How many mistakes do you often make when choosing a domain name for a project

Internet business, domain name first. The legend of this sentence is summed up by the Jingdong head Liu Qiangdong, in fact, in my opinion, no matter Liu is not always said this sentence, this sentence now seems to have become a people when doing the Internet Project of golden laws and precious rules. In other words, the composition of an internet project must be a process of domain name selection.

but not every internet people have a profound understanding of the domain name, perhaps in the eyes of many people, but the domain name is a symbol only, and that is not the case, we know that if we can give their own Internet projects take a nice little name, with a better domain name if so, when the promotion, it is better. For example, a 58 city classified information website, we are one can not remember their name, but if the HC, there are a few people know this website domain name (of course, HC to do well, but the domain name is garbage).

one of the mistakes: domain names are not necessarily the more common, the better,


domain name is not necessarily more common better? This will be from our project point of view, a lot of people think, common name common domain name is easy to remember, more conducive to the promotion of this point, even if not false, but if we do not express project the domain name is too common, we should change our ideas. For example, Baidu was selected Baidu as their website name, common word Baidu, but Baidu is still used, why, because Baidu search engine to do, he found the degreeses inside the Baidu project and the relatively high degree of fit. Therefore, the choice of domain name is not as common as possible. If the project needs, choosing a suitable creative words is sometimes a good choice.

misunderstanding two: no com do not stand, CN is always working for com

we know that the domain name is a kind of scarce resources, it is also unique, others once you have, if we want to use, it can only be purchased from the hands of others, this time others may open the relatively high price, the price for one of our entrepreneurial projects to say, if you want to buy in the capital is possible difficult to achieve, so this time we do? We should not abandon those old thinking, such as what com do stand, CN is always working for com on this idea. In fact,.Com alone has become a big history, currently in the domestic Internet applications,.Cn is no worse than.Com, and increasingly have the momentum.

domain development up to now, due to the lack of COM resources, the emergence of a variety of suffixes is inevitable, the vast majority of investors believe that the domain name, domain name should be divided into two parts the international domain name and country domain name (of course in domain name and so on, but the current domain name use, those opportunities are.

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