How do you quickly build high traffic web site

read a lot of posts before, how to effectively improve traffic, said within a few days you can do traffic break million. For this speech, many webmaster be dealt with, I hold the point of view also, short time is also called a few days not through the search engine to reach tens of thousands of traffic is possible, through the introduction of external traffic, is indeed possible. Today, we are going to talk about how to build a traffic break site through the engine in the shortest possible time.

as we all know, the site needs to constantly update, maintenance, it is possible to be included in the search engine, and after a period of time in the search engine rankings. With the ranking, it will naturally bring traffic. Of course, Rome is not built in a day, I provide below was not complete a 10000 flow construction site of the content you want to see the results within a few days, in a few days a friend may be disappointed, I fast high traffic site Road, at least 2-3 months of the cycle. If you are patient or persistent, go ahead.

at the beginning, or to persuade the novice webmaster, do stand not anxious, since the decision to do the webmaster, you should stick to it, listen to the opinions of the past, and his figure out, actually flow not want you so hard to do. Well, cut to the point and let old Wei teach you how to build a high traffic website in a short time.

first, the location of the site.


location of the site is very important, many owners see what others do to make money, is more like a gust of wind up, but it is their expertise, perhaps to your hands, you do not so handy. A lot of content is very professional, you can guarantee that you can digest, and you have relevant information can refer to collection? So, follow the trend is not feasible, unless you buy the only one of the information, perhaps there is still some hope. I am here, novice webmaster according to their own interests to do stand, first make sure you have the power to do so, in the days after the site operation to themselves, you will be interested to find out more with your website related content.

followed by the choice of procedures.

program selection is very important, many webmaster love in some forums to download and upload the entire station, I think this is a very stupid behavior. Why do you say so? Whether the other side of the program is added to the back door is unknown, and secondly, the program can not ensure that the latest version, BUG naturally more. A lot of people to upload the program will add your own website within the program content, novice webmaster so willing to help others to do propaganda? Now many market popular CMS are open source, picked up a suitable than to the next station to the strong. Here I particularly recommend the DZ and DEDE, I do not know the two procedures novice webmaster, you can search under their own. It is worth mentioning that any program with TAGS function is good, the so-called "TAGS" function, is the label function, to optimize the day after plays a crucial role.

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