Pet website a sample of happiness and pain

dating site, just unfolding community website is popular, even though many of them from the profit is too early, but with the domestic public affection for pets, birds and other pets, with worthless aquarium social based website also appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The thriving pet economy related site upgrade, pet pet hospital, the hospital has many shops, also let the pet care, pet insurance, pet community website vitality zhaxian.

crazy pet


ever heard of a $900 pure silver Gucci dog bowl? That’s not unusual in the United States today. 5500 dollars a Gao Valo Weiss Ki crystal dog vest is also a luxury fashion for American dogs. Petsmobility in Arizona even invented a bone shaped mobile phone that tied it around the neck of a pet and was able to talk to their "little kiss" at any time even when they were away from home. Now, the madness of pets has reached an unimaginable level. If you are not a pet lover, you certainly do not realize the feeling of pet as a life, even more than the parents’ affection for their children. read more

Shop micro blog marketing is to guard against the big three mistakes is critical

shop now business has become increasingly difficult, not only increased the cost of purchase channels, as well as a variety of maintenance, service, marketing costs have gone up, many owners also tend to run a shop, but the shop income average income without the website, many owners complain, now do online is working for others, many owners have to cut off shop business, but I believe that, with the arrival of the era of micro-blog, shop or by way of micro-blog marketing to get out of the way.

and the fact that there are already a lot of shop owners have opened their own micro-blog, micro-blog began marketing road, some shopkeepers because of the rich experience of website operation, through the micro-blog marketing using low cost open market, coupled with the optimization of shop purchase channels and service shop, shop the operating efficiency has been increased obviously, and the more the manager who, but because of his anxious and misunderstanding of micro-blog marketing, this paper focuses on the analysis of the current misunderstanding of shopkeepers micro-blog marketing. read more

Personal AdSense and advertising alliance business should work together to build a harmonious indust

website profit has been the key issue, personal website profit model is single, advertising alliance is one of the most direct profit form of grassroots adsense. At present, the domestic advertising alliance market is very good and bad, the number of advertising alliance business is large, but the number of trusted owners is a small number. Among them, the Baidu alliance is one of the most reliable and trusted alliances for webmasters.

Admin5 on Thursday September 9th exceeded Baidu alliance activities, invited senior manager Ma Guolin together to discuss the website profit and Baidu alliance related issues, allowing users to have a more in-depth understanding of Baidu alliance. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss. read more

built half a month experience skills summary

I seldom write

, who thought he was lazy, but thought to want to put their own site experience to tell you good, I think now is the webmaster is sure to browse, to observe the. Since everyone’s purpose is to study, I have no reason to teach.

first statement: this method of non brush flow, non keyword spam, non malicious popups.

My site is called

: error code, there may be some webmaster confused, is not the error code QQ code? What is the use? Oh, this code is the code?. I stand this error code refers to the computer software or hardware error return code, for example, you use the IE browser, suddenly pop up a window "0x0274a70 command reference memory can not be read, then the 0x0274a70 numbers and letters is the error code, by querying the error code in the search engine, you can find causes the IE collapse, and repair. An error code network is a web site that collects such information and includes solutions. Although there are not many people who search for error codes directly on search engines, the number of people who search for solutions every day for viruses or other causes of computer software and hardware errors is enormous. How to integrate this huge traffic stream into my website requires some small tricks. read more

Do three point method and countermeasure restore the website that leaves 10 pages outside

many webmaster complaining about the website and drop ranking, and the owners think the ranking fell out of the first 10 pages of Baidu is that, in fact 90% of the website ranking fell out of 10 page because the site itself caused by excessive optimization behavior, and want to make a website ranking recovery is also not difficult, the key is look at the three points.

web title, character control, stack behavior must not

is part of the site in the early site added a lot of original content for the website, so this website by the search engine in the pro gaze, enhance good rankings for the site, while the station after having good rankings but don’t know the convergence in the website and content with a large number of keywords, and a part of the webmaster to enhance the long tail traffic change site title, make website title to 30 characters, so the search engine will think over the behavior of your website optimization. Thus, the ranking of the site has been lowered, in the face of this situation, the webmaster friends do not have to impatient, just need to do the following point on it. Modify the title of the website, delete the superfluous characters, in addition, in the future web design, give up the same keyword behavior, and do more alternate keywords. read more

