Marvel talent network money trick Adsense become the biggest winner 1

straight cut theme no nonsense

I’ll start with the two big aspects of the talent website development strategy

1, website keywords ranking optimization,

is now a large part of the webmaster are relying on search engines to eat, this is all for everyone to see. Because Baidu brings traffic is considerable, because most of the webmaster is Baidu GG based, and then the optimization is in the Baidu and GG angle.

1, first of all to the station to analyze the overall optimization, so you can make the site to increase the amount collected and improve the keywords ranking in the search engine, and I did the station optimization is dynamic optimization, after he added the automatic optimization, this reduces after a lot of unnecessary trouble. (method the optimization of some long winded believe most of the webmaster) a little more proficient I emphasize is the website of each page title, the first is the title of the home page, for example, Baoding talent network [] before the title of the website is of course this title is more refined to the visitor’s experience is okay, but if we only consider this point, Baoding recruitment, Baoding talent market and considerable flow of a series of such lost. What is the website page title, some may be in order to save some of the page title is the same repeat did not change, of course this is perhaps a few, most of the long tail words are reflected in the inside pages of the site.

2. site rich in content

I once said a word, in the website article update this one even if you are not original also false original, this is actually the website must understand the truth, if you will only get a copy of your website of disadvantage, but I have a little experience to copy online articles, you can go to try following format:

1> every day, in the title of the article, you have the keyword in your home page, or the keyword

you want to upgrade

2> the first section of the distribution should have a group, preferably a group,

3> paragraph clearly clear, 1500 words in the article, each paragraph two empty space, article


4> not original, head and tail, get rid of the title," the author notes.

for the content, you reproduced in time to revise the part, you can reprint the article 20%, so the search engine will think this article is your own original, for reprint articles, modify, I saw on the Internet some website optimization personnel do is at the beginning of a small part of the article, I like to this is my friend’s talent online, " a few days ago I saw an article in the online XXX of most companies and job seekers are very helpful, so deliberately reproduced over and share share, if you think is not good can give us feedback message, if you think this.

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