Novel station novice experience dedicated to the vast number of friends who want to write a composi

novel station novice experience, dedicated to the vast number of friends who want to learn the composition of the station, hoping to learn from the role. Since the emergence of literary websites in the Internet, this new form of literature has quickly swept the world. Network novel also through computer this kind of unique carrier, spread to hundreds of millions of users eyes.

in this stream of innovation, some things have come to this, and some things have disappeared. On the bad side, let’s just say "no". What is the biggest benefit from internet literature, it should be the vast number of readers, and then, you can row to many webmasters.

I am a rookie, but when the network literature appear, had created his thoughts of literary website germination, but due to various reasons, the plan was shelved for several years, but the first literary website Human effort is the decisive factor., the 2 network was finally completed, although created until now only a little amount of IP but after hundreds of thousands, is the realization of the idea of starting their own literary station.

maybe you would say, the novel, the station program, the Internet everywhere, the next one can be successful. But there is no literary website built, people will not understand the difficulties, I also went around a lot of circles, and finally built the ancient 2 nets…… Here summed up a few questions, to provide you with reference.

first. That’s the problem of website space. As a novel stand, whether it is original or pirated, the requirements of space can be described as extremely demanding. Free space is not to think about, even if it is some commercial space, but also to investigate before you can use. Because of the problem of website space. Ancient 2 nets have encountered several times the fate of the crash.

erect the space of the novel station, whether it is the maximum amount of load, IIS, space, traffic, quota, security and so on. It takes careful observation to make a final decision. The best and easiest way is to buy an independent server from those well-known service providers, or trust them there so that they can ensure the day-to-day operation of the site.

second. Is the procedure, and here to explain the special, the ancient 2 nets was created when the atmosphere is very, we have thought about writing their own procedures, but also invited professional staff to help do one, but finally consider. Or use of existing procedures, no way, although we have independently developed the ability of funds, but the development of any one of the program is not a short period of time to complete, not to mention the development program to take into account issues in addition to using outside, as well as the face of rational customers and search engine friendly and so on, if a not good, can cause long development process into the garbage, so after a lot of thought, the ancient 2 network finally in several CMS system is relatively good reputation in the chosen one, then need to do is to write a set of graphic template independently, so as to ultimately put space.

third. Domain name! The domain name of the novel station is very important. Nowadays, the network novel station is rampant

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