Life is burning for you with new friends

does a website, do a website, still do a website, make a website, I am afraid now, already became the thing that I spend most time besides work. Every day life is like this, busy, and then continue to mediocrity.

as after 80, a desire to have achievements of me, every day for the dream and efforts, persist in. In the absence of the website before I fall in love with love, love literature, prose, in our state newspaper, I just need to finish the article do not need to be modified, and soon, the newspaper will be published. But now, I was fascinated by the website, give up love, however, hovering above the Internet for more than a year, there is no result, even said not to score a point, many times I asked, what is what, at the time I think, give up, give up the website I can make achievements in other places, I do not understand my website, a junior high school graduates with computer lessons have not had a day, what do I do, what I have the right to create their own sky in the network above? Many times at night I always take this problem to sleep, but wake up in the morning I, still in front of the computer, add articles, see the program, see programming tutorial.

work, go home, in front of the computer, my daily life is like this, there is no time to accompany my girlfriend to go shopping, for the website, owe girlfriend too much. Every time I joke, "wait for my website to make money.". But, I never know is that money is at what time? Is next year? Or in the distant year after year? Day and 55.LA Chinese doll chatted, he said one of his friends, writing good, was recruited to do Tianya administrator, and then do a community, a fire. Challenge yourself, you don’t have to succeed on the website. But what else do I have besides the website? I never want to waste my time and effort, not to mention the success of the website is my dream. In order to site, I am very difficult to go to the party with friends, the night time is basically wandering in the network, I have been insisting on their own beliefs: dreams can be time, the key is to see whether you persist in the end.

thought for a long time, but also do a lot of things, always beginning in the constantly wandering, as a culture of junior high school only didn’t have a computer lesson for me, I always want to learn better than smatter. I have a lot of groups, met, do not know things, always like to ask inside. Then I built the group myself, hoping that my friends would join me, but there were only a few people in the group. Yesterday, in A5 above saw an article, said he wrote a lot of soft Wen in the A5 above, but did not give him a few traffic. I think, write soft text just exchange experience, and is a way of self reflection, there is no need to write soft Wen bring flow, see so heavy, state of mind determines fate. "Peace of mind, down-to-earth," I think, whether it is a man or website, adhere to these eight words, always wrong.

stick to it, >

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