Domestic O2O originator Homejoy death what makes on demand service burst

Abstract: O2O, founder of the American Home Economics Homejoy, closed down after three years of operation. Behind the rapid growth of its users, what is the problem of the company, buy a lot of problems, every single is not profitable; crazy growth, on-demand service is not so simple.


titanium media note: Homejoy founder announced in July this year on the company’s official blog, due to financing failure, the company closed in July 31st. This was born in July 2012 in the United States of San Francisco, has been called the "originator" of domestic O2O Uber scheduling model, home cleaning, less than a year and a half to 31 North American city that stride forward singing militant songs, and to explore the international market in the last year.

O2O in recent years is an important strategic stronghold just unfolding, giants began to get hit, but in constant reminders of high valuations, but also because of the high mortality rate, is listed as the first Internet bubble, titanium media investment group "will launch a series of typical cases of O2O death deadlock.

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Medium website, Backchannel columnist Christina Farr article by pleasure capital founding partner Dai MI, authorized titanium media file.

2013 Thanksgiving, Homejoy’s San Francisco office is strangely quiet.

, the home cleaning Internet Co, is in a phase of explosive growth, with only two days per year closed: Thanksgiving and christmas.

on this particular festival, a pre order has been leaked because of the problem of the website. Homejoy co founder and CEO Cheung didn’t cancel the order at the last minute, but they took the toilet brush and vacuum cleaner and went into the battle themselves.

, "customers don’t know it at all", Homejoy’s early employee, Arjun, likes to share the story to show how determined the founders are to succeed.

home cleaning is a $400 billion global market, and many believe it needs to be the same as Uber. Homejoy is a pioneer in this market. Using algorithms to link home owners and contract cleaners and arrange door-to-door services, it attracts VC who want to find unicorns in the free economy. Homejoy melted into $40 million, and Google, VC and Paypal founder became investors.

less than two years ago, it hit the South wall. After a period of frenzied growth, the founders suddenly announced that they had burned out their money and had to close the door. For months, financing was fruitless, and overnight, the former star of the dune road had become more than just a failed high-risk venture, a harsh torture of the economy as a whole.

buy a lot of problems, every single is not profitable,

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