun, the training camp to do the training of lecturers. To tell you the truth, I’m still a newcomer to this line for less than two years. For network promotion, I also feel that there is still a lot to learn. They are also with each other learning, common progress of the mentality to communicate with you. Here’s what I used in the promotion, through which methods to get more traffic?.

actually I really do to promote the flow, time is very short, probably just a year before, are the product brand in the network marketing company Forum promotion, that time is every day playing in various forums, post, top posts, posts and other related data analysis. Later, after leaving the company to go home, foreign sports website, in this site, it really began to contact traffic promotion, that is, in this website, I know what is the network promotion. Can get traffic promotion methods have many, then made these methods is very simple, is to find good material, active go out promotion, this method is also used by many webmaster.

1. How can you collect good material,


according to the nature of the product on the company website, to find the appropriate promotional material content. In fact, the material is not limited to sports related, gossip, entertainment, pornographic, these are the best material for access to traffic. At that time, in addition to promotion, I would also like to help manage the forum and update the content of the forum. When updating the content of the forum, I will seriously find the timely event information. Such as real-time events, videos, pictures, sports stars, gossip, news, etc.. These content not only can satisfy the website member’s demand, but also may serve as the good promotion material. I also wrote an article about "how do I take advantage of the hot video campaign to promote"? This article briefly describes how I went about finding promotional materials.

is collecting material is also very simple, as long as you are familiar with the industry, we can predict some popular information in the next few days, such as the event time of NBA, the two team competition, the local event information timely, the video sharing site of the event quickly, if you can upload video website is local. You can record your own video, your video clips, and then uploaded to their website, so you go to the video sharing website quoted than video will be more timely. Going out, promotion will be more effective.

two, promotion platform selection,

according to the characteristics of the web site theme, collect and sort out some promotion platform in advance, after a period of promotion, summed up some of the better results, only for these platforms to promote. Do traffic promotion, QQ group is also a good platform for the promotion, you must first add a certain number of QQ group, best can put those active high level group, super group, the group number, the effect should be better than ordinary group. I remember what I was saying

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