Seduce Baidu lazy content originality

The original

site, is an important basis for the success of Baidu to seduce or not, only the internal strength well, Baidu MM will be favored, so how to improve the site of the original, this is the rookie webmaster are more concerned about a headache problem, for this problem, we can have The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. All the way. Below I combine my experience of doing the station and finishing some of the methods on the Internet, to say how to simply save trouble to improve the original content of the site, hoping to give you some reference, and common improvement.

1. please update the article. If you have enough funds, you can hire some professional web editors to write articles for you. If the economy is limited, you can use friendship law to find some of your friends, and ask them to help write the article.

2. article pseudo original. Directly modify the article on the network, we can modify the title of the article, beginning, ending. My approach is to find the same topic in the online article, and then according to the related phrases GG keyword tool and Baidu search list phrase, they will be put together, then they thought what adjectives is added to it, but the best to ensure the fluency and rationality, my mobile phone wallpaper ( this method is used to get, updated daily five or six article, when the not let himself lose patience, and Baidu included rate basically in more than 80% of their basic satisfied.

3. users can go to the original higher forums or find some original articles or blog messages, for example Tianya, NetEase forum, 51, and the flood and so on, but they are not easy to collect, it is easy to lose patience.

4 and 5 can be combined into one, 4 use some incentives to encourage users to send original articles on their websites, such as webmaster nets, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of users posting. The 5 others sites users of the original article, their acquisition Dafa instant, the first time the others the article picked up their own web site, like a website dedicated to collecting station network content, and always ranked in the first Baidu. This way I also used for writing network I, a special let the students put the composition of the site collection, while others are always issued just come to release their own website, in this way, Baidu is very love at the beginning, every day to update my site, the effect is particularly good however, today suddenly dropped by Baidu K, it seems that this method also has his imperfections.

6. in Baidu know, stick it, ask love, YAHOO knowledge and other questions and answers system, search a a question, and then find the relevant answers, these finishing up into an article. This is the net friend that sees, send, oneself did not try, because be lazy, not suit me very much to do.


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