Life is burning for you with new friends

does a website, do a website, still do a website, make a website, I am afraid now, already became the thing that I spend most time besides work. Every day life is like this, busy, and then continue to mediocrity.

as after 80, a desire to have achievements of me, every day for the dream and efforts, persist in. In the absence of the website before I fall in love with love, love literature, prose, in our state newspaper, I just need to finish the article do not need to be modified, and soon, the newspaper will be published. But now, I was fascinated by the website, give up love, however, hovering above the Internet for more than a year, there is no result, even said not to score a point, many times I asked, what is what, at the time I think, give up, give up the website I can make achievements in other places, I do not understand my website, a junior high school graduates with computer lessons have not had a day, what do I do, what I have the right to create their own sky in the network above? Many times at night I always take this problem to sleep, but wake up in the morning I, still in front of the computer, add articles, see the program, see programming tutorial. read more

2080 principles of station construction

has been a station for several years, and has been studying at A5 for several years. Over the past few years do station experience, let me have a lot of emotion. The following article, I just focus on the development of the site, grasp the problem of speaking.

What is the key to the development of

websites? How do we grasp these keys? This is the problem that this article should solve.

What is the key to the development of


you can say is positioning, can be said to be content, can be said to be resources, it can be said to be…… Here, what I’m talking about is traffic. Why can I say is flow? Do a website, do a website, what to do to make? What is flow?. Flow is the basis of profit and the drive for the website to continue to develop. From the point of view of causality, the purpose of our website is for traffic. So, what kind of "cause" can produce such a "fruit", read more

How do you quickly build high traffic web site

read a lot of posts before, how to effectively improve traffic, said within a few days you can do traffic break million. For this speech, many webmaster be dealt with, I hold the point of view also, short time is also called a few days not through the search engine to reach tens of thousands of traffic is possible, through the introduction of external traffic, is indeed possible. Today, we are going to talk about how to build a traffic break site through the engine in the shortest possible time. read more

Domestic O2O originator Homejoy death what makes on demand service burst

Abstract: O2O, founder of the American Home Economics Homejoy, closed down after three years of operation. Behind the rapid growth of its users, what is the problem of the company, buy a lot of problems, every single is not profitable; crazy growth, on-demand service is not so simple.

titanium media note: Homejoy founder announced in July this year on the company’s official blog, due to financing failure, the company closed in July 31st. This was born in July 2012 in the United States of San Francisco, has been called the "originator" of domestic O2O Uber scheduling model, home cleaning, less than a year and a half to 31 North American city that stride forward singing militant songs, and to explore the international market in the last year. read more

How many mistakes do you often make when choosing a domain name for a project

Internet business, domain name first. The legend of this sentence is summed up by the Jingdong head Liu Qiangdong, in fact, in my opinion, no matter Liu is not always said this sentence, this sentence now seems to have become a people when doing the Internet Project of golden laws and precious rules. In other words, the composition of an internet project must be a process of domain name selection.

but not every internet people have a profound understanding of the domain name, perhaps in the eyes of many people, but the domain name is a symbol only, and that is not the case, we know that if we can give their own Internet projects take a nice little name, with a better domain name if so, when the promotion, it is better. For example, a 58 city classified information website, we are one can not remember their name, but if the HC, there are a few people know this website domain name (of course, HC to do well, but the domain name is garbage). read more

Essential qualities before success how grassroots websites can succeed

so far, the network is still a day filled with grassroots webmaster thousand words, there are many webmaster for successful operation site set up real examples, attracting countless network business people in the dream. However, must ask before the start, and is really interested in the website? If there is no interest if you just deal with in order to earn a living, you do not really love you, you are very difficult to really put into this work, in the face of hardship, you will only be negative attitude to face, so the development and success will only draw further apart. Therefore, having a strong interest is the first step in network entrepreneurship. read more

n addition to search engine optimization what can we do to improve traffic

I am a vertical website in the local industry, the name will not say, so as not to say I am advertising. My website has been using 51la, Baidu and other statistical tools, I went to look at daily flow, keywords, do SEO optimization continuously, but found at the beginning of the effect is obvious, but a long time effect is not very obvious. Through a period of thinking, I feel that in addition to SEO, and other websites to exchange links, or to other sites to promote, I found a webmaster online tools website, called 91 analysis network. The characteristics of the 91 analysis is that it does not do any traffic statistics, or keyword analysis, but focus on browsing behavior analysis, analysis of consumer psychology to visitors, and provide personalized recommendation tools for the site, to help better understand the site visitors, improve operation. Web site to do very professional, relatively simple operation, practical. read more

