How to locate your website

maybe this topic have been old talk, but maybe this is going to become a webmaster or are working station are encountered or some of the core issues facing. Here are some personal experiences and ideas about this site. We hope to have some help.


in the past you site probably mostly for personal hobbies (such as design, games, music class, etc.) or the knowledge and understanding of a particular field, or have certain advantages in technology. Want to make some progress in this area, and share your ideas and resources with you.

below on the site of the problems encountered in four steps to do some elaboration and analysis.

1. What is the purpose of building websites? Sharing resources, making fame and making money……. Or for other reasons?. No matter what the purpose, but first of all, you should clearly understand the positioning of your website, what people to see, what you want to achieve later, the direction of the future development of the web site, whether there is sustainability, continuity and expansion?

two. What effect to the website? This is a very important problem; many owners began not clear their goal of the website, the result was the more difficult to do, until the last Zuobuxiaqu, even give up. But there are many of them who are successful. In fact, the so-called success is nothing more than a great gain in economy or reputation. So, have the resources and power to expand the site, slowly turned into a career, a collective, rather than fight a lone battle. The stationmaster himself changed his identity and became "boss"". I don’t need to be as hard as I used to be. But this must be a minority. Looking back, let’s think again, the ultimate goal of our website is to become a "boss", or to continue to work hard to do, no matter what will happen in the future, just for entertainment or entertainment. Think about it. Friends of the small station has been doing for a year, and now still continue to adhere to.

three. If there is plenty of money and time? It is actually very easy to build a website, buy a domain name (CN M 1 yuan / year), buy a virtual host (100 yuan / year), write a website program, even if there is such a site framework, then start your trip to the station. But there’s also an important problem. You should be prepared to take your precious time to maintain it. It is not a day, two days of enthusiasm, but a long battle. When you have a website, you will find that you will have a look every day to see how many people have visited your site. Continue to add content to enrich the site. To make a website is like raising a child. It should be nutritious every day. It should be cared for every day, so that it will grow up healthy. A good website, successful web sites are also slowly in proper time.

four. How to plan the content of the website? If you are building for personal interest, then your content positioning will be in the industry of interest. In this way, the situation and resources of this industry will be understood and manipulated. If you are >

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