built half a month experience skills summary

I seldom write

, who thought he was lazy, but thought to want to put their own site experience to tell you good, I think now is the webmaster is sure to browse, to observe the. Since everyone’s purpose is to study, I have no reason to teach.

first statement: this method of non brush flow, non keyword spam, non malicious popups.

My site is called

: error code, there may be some webmaster confused, is not the error code QQ code? What is the use? Oh, this code is the code?. I stand this error code refers to the computer software or hardware error return code, for example, you use the IE browser, suddenly pop up a window "0x0274a70 command reference memory can not be read, then the 0x0274a70 numbers and letters is the error code, by querying the error code in the search engine, you can find causes the IE collapse, and repair. An error code network is a web site that collects such information and includes solutions. Although there are not many people who search for error codes directly on search engines, the number of people who search for solutions every day for viruses or other causes of computer software and hardware errors is enormous. How to integrate this huge traffic stream into my website requires some small tricks.

first of all, a lot of good quality articles are essential, and they need questions and answers. But where to find such articles? Perhaps many webmaster will think of "Baidu know", indeed "Baidu know" is a good source of articles. But now the webmaster, 10 in 9, the site’s traffic from Baidu search. If you still use Baidu original things, the consequences are very bad, light down right, heavy by K. We don’t take the risk. As a result, the "Search ask", "Sina Love asked", "Tianya Q & a" these sites are our very good choice. But remember, copy the article must modify the title, this is a commonplace problem, search engines do not like repeated articles, so it is better to change it.

has an article source, and then you have to think about the keywords. The new station should not pick popular keywords, because no new weights, and popular keywords have very strong competition, is not conducive to the later development of website, so the selection of key words in popular and unpopular. Is not included in Baidu, and there are a number of search keywords.


keyword is selected, the next phase of the promotion, I still use the old way, exchange links and major exchange chain website, Baidu to know the answer to your own website and relevant topics, bring your own website links, let Baidu fast included. Then in the major forums to post, to increase their own chain. The chain more than one, spider climb frequently, flow up, ranking natural go up.

then the stationmaster will ask, "with these, can you reach 1000IP in half a month?"

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