My forum has come to an end at last

this year is the Olympic year, I don’t have much joy, this year graduated, has not found work, has worked on the forum was closed, so simply closed permanently, determined not to do, really sad, in any case to police hard, one sentence is closed, all of the forum to who cares, was cast to the wind, just want to do a platform, a Henan communication platform, That’s all., it won’t let you do it, this is not the way of things

Zhengzhou police yesterday received notice, was asked to immediately must immediately shut down the forum, said to be harmful information too much, I do not agree with this, because my setting is full audit forum posting, absolutely does not have this problem, and after Langfang is also very early server events are very alert, and at the beginning of the year after the Olympic Games by, crackdown on personal forum, this is what I expected to do, oh, more of the crime, it is easy to find a pretext, it is sooner or later, because last year there have been many forums have been closed, because I think it is clear to all

I summed up the reason why the forum was finally closed:

The direct cause of

was the pressure on the internet police, and it was requested that the forum

be closed immediatelyThe

forum does not make money not to say, it is to earn a little money, enough operation server costs, the real reason forum has been very difficult to continue, because for four years, no one involved in the forum, is over, I will no longer force

in college I use my living expenses to the maintenance and development of the forum, is working with my salary in the maintenance, and the time and energy to pay too much, it is not easy, in order that we the people of Henan have a communication platform, because when I search in the network at that time no one in Henan named " " network forum, and then to our Henan regional discrimination and demonization is very serious, on the Internet we Henan people is wanton abuse and insult too horrible to look at do a platform, so as to let the outside world know our Henan. We understand the Henan people, at least let Henan information online, so that ordinary people in Henan like I can have an online exchange place and home network, since it forum to do it, the network of Henan demon magic less A lot, so has been very hard to do, but the results of it, who cares about my four years of hard work and persistent efforts, harmful information too much, oh, I think I have too much of it, because this sentence, I decided to no longer do forum, let the forum permanently closed and I don’t regret, do a forum, difficult, it is hard to

I really should be behind the signature below: the life is so busy for who! Close but relaxed, finally free, police uncle, thank you. The other is not to say, the last sentence, the forum has finally come to an end

will be leaving, leaving behind, leaving Admin5 and talking to everyone

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