Baidu contains a little experience

recently on ADMIN5 saw many webmaster said his website is not included in Baidu and published a number of articles in the categories of complaints, indeed, now Baidu search engine in our China position, no more than what Baidu did not include pain. But there are times when Baidu doesn’t include you, and it’s not like it’s a temper or something. You just need to know where you’re doing it.

in fact, for Baidu included website this question, you need to find the reasons from their own: read more

Honestly do stand Baidu closed index related search experience

suddenly found

in search yesterday

Baidu shut down the relevant search, I have been using this to find the relevant keywords. Now Baidu is even closed. Really want to say to him: "mjj!!


but calm down and think about it: in fact, Baidu also has his reason to do so. Actually, you should concentrate on the content. From the net friend opens your station’s goal, starts around this center to unfold. My, for example, revolves around spoof content and collects all kinds of spoof content. Instead of staring at it as a whole. However, Baidu shut down this, it really brings great inconvenience to the webmaster. There is no doubt about that. read more

How much money can open a mobile phone shop

shop is the cost, this is a truth that everyone knows, and the operation of different products, the cost will naturally be different. So, how much money can open a cell phone store? And let Xiaobian bring you a slow analysis.

is a mobile phone repair shop, the cost is not high, mobile phone repair technology is necessary, this need not say much, then consider that the shop location and purchase channels, typically having a mobile phone repair shop if 6 and 70 thousand can fix. So how much of these 6, how much should be spent to buy the equipment of the 70 thousand? read more

How to locate your website

maybe this topic have been old talk, but maybe this is going to become a webmaster or are working station are encountered or some of the core issues facing. Here are some personal experiences and ideas about this site. We hope to have some help.


in the past you site probably mostly for personal hobbies (such as design, games, music class, etc.) or the knowledge and understanding of a particular field, or have certain advantages in technology. Want to make some progress in this area, and share your ideas and resources with you. read more

Marvel talent network money trick Adsense become the biggest winner 1

straight cut theme no nonsense

I’ll start with the two big aspects of the talent website development strategy

1, website keywords ranking optimization,

is now a large part of the webmaster are relying on search engines to eat, this is all for everyone to see. Because Baidu brings traffic is considerable, because most of the webmaster is Baidu GG based, and then the optimization is in the Baidu and GG angle.

1, first of all to the station to analyze the overall optimization, so you can make the site to increase the amount collected and improve the keywords ranking in the search engine, and I did the station optimization is dynamic optimization, after he added the automatic optimization, this reduces after a lot of unnecessary trouble. (method the optimization of some long winded believe most of the webmaster) a little more proficient I emphasize is the website of each page title, the first is the title of the home page, for example, Baoding talent network [] before the title of the website is of course this title is more refined to the visitor’s experience is okay, but if we only consider this point, Baoding recruitment, Baoding talent market and considerable flow of a series of such lost. What is the website page title, some may be in order to save some of the page title is the same repeat did not change, of course this is perhaps a few, most of the long tail words are reflected in the inside pages of the site. read more

How to avoid the webmaster detours

how to avoid the webmaster detours, but this has just entered the key to the industry. Now more and more people choose to do webmaster, because the threshold of this industry is very bottom, and even you can type, you can do webmaster. But want to choose yourself for what, can let the beginners take some little crooked road, and meet some setbacks and hardships, profit and real income. The following about what time, just enter the station to pay attention to the place!


1. Domain name selection read more

Yesterday micro blog tomorrow know what what to save social platform Gray attention

in the "post WeChat era of social dilemma: go to the center" in a text, I take "go to the center" as a clue, horizontal comparison of micro-blog, watercress and know almost products. This time, I still take "go to the center" as a clue, change the angle, vertical talk about "go to the center", the goal: know about, reference: micro-blog.

first, congratulations to know almost won the Tencent’s capital, the depth of the news they let users know almost day for the profit model of the broken heart breathed a sigh of relief, at least for now, hold on the penguin’s thigh, the money is not a problem. read more