Those nonsense

self introduction, Tosky, Hunan university attended the second grade, the main advertising design web design in this piece. Many computer from junior high school, high school started the station. All these years he is still considered a little webmaster. Write on the computer but never published today to idle write prompted by a sudden impulse. Something not very good. Please do not throw bricks still keep the egg, always useful. Good! Do not say, get


" as a webmaster is very fashion trend! " I think we all know what to say. This guy is not necessarily how how to promote the establishment of some beaddressed. Today, I do not speak nor speak station promotion. Many of these are hardcore master. There is also there are many experts I will not disturb the wind grass.

Just contact

computer is a computer class in junior high school, at that time, the teacher just said some very basic things. Think it useful not just playing to switch on, so study for a semester, but a semester because nobody guidance with their own reasons. But no computer he doesn’t know to switch play I can play games and drawing! This is the result. The back still did not give up the use of summer time to find a place to study. Not to mention really learn something. But what is not to say, say you will feel Speechless. That year I went to live in a high school. This need not say much more freedom. I am also from the real contact station. Because there are a lot of Internet cafes, and inexpensive.

started to prepare to go online to find some learning materials, there are many forums and back into the personal website, that when it comes to personal website we still feel very strange, but that a few years have heard a QQ163. And also probably know they are NB characters (I never do for who GG, just business). Later the teacher was caught in Internet cafes, archives also have greater than my punishment, I still did not give up, you go to Internet cafes to study, in order to avoid the teacher had hidden WC skip floor, the other is not to say. I was fired, took me to the teacher the headmaster for gifts please to have a meal, it is the flower of all the flowers. I said I was surfing the Internet to learn, the aunt hit a slap in the face, now remember


I am in a built called West Lake Water Forum, download the program, write your own homepage. Buy space and M money is your living expenses saved, that is to do the station is really crazy. I went to Internet cafes two days only eat a box of instant noodles and two Steamed Buns however. Feel very satisfied. To test the year three, not how to update the management space, expired after being shut. He felt pity, if done now, also behind the scale. Then the members on the two thousand, the space was old enough, but no way they have no money for the space or use. Flat-share. Always be black, behind the black I have become a good friend. I just tried to black them after all, and I’m very tolerant, I know this became their premise. I never blame them. More will be called L>

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