Let Baidu fast collection and update methods face to face view

how to let Baidu fast included? Said bluntly, is the horn, everywhere shout, go to a place where many people shout, shout where? To the large flow of people to shout, so as to arouse people’s attention, in order to let the news of a ten, ten people spread. On the Internet, where the largest number of people, no less than a few places: BBS, paste it, Baidu know. Among them, the forum contains the most categories, and if you can tell your stuff in these places, then your exposure rate will be higher…….

what kind of forum? Here you can arouse the attention of the effect is good, if it caused a great sensation, is the best, then you should go with your are talking about places to go, what kind of forums related to your content, I do not know, only you know……

you can’t buy food to the meat, then you are not to, again, in fact, to a place where there are still a lot of publicity skills. If you go to a forum to say, "I have adult supplies here, we have the need, please contact XXXXX.". So what will happen? I killed him. In the hair up at the moment, you said you Yuanbu yuan, spent a tremendous effort, but did not play any effect.

what about that:


first, when the moderator in advance secretly by an unknown path.

second, learned to camouflage, it is necessary to actually let him think that you don’t do what. As for the first point, when the moderator does not pay attention, the moderator also go to bed, sleep when you can do, and when you can think of yourself, when you leave……. Ha ha, we must be creative;

second points, is very tactful, you want to take the first. You here to write something, let the webmaster think you have contributed to here, at least not think you are subversive on the second point, I think this is a very improved aspects of our personal qualities, because want to say some others things, still need to improve their own the quality of the. Improve the quality of your article is not deleted, the best way to success is still second sure.

also, when we send the article, don’t go nowhere without. How to do, like a monkey, as to leave a point what, after we walk through at least leave footprints, ha ha! How to leave his seal is good, do not let others see a seamless heavenly robe, out of it.

with a signature, the signature of the main keywords to link their own promotion website, is the basic way of signature will not be deleted; there is one, I said, since this is where you come from, we are basically like-minded, then you can write these things to chant, of course the main keywords of your site included in the inside, but also to let people see.

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