Do three point method and countermeasure restore the website that leaves 10 pages outside

many webmaster complaining about the website and drop ranking, and the owners think the ranking fell out of the first 10 pages of Baidu is that, in fact 90% of the website ranking fell out of 10 page because the site itself caused by excessive optimization behavior, and want to make a website ranking recovery is also not difficult, the key is look at the three points.

web title, character control, stack behavior must not

is part of the site in the early site added a lot of original content for the website, so this website by the search engine in the pro gaze, enhance good rankings for the site, while the station after having good rankings but don’t know the convergence in the website and content with a large number of keywords, and a part of the webmaster to enhance the long tail traffic change site title, make website title to 30 characters, so the search engine will think over the behavior of your website optimization. Thus, the ranking of the site has been lowered, in the face of this situation, the webmaster friends do not have to impatient, just need to do the following point on it. Modify the title of the website, delete the superfluous characters, in addition, in the future web design, give up the same keyword behavior, and do more alternate keywords.

internal link control is not in place, the contents of a large number of links

internal link is a little webmaster to control traffic turning, transformation of internal links is done well with the site rate showed a direct relationship, and now the search engine requires our website when internal link control should respect the user experience, pay more attention to the correlation. So when we take on the internal link building will hold a degree, for example, you are selling clothes, you can export the fur information in the internal links, but this kind of information can only be controlled in two months, a 1000 word content of internal links is greater than 2, so this article will the search engine is to give up.

anchor text is the core of the site, do not misuse misuse of

many webmaster in website is love with anchor text, then the article has the anchor text of more than 3, and the station in order to enhance the weight of one page, in an article in each section are added to the anchor text, how such behavior is not excessive optimization the behavior of


station anchor text is the core of the website, a good article of the anchor text should be within three, and the three anchor text can not therefore the author’s suggestions as like as two peas, is to control the following 500 words in the anchor text in 1, 500-1000 in 2 words, 1000 words the above can take more than 3, so that it can ensure that the search engine and user experience, if not do this, then don’t talk about restoring website ranking. Remember: anchor text and website ranking is closely related, a web site without anchor text can’t, anchor text too much also not, and this degree is the key to webmaster control.


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