The Shanghai dragon three elements of some experience

website, but there should be a theme, for example, when we are born, the elders will give us the name of the same reason. If the analogy is not appropriate, more understanding! According to Bai Bing the teacher explained the idea, on the one hand, we according to their own business or interest to determine the key words. As a rookie, optimize the competition hot words, will undoubtedly make colleagues laughed. The basic are not solid, how can learn and master the Shanghai Dragon Technology? On the other hand, according to the company website, what do we see each other, and then determine their appropriate keywords. read more

The Shanghai dragon do three Taobao share customer experience

, select the best keywords, the right is the best

In fact, Taobao The first step of

selected words can not compete, others may not be consistent with our own choice. In Shanghai the Dragon Road, everyone in the hands of the different resources, have done different levels of Shanghai Longfeng area is different. So the first clear understanding of our own strength, in order to select the matching words, such not only do not give yourself too much pressure, but also easier to succeed. Mai Wenwen suggests everybody in the choice of when to choose some difficulty, don’t aim too high, then concentrate on to implement. If you can do the search engine ranking before three, the general will have a certain flow. After the success of a website, you can also batch replication site. This is the Internet a way to survive, especially suitable for individual owners to profit by Shanghai Longfeng, may a website profit is limited, but accumulated to a just cause qualitative change in the process. read more

love Shanghai big update reflection from the noble love Shanghai baby with optimization algorithm

love Shanghai’s position: to provide high quality results for users to the Internet; low quality reproduction; therefore we encourage original quality content (means more traffic, cheating / return) for low quality content will not be tolerated. We will not stop updating the sorting system, to ensure its correctness.

In the case of

also gives personal conclusion:

give us a prompt, such as 7.22 and 7.28 love Shanghai update event. As long as you are sure about the search for these two events, we want to find the analysis and insights from the search results. For the above, the search results are not the webmaster to search the same answer?? and is no longer the same reproduced? And everyone will also carefully read?? I believe that high quality is not the same as the major owners are loved is not?? while you are still in reprint articles to see who? A lot? I would glance love Shanghai grab site description, not directly following a result. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform search keywords tool upgrade function 100 upgrade

point The

4, to increase the real-time traffic data after the upgrade will show hits that day website from love of Shanghai and show the amount of data that meet the timeliness requirements of key data station.

tool to upgrade highlights:


A5 (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network March 18th news, yesterday (March 17th) love Shanghai Webmaster Platform release search keywords tool upgrade notice. Notice that the number of search keywords raised hundreds of times to 50000; at the same time the new keyword ranking data; add the hot page ranking data; increasing the real-time flow and key data; overall optimization tool interface, greatly enhance the user experience, better help webmasters site keywords data analysis. read more

Search engine spiders crawl pages priority

2, the station updated more frequently by search engines Qinglai

search engine for some of the website is updated more frequently, often go crawling, in fact the search engine for the content is very hungry, it may try to grab more practical content to provide to the user, if your site is updated frequently, the search engines will often come to visit, it is love for the fresh ", we should cultivate the habit of a search engine to crawl, updated frequently, it will often visit, if you update frequency of the slowly falling, so it will decrease the frequency, because its resource is limited, not every time to crawl to the new page, the next will be separated by a long time again to grab. read more

Shanghai dragon powerful within the chain is king The side chain

!Each connection between

five, from home do not "too far"


internal links! is essential

the above five points are done, we can make a web site internal weight flow, general home page column page weight is the highest, secondly, the last is the content page, so we reasonable layout weight strategy is also very important, this depends on your play! For example, want a page weight high key, can be achieved through the

all the inside pages are not too far away from home, that is to say from the home page click click to ensure that within four times can reach any one page, here that four is an example of the number theory is as small as possible, which is more conducive to search engine grab and transfer the weight of read more

Share of dry cargo website first screen design in Shanghai Longfeng in five major importance

And the industry trends

website user experience, only the integration of art, design, process, strategy, feedback as one can do better, Shanghai dragon in the process to me as a rookie on the user experience, but how to let visitors stay in your own blog or website on a longer period of time, so the original Bowen has become my only the method. I have art and design, no team, I just one person in Shanghai Longfeng fur work for Shanghai Longfeng experience is very slow, the network connections are not perfect external links. I want to do, is to concentrate more on someone else’s blog or website, online with the Shanghai dragon predecessors and a lot of communication master learning. To seize every opportunity to practice, for example, I have been all agents and site construction work of Shanghai sex products, recently prepared a new line of business integration of network marketing, including soft writing and publishing, Shanghai dragon training, communication on the Internet bring customers. read more

Shanghai Longfeng novice webmaster do stand experience 3 months of experience

2. part of the chain chain sometimes encountered barriers, when I first started is not to know how to analyze competitor website, we have been talking outside the chain to be widespread, but really want to do is not easy, the chain can not look for the platform to try another way ask, such as video, etc., not only limited to some classified information, the B2B platform, the forum. Of course, some classified information platform and B2B included faster, like business network, list and so on, some included slowly, take some time to record, but the weight of the high platform will be included in a day, so to continue to try new platform to do extensive chain. When the chain in the forum, the forum is now because of the tube is strict, not good links or anchor text like, some forum can use a signature, some also have to wait for your level to a certain level in order to display the signature, so the forum as a chain of emergency don’t go to a forum, hurry to do advertising, may be appropriate to raise the next number, the forum inside the high grade bully popularity, don’t do the chain too late, if to do outside the chain, it is easy to be deleted, serious directly to the title or letter IP, like this if done before are busy. read more

Strongly recommended Yao Kong 7 days in Shanghai dragon

There are a lot of Shanghai dragon books

small left just read the old Yao (Yao Jingang) wrote "7 days in Shanghai dragon" one book, feeling is very good, recommend it to everyone. Excerpted from the book preface.

The first chapter is the foundation of

book is a very complicated things, very glad to be invited to join the team Zhou Zhenxing write a book, in his help (Chapter Four mainly by Zhou Zhenxing, from the book, I proofread) in about a month, is undoubtedly something exciting. read more

A website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel how to cultivate the sense of smell optimizati

I think the olfactory sensitivity optimization process mainly originates from the daily accumulation, Rome was not built in a day, the general culture sensitive thinking the most common way is when charging, charging two level is a daily study such as learning to go to the webmaster nets, Shanghai dragon why, out of the forum and so on. Second, pay attention to the recent observation and algorithm of dynamic love Shanghai webmaster forum and love Shanghai webmaster tools released, because the love of Shanghai every small change and if we do not > read more