WeChat public number novice how to rise monthly fans tens of thousands

WeChat public number fans are proving difficult to grow. Recently, a lot of operators have asked me what I can do to increase the speed of fans. What I want to say is that we all think about the rapid increase of powder, but we don’t want to spend enough time to promote it. If each of us can grow hundreds of thousands of fans a day, then the WeChat public will not be so hot, everyone can run a public number.

last night, two operators talked to me about ways to grow fans and how to break through the volume of fans. I will talk about it in detail and how to improve it.

one is a fortune teller, and this really makes me wonder how many people can count on him every day, and every time he charges three hundred oceans. After a month, he made 13000 of WeChat’s fans. Another is the girl just graduated, he spent 20 days, fans amount to more than 900, maybe many operators will feel 20 days up more than 900 fans is very simple. But let’s just imagine how hard it was when we first got the powder. For her, she was inexperienced and spent only two hours a day on WeChat.

first. She doesn’t have any resources,

second. No dial number,

third. Basically no external promotion,

is because this makes me very curious, just started 20 days of operation, the amount of fans is very little, did not go outside promotion, basically cannot depend on content to transform vermicelli made from bean starch. The way she told me was to focus on Forwarding collections by my classmates. But now there is a bottleneck, that is, friends basically used up, and can no longer rely on this way.

then I’ll talk about the operation mode of the fortune teller. I understand the fortune partner, he has three years of experience in network fortune, so the accumulation of a certain amount of fans, and have a part of the user group, then I will tell him how this operation within one month.

1. headlines push

we know, today’s headlines is a relatively high user site, every day in this we can find a lot of high-quality content, as well as all kinds of news throughout the country, the content of which is timely. So content travels faster.

2. stick to promote

before, I also talked about the promotion of the bar, the partner is also relying on their own content and stick it to promote the great. We know that each stick of traffic is good, so that as long as our content is good, then it is very easy to promote.

3. major forums


, I haven’t talked about the promotion of forums, because some articles need to be reviewed. If we have too many promotional items, it is very difficult to pass the examination. Forum is also a good way to promote, after all, the large number of visitors to the forum every day

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