How to make local websites according to the characteristics of the industry

recently, cross stitch is very hot, the cross stitch shop as a building like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, everywhere! Open 10 cross stitch shop like the neighborhood for, and whether the quality of the brand competition. A lot of cross stitch shop will be recovered from their shop to buy the finished cross stitch, I don’t know if they are cross stitch products where they are sold, sold in this area basically is not possible! Perhaps part of the cross stitch shop will have a fixed customer

!Because many

wife cross stitch, so I started in this industry concern! A two cross stitch embroidery is of course no matter, when more, will want to sell Cross Stitch products to others, and even some people will work as. Well, how to sell it? The first thing I consider is the sale to the cross stitch shop. Do you know the cross stitch shop owner said that this is not OK, and that there is no such thing? Only a low to ridiculous price. No way, just want to sell on the internet. To sell online, most people would consider Taobao, but if not more than the blue diamond shop, I do not know Niunianmayue people have access to and orders. Taobao is not feasible, and put 58 city, up every day to see, see your own information more and more, from the home page into a dozen pages, buyers are still in the foreseeable future. So he made his own idea of making a cross stitch trading website.

cross stitch products have several characteristics: first, too many brands, uneven quality. Cross stitch hundreds of industry brand, from brand to brand, are used almost drawings. For example, the same picture qingmingshanghetu, almost all brands have embroidery embroidered cloth of different brands vary greatly! This leads out of the finished embroidery, collectible value are not the same; the two is the cross stitch is pure Handmade works, different mood, different age, different embroidery embroidery, to the works. Is great! Quality or not, so resulting in the same painting is not a collectible value. Three is mounting transportation problem. Cross stitch, if there is no mount, it does not feel beautiful, but if the installation of long-distance transportation, but also very easy to damage the glass. In view of the above characteristics, I think the cross stitch is not suitable for online transactions, the possibility of city transactions higher.

because of the value of cross stitch work is difficult to assess, so many times it is necessary to look at the goods transactions. Different from the same work, the brand suite is different from hand-made, the value is not the same. The author was surprised at how many people could see how much they could sell and how much they would have to sell. The bigger the cross stitch, the harder it is to sell because it is often sold by chance.

All the features of

cross stitch finished, I think we should start from the trading city, a city built cross stitch trading platform, let the city of cross stitch enthusiasts, cross stitch embroidered friends with a release of cross stitch free information website, then establish a cross stitch network ( A good web site, first of all to consider a good domain name, cross stitch good domain name, let people note. Just right,.Co>

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