Baidu contains a little experience

recently on ADMIN5 saw many webmaster said his website is not included in Baidu and published a number of articles in the categories of complaints, indeed, now Baidu search engine in our China position, no more than what Baidu did not include pain. But there are times when Baidu doesn’t include you, and it’s not like it’s a temper or something. You just need to know where you’re doing it.

in fact, for Baidu included website this question, you need to find the reasons from their own:

1, pure FLASH web site

once saw a station is FLASH website, although in time to see their interface is very beautiful, but the user experience is very good, but this site has a drawback is that Baidu is not so popular, although Baidu can read the website embedded is a FLASH, but it doesn’t know what is within you, and even included also can get good rankings, so it is recommended to use a static web site DIV+CSS.

2, the internal link of the website,

a good site, indispensable is the internal links, have seen such a sentence, the link between the page is best text links, followed by image links." So a good internal links to determine the site of the friendly, if you have time to look at the SEO blog, their internal link building is very good, so the construction of the internal link is very important, you can set some articles related to the construction of internal links.

3, site access speed

although many webmaster are not very rich, but it doesn’t mean you can use a not good space, a good space determines the success or failure of the website, website access speed is too slow. This is also decided that Baidu not included your reasons, if you find the net station response speed is too slow, I suggest you change a faster host, which is conducive to Baidu spiders crawl, actually spend so little money is necessary to optimize the site.

4, the original


because the Internet now, acquisition of the flood, so an article repeatedly spread, so the original station is also very important, but also for a Baidu original website is very popular, if they have spare time to do more than you can the original link for the better. I have a movie site, although many things have not changed, but inside the profile are through their own processing, not original, can also be regarded as pseudo original. So originality is very important,

5, the size of the web page

is not a very important reason, but is it also necessary? If a page is large and long, this is for search engines, or for users

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