On the rise and development of interactive question and answer platform

with the second generation of the Internet is gradually mature, it provides a powerful information interactive platform for many Internet users, a variety of interactive communication platform such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared in succession, the general inquiry platform such as Baidu, Sina, Soso Ask to ask, ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, Taobao knowledge base the rise and hot, when you have problems can not be solved, can put a question to the majority of users through the inquiry platform, users can also use the inquiry platform to solve your problem.

more and more netizens question and answer questions and answers in the question and answer platform. So the inquiry platform is getting more and more attention, professional Q & a platform to a small enterprise customer service, to establish the expert knowledge base of an industry are gradually showing the value of interactive quiz platform, this kind of website provides a communication platform for the user, everyone can accept experts and other users assist colleagues here, can also provide useful help to other users.

therefore, the rise of the question and answer platform is simply summed up as follows:

1: a great deal of user base

now Internet services continue to enrich, increasing the number of Internet users, and Internet users continue to strengthen the application of the Internet, the online quiz market will have relatively large potential for development in the future.

2: information scale

online question and answer is based on the question and answer, the question can not be less, the answer can not be less, the amount of information determines the quality of service platform.

The emergence of a platform for

also illustrates its prospects. But we think about the future of more of our own web site.

if you can make your stand stand out,


I don’t just summed up the following points for you reference:

1: make use of user advantage

here has to say an example. Tencent network ask.

search platform has a huge user base, after all, can be regarded as Chinese Tencent most users of a Internet Co, and QQ user stickiness is a Baidu like search paima up is. Look at the picture:


2: takes advantage of platform

, here are the Baidu and Taobao

Baidu takes full advantage of the advantages of China’s search engine boss, and Taobao also takes advantage of the shopping platform. The rapid accumulation of large numbers of users, the accumulation of huge information scale

3. improves website service quality

to improve the quality of Web services from the following points:

first interactive question and answer platform is a collection of automatic word segmentation, intelligent retrieval, automatic classification technology and other sites, I feel that the general forum form changes. With each other >

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