Shop micro blog marketing is to guard against the big three mistakes is critical

shop now business has become increasingly difficult, not only increased the cost of purchase channels, as well as a variety of maintenance, service, marketing costs have gone up, many owners also tend to run a shop, but the shop income average income without the website, many owners complain, now do online is working for others, many owners have to cut off shop business, but I believe that, with the arrival of the era of micro-blog, shop or by way of micro-blog marketing to get out of the way.

and the fact that there are already a lot of shop owners have opened their own micro-blog, micro-blog began marketing road, some shopkeepers because of the rich experience of website operation, through the micro-blog marketing using low cost open market, coupled with the optimization of shop purchase channels and service shop, shop the operating efficiency has been increased obviously, and the more the manager who, but because of his anxious and misunderstanding of micro-blog marketing, this paper focuses on the analysis of the current misunderstanding of shopkeepers micro-blog marketing.

1: Shop micro-blog only advertise, do not serve

many shopkeepers because micro-blog account did not have a lot of fans, so many owners have to think of a shortcut method, it is obtained through the purchase of a large number of fans, it seems micro-blog fans account much, but in fact you shop on the goods concerned but not in many shopkeepers can make nothing of it. The goal of understanding shop fans, desperate to start advertising, that can quickly shop brings popularity, can actually backfire. The more you advertise, the more fans you lose.

the correct way for these fans to do service work, to learn these fans the goal of screening, and through other channels to increase the way fans to join, which is beneficial to the selection of loyal fans, in the process of micro-blog’s operations, more should proceed from the service, and improve the interaction between the fans. The new usage of the product and how to shop from time to time exposure maintenance skills, timely answers to user questions, so as to fundamentally improve the attraction for fans.

two: micro-blog content free to collect jokes, scripts, but do not know how to introduce online product marketing

is now micro-blog’s joke is hot, the number of reproduced more, so many shop owners began on the network to collect some funny jokes to Bo fans laugh, but most fans laugh after that, maybe some fans will put your jokes forward, but because the content of your micro-blog just a joke, so only to let others know your name on your shop, online sales of products are not concerned, the contents of the update is only a kind of entertainment, but not much loyalty to the flow shop.

is the correct way to the good micro-blog content combination, new trends in the appropriate time to publish a new temptation shop, shop, such as promoting.

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