What is the difference between the barrage at B station and the barrage of ordinary video sites

With B’s open registry and lower registration threshold, more and more other

users, including those who like to watch videos on other video sites, are also starting to watch videos at B stations.

What’s the difference between the barrage of

, Q1, and B stations and the barrage of ordinary video sites?

barrage culture difference

barrage quality difference is large,

barrage’s purpose,

, Q2, B station, see the film and television sector crowd is ACG fans or film powder?

video powder, ordinary users huge, ACG lovers less. Barrage difference is also large,

one, ordinary video site barrage and B station difference,

1, barrage culture difference

1.1, B station, two dimensional user group features obvious, barrage has a strong attribute

(1) B station exclusive Tucao

had never seen such a cheeky man,

on the up main, do not look at advertising Tucao: impossible to guard against rolling, do not buy the roll



cured me of

film master series: Qiantan Xinjiang River, +1s doubt, thought, okay, alive is not the last one, the next ID

everyday black Guo Jingming: Guo Jingming angle of view

I chose death

don’t speak, one of their own

Newton’s coffin board is about to stop, anti physics skirt

, this is XXX’s worst ever

(2) classic anime Terrier

Bai Xue scene, I first,


, brother of your philosophical

divine sword

round God, X cook

stone gate choice,

ancient Marines lucky E

since ancient times, blue and red out of CP

is an hour’s fault,

(3) look at

ed positive, Op Jun has been killed,

empty ears,

airborne failed,

molimen Jun has been offline

, that’s a lousy line,

paused successfully,


card is in a strange place,

lives in OP’s XX

photographer and drumsticks, photographer will not be working tomorrow,

says a ghost story, progress bar, welfare, end, flower,

(4) funny empty ear

horses >

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