Three ways to turn web visitors into customers



when a Amy New York search "Botox" or "laser hair removal" in the Internet, it is easy to search for Verve beauty website. The company’s official website is even bigger because its customer conversion rate is high. But it wasn’t like that before.

so the company’s founder, Bracci, decided to change its website. Last year they improved some characteristics of the website, make it a lot more beauty talent shows itself from the company’s Web site, for example, they emphasize the founder Dr. Bracci 12 years of professional experience and skills on the site before and after pictures in the text, they will display in the home address of the clinic and the "free consultation" message set the more conspicuous.

more importantly, they placed the company phone in a prominent position in the upper right corner of the page to encourage customers to contact us".

"people don’t like to fill in forms," Mrs. Bracci said. "They want to talk to professionals on the phone. We know what makes us different, but we didn’t do our job well before, and highlight our strengths."

After the revision of the

website, the number of effective telephone enquiries from websites in the first quarter of 2012 increased by 20% compared with the same period in 2011, and the website jumping rate decreased by 18%. The company also studies monthly data on the site to track where the customer knows about the company.

Internet has developed for nearly thirty years, and its user base continues to expand. Many small business owners know that it is very important to build a good company’s official website, and to improve the website traffic as much as possible. However, how to put the site into the flow of the real income, is the problem of many people; even spend lots of money has ignored the new traffic flow conversion, wasting a lot of money.

want to know how visitors use your website’s

for small businesses selling products online, the most important thing is reliable products, a sound return policy, quick response customer service and the phone number displayed at the top of each page. Even B2B companies need to be aware of the simple and direct information they send directly to the customer, and the "contact us" or "check our product catalog" statements that reflect the customer’s response to the information.

‘s goal is to give business owners the same emphasis on online sales and offline sales, as well as every detail of online sales, just as you care about every set of settings on the line. Many offline retail owners know exactly what 10 customers have bought and what shelves they have visited, but little is known about their websites.

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, Hollis, is broadcast via television, radio, print and other channels, but most door-to-door customers are the first to contact their web site. Its CEO says the website is an important part of the company’s business

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