Yesterday micro blog tomorrow know what what to save social platform Gray attention

in the "post WeChat era of social dilemma: go to the center" in a text, I take "go to the center" as a clue, horizontal comparison of micro-blog, watercress and know almost products. This time, I still take "go to the center" as a clue, change the angle, vertical talk about "go to the center", the goal: know about, reference: micro-blog.

first, congratulations to know almost won the Tencent’s capital, the depth of the news they let users know almost day for the profit model of the broken heart breathed a sigh of relief, at least for now, hold on the penguin’s thigh, the money is not a problem.

from a strategic point of view, know almost Sogou marriage is good for both sides, know almost search, Sogou content. Currently known station has produced a total of about 7 million, nearly 23 million answers, is the time for a given point of the search engine to solve the problem of information discovery. However, my concern is not in this, from the point of view of the center of thinking, how to search is never a problem, the key is to search what. A lot of knowledge is that users don’t get answers by searching questions, but by reading them from feed streams, by focusing on people’s praise, attention, and responses. That is to say, most of the user’s habits or brush almost know, rather than know almost you know.

The advantage of

is that it is of high quality and specialization, and does not have an advantage in quantity. High quality answers focus too much on hot issues, while most of them lack high-quality answers or even answer them. In this case, relying on search engines to improve the discovery mechanism is not desirable; in other words, this is not the key to the problem. The key point is that we should solve the problem of "know" from the point of "brush", but not from "search" to know the point of view.

knows the problem of signal noise,

and even many people of insight have come to the conclusion that size is the enemy of society. I am not in favor of that. Of course, there are a lot of people who don’t approve. Let’s give everyone a chance to criticize. I’ll talk about the method here.

said micro-blog, when we started the enthusiasm is very high, and quickly climb up the attention you know the big star, satin hand, but with all the growth in use of time, the number of attention more and more, who through their own selection of selected concerned about the formation of the homepage, quality is on the decline.

few people will turn to think about it. When did I pay attention to this guy? His micro-blog didn’t mean anything. There may be a few complaints, but the mood is not strong enough to cancel attention. Maybe I was thinking that I was concerned about this guy because he made a very interesting micro-blog, maybe he’ll do it later.

, that is to say, pay attention to a person, just need a micro-blog; take off a person, but this person need to release a lot of advertising, soft, shopping links, break through the limit of our patience, even with a little hate. This sentiment, to be honest, is so easy in micro-blog

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