n addition to search engine optimization what can we do to improve traffic

I am a vertical website in the local industry, the name will not say, so as not to say I am advertising. My website has been using 51la, Baidu and other statistical tools, I went to look at daily flow, keywords, do SEO optimization continuously, but found at the beginning of the effect is obvious, but a long time effect is not very obvious. Through a period of thinking, I feel that in addition to SEO, and other websites to exchange links, or to other sites to promote, I found a webmaster online tools website, called 91 analysis network. The characteristics of the 91 analysis is that it does not do any traffic statistics, or keyword analysis, but focus on browsing behavior analysis, analysis of consumer psychology to visitors, and provide personalized recommendation tools for the site, to help better understand the site visitors, improve operation. Web site to do very professional, relatively simple operation, practical.


91 analysis network can now provide 2 kinds of online tools, I tried a little, but also very good, especially personalized recommendation tools.


Analysis of visitor behavior

site in depth, you can use it to understand their users from different angles: Oh!) this tool a disadvantage is the only statistical results have to wait a long time to come.


personalized recommendation tools: very interesting, not only allows webmasters to easily understand the consumption characteristics of their website visitors, recommend related products and items to them, greatly enhance the user viscosity and PV. And it can be a new column on the web. (this stuff is interesting and can do many things.)

personalized recommendation tool:


I feel good about myself. I’m here to recommend it to you. I will not write a lot of things, much also don’t know that not everyone laughed.

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