Honestly do stand Baidu closed index related search experience

suddenly found

in index.baidu.com search yesterday


Baidu shut down the relevant search, I have been using this to find the relevant keywords. Now Baidu is even closed. Really want to say to him: "mjj!!


but calm down and think about it: in fact, Baidu also has his reason to do so. Actually, you should concentrate on the content. From the net friend opens your station’s goal, starts around this center to unfold. My www.egaow.com, for example, revolves around spoof content and collects all kinds of spoof content. Instead of staring at it as a whole. However, Baidu shut down this, it really brings great inconvenience to the webmaster. There is no doubt about that.

since Baidu has shut him up, we can’t change anything. Just take things as they please. From the net friend opens your station the goal embarks, honestly does the station.

has been hearing people curse Baidu since I started doing it. In fact, Baidu do this is his reason. Change the angle, stand in Baidu’s point of view, think of his approach is actually not without reason. It depends on how you understand it.

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