On the overall view of operation strong initiative and self reflection

so-called "operation overall view", but also is a habit of thinking to develop, in the operation of the size of things, habits, rational, strong, active and self reflection thinking.

these two days have been mentioned a sentence is: you did nothing wrong, wrong in you too old.

the Secretary of enterprising, dare to hate lazy politics. The operation can not be a part of the country, to win or die, not a bit bloody. In terms of the role of the moment, the operation of the user, the market, the company’s revenue and other core resources lifeline, and how to accommodate people who live safely?.

The logical



first, diligent not mess, must comply with the economic principle and policy to engage in economic.

The success or failure of

‘s operations has never been due to such fragmented thinking as creativity, so there is no need to be too tangled, without other people’s powerful and unconstrained thinking. Operation pays attention to logic, what kind of investment, how much output, what kind of risk, all need to have according to follow, can be data, can be experience, can be common sense.

Where are the users of


What are the main promotional channels for

products of the same type?

What is the

industry cost range?

what channels can not be pushed?

what channels have users, you can also try, how to operate?

What indicators does


What are the most powerful functions that

users use?

What is the behavior trajectory of


What are the starting points and purposes of


marketing starting point how to do?

what functions need to be enlarged?

What indicators does the

operating effectiveness monitor?

‘s ideas, and most perform operations are principle, and most creative sprouting from the long-term observation and understanding, to the user on the case of the accumulation of Changshi Bi in one battle.


‘s execution, there were several logical considerations:

1, the comprehensiveness of information.

What are the practices and objectives of

to achieve this goal? What are the similarities and differences between these practices and my goals? Is this the best way to present information?

The ability of

information to grasp sometimes does not lie in the direct experience, but in whether to grasp the logic of information retrieval, what kind of information is needed, and can quickly find out where to find and how to find it.

2, input-output.

it is not worthwhile to do so, whether it can achieve the goal, how much risk and uncertainty, and don’t do it for it.

3, detail logic.

‘s mediocre execution uses only the most mindless design logic, and of course I think I need to

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