A 7 year old stationmaster’s crying where is the webmaster’s way out

night already very deep, I can’t sleep or toss about! Finally get up to open the computer to write this article! I think, I think the way we think this generation of webmaster way! We really have a way out? I started to contact the computer in 2002 2000, I began to build their own personal home page Internet cafes (with the two level domain name). In 2006, the first time I bought domain names and spaces, I began building the first personal website in my life. It was a forum. Easy operation for nearly two years, feeling full of sound and colour, registered members have two thousand or three thousand people, can catch up with the national special rectification forum for the record in the teeth of the storm, you will be my poor little to upset the


later in the second half of 2008 I began to set up several small website with CMS, it is just the work leisure, do is entertainment, business for almost a year and feel good, daily traffic there are thousands of IP, should feel to make money now but in 2009 April met vulgar regulation that my! Okay! The station too many beautiful pictures, I also recognize it! I just don’t understand me the pictures are from the website, basically are selected Tencent, NetEase, Sina, Tom these portals, I really don’t understand why I is that they call these vulgar, elegant


I also recognize, in order to let the healthy development of the Internet! From May 2009 I began to do any entertainment related website! I started using transition! I work with the IDC manager’s words: my good! I swear not to do anything related to the woman’s website so I do! A business forum, classified information network, the SNS community and my website construction of information network, I can only run for half a year, rain again! The country began to rectify the Internet, I heard that is to rectify the WAP station, my heart calm! Once rectification has nothing to do with me! I think I can be at ease! I never thought, I can’t understand why and how to rectify the WAP website: shut up all my website? I asked to know the whole room was blocked! I began to suck! Listen to IDC said this consolidation is the cause of WAP station, after the hair Show up and close all non recorded websites. I would rather suck! This is not the first I WAP station, moreover my domain name is the true record down! How was closed? And so far I still can not open the site! Hefei Telecom IDC room has been closed for half a month! (for a few months in Hefei the construction site has been ranked in the top three of Baidu, can not think after this catastrophe rankings look lost several


this way, I don’t know if I offend anyone, I was ordered to commit lone star? Hey


maybe I am not a person in this country may sigh? At this time there are tens of thousands of webmaster like me! I don’t know what also don’t know how many policies and regulations! But I believe I did not break the law I didn’t touch the rules! I really beg above the decision makers to open his eyes "

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