Local car portal operating experience dry sharing

today is the second working day of 2011, our pioneering project, Nanjing car network also smoothly carried out a larger scale revision. Page design from the page design of the original rough now new program new platform, let the user experience is improved, we take a lot of detours, mistakes are big and small, but to change it. Recently Nanjing weather climate, occasionally have a little temper, sitting in the office, review before doing things, can not help feeling a lot. Thank the team, thank you for your cooperation, and thank you for your persistence.

studied the website of every car yesterday and found that big and small, bad and bad, some of them are making mistakes we have made. Some have some income, but it is easy to find that income is not easy. So I revised some of the previous changes and added some internal data reports to the team. To share with you, after all, the local car portal, as long as you do not follow me, a city, are brothers and sisters. Take the past 2010 as a new starting point and wish you all the best of luck in 2011. Since it is a local automotive website operating experience sharing, the article naturally two parts: first, website operation and maintenance; two, the market operation. This article will be very long, but every sentence is very careful in writing, I hope to have the needs of the webmaster have inspired, at least we skip the pit, you don’t jump in.

website operation and maintenance

1. server aspects,

Nanjing car network in the server architecture has eaten a lot of losses. At first, we put all the files on a single server, including pictures, databases, and static pages. This has caused great difficulties to our later maintenance. A great deal of bandwidth has been taken up by hundreds of thousands of pictures, and the disk burden is so large that the database reads and writes slowly. Generating a static will take a long time, and a little traffic will lead to catastrophic events.

later, we separated the picture files, and all the pictures, JS and so on were separated to another host, and the website, program, database and static page of the website were placed on another server. The disk load is down, and the bandwidth is enough. Then there is another problem: the attachment server has been suspended. Although the website can be opened, all the pictures are gone. So what’s the point of accessing the site,


now, our program is: three servers, one database, two sets of web, each to maintain all the attachment files, web pages, static pages, website procedures. Two sets of web are synchronized with each other and backup each other. One of them was hanging up and the other one was automatically repaired. The possibility of two servers hanging up at the same time is almost zero. The backup server automatically gives us some time to handle the problem.

2. site program aspects

initially, we used some "open source" CMS two development, and the project progressed quickly, CMS+, our own vehicle system, at the front of the web site

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