Webmaster have something to say ‘m just a small customer service

I’m just a small video service, laughing with the end of the last guests (old customers), I have a chicken feeling, in the Internet world. I became a puppet and lost my way in the rush.

to be honest, 80% of the people in the station are good people, and they are very helpful. But there are 10% people very troubling, even if they cost us 90% of the effort, and make us depressed for 90% time.

said, I always put these records to the diary, I put these things out, let everybody to judge.

1, a webmaster bought CN domain name, is 1 yuan, he won’t parse, I guide him to parse, he will have to modify the DNS, a while to modify the a record, DNS this one modification is 24 hours just good. I talked to him on the phone for half an hour, and he changed it. Said not to visit, but also must our boss to talk to him. I nervously transferred to the boss. He was saying: "you what a bad company, analysis are not open……" I dared not look up that afternoon.

2, it was 4 in the evening, and the company’s system recharge seemed to be really a problem. 4:30, an emergency call came: "what’s wrong with your system? How can I pay for my money, MD?". I am robbing domain name, if cannot grab, you want to compensate me 10 thousand loss fee." I know the things that rush into CN domain names. Scared to get up and check his money, there is a 1 yuan backstage, just because of static, there is coocie need to re landing. But that night, the sound of hysteria, I had not, really want to submit his resignation this morning.

3 company boss has always said, "we are in business, we are in business, need is hard process, we are now receiving 700 yuan salary.". From 8 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon, and no cell phone on the whole day, 24 hours on standby service. In fact, this is not what we think, and students of the little sisters to work in the factory workshop, is more difficult than we are tired, but remember, these God is not harmonious, so I am very upset.

4, I’m a customer service. I’m not pretty, but I can still go to the office. Can I lose face to the company?. Because some customers want to see the company environment through video. We also have to receive constant video harassment. But also accustomed to harassment, it does not matter. One time, one was so great

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