Why does your website have no trafficMao Hongliang is it really profitable to make web sites

actually ask this question webmaster friend is more, many webmasters do the website is also directed at the money to join the webmaster industry. But now you know the network environment? Since at least 2009, those websites rely on advertising money myth will no longer have how much! The reason is very simple, it is a sh419 for large, Internet users are on the sh419 website, the small owners rely on sh419 to eat. But sh419’s temper is not well known.

off? because the station mentality, and is closely related to the size of the station, your attitude determines your stand, your attitude determines your station size, because he is your website, not my website

In fact, there are a lot of

personal website is the most have the ability to fight, why do you say that? Enterprise network will not have? I must tell you: " enterprise network is not the personal website of the rival " because of the enterprise network, is the company’s website, every 8 hours of work time, finished work, a project down cycle for a long time, and personal webmaster, eat supper thought that can be implemented at night "
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Don’t always count on others to make money on my website my experiences and lessonsZhuang Chencha

, what I’m talking about is someone else, that’s all kinds of so-called alliances.

4. Also tried some very famous "wireless alliance", because from the content of their own website, is the most suitable for this promotion. And attracted by the income statistics shown by others, they believe their websites will earn better. The result for half a month, only a mere 8 yuan. It’s not that I don’t have a good location, nor is it that people don’t have enough traffic. I don’t doubt their volume. I understand. The real reason is that people are spending too little on the Internet. This market is almost completely saturated. I see. The income figures that were shown to us were compiled. I also advise those who do not hesitate to boast of their alliance friends, convergence, do not brag. Believe you have a bad day, but why do you lie to others and waste the energy of others?. read more

How to choose good projects and productsSmall investment network of part time project make money on

this module is divided into three parts:

some time ago I saw a micro-blog, the story is this: a little painter found an old artist asked, why I drew a day for several days to sell? The old painter said: if you draw a picture for a year, I believe that sell your paintings one day one day, you made time to draw a picture of your paintings a year now, but also sell, one for a couple of days, the world’s richest man, Sun Zhengyi in the world, he was to choose a project a period of two years. Choice is greater than effort, read more

Share the entire process of doing shlf1314 AdwordsChinese click Wangzhuan site of the judge

hair extension rich uncle Chinese click Wangzhuan have engaged in more than three years, basically witnessed the Chinese click Wangzhuan chaoqichaola. Rich uncle Mao have their own unique insights in the promotion process Chinese click new station, a new station has a general judgment basically, this is the new Chinese click have development in the future, there is no promotion value, more important is the station can receive money. Many earn friends called Mao rich uncle is god man, recommended standing a push, a quasi, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, do more stand, you will also have a basic judgment. What station can do, what not to do? What is today Chinese click Wangzhuan station site to do a simple explanation, hope you see this article after improved read more

Kingsoft help software offline announcement Three years of website operation and maintenance experi

is a grass-roots grass-roots is a real grassroots webmaster, but a grassroots grassroots grassroots grassroots have insisted that day, I began in 2010 with the website, now has three years of experience, from the original website editor, later open source independent station, now to the operation and maintenance of website optimization the sad, only you know, as a grassroots webmaster I in their own future development direction where? Back through the station road, I felt the heart sad, well, the author mainly for web site construction and maintenance of their own history and you talk about our website operation process in recent in the little bit of experience, so we continued to enter today’s theme of gossip short. read more

Talking about experience of non mainstream picture station

‘s "non mainstream" Baidu index is more than 80 thousand, and Mars’s Baidu index is more than 50 thousand, showing how awful the non mainstream is. Various non mainstream sites such as everywhere.

has been, including me. Yes, these three words. Very sensitive. Rather repulsive or even disgusted. "Non mainstream" has become a "dance mission", "Mars", "90" pronoun. In fact, you see the colorful explosion head, playing nose nails, lip nails, dressed in very unusual, they also have a noun called "kill Matt.". read more

How to reduce the risk of rural dry cleaners

dry cleaning industry has been the development of urban is not exclusive to the rural market, now the dry cleaning industry is also in the stage of rapid development, the annual dry cleaning franchise consumer market demand, which also led to a lot of dry cleaning franchise brands have entered the market. Choose dry cleaning franchise project investment, can find a good brand can effectively reduce the risk, but the choice of a good dry cleaning franchise brand is not easy. Below I will introduce to you how to avoid the risk of dry cleaning project in rural areas. Let’s get together.

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Look at the single life and death mode of classified information website product from the 58 city th



Zhucheng Yu strong stone

site type classification information network is emerging in recent years, in these sites, users can get free and convenient information services, such as second-hand goods trading, the sale of second-hand car, housing rental, recruitment, dating activities, life service information etc.. With the development of Internet technology, classified information websites have formed different forms, including electronic commerce, website navigation, industry portal, life information and so on. In the United States, the hottest category is called Craigslist, which has no pictures and only dense text. Although Craigslist looks rather boring, it’s one of America’s favorite websites. read more

Retail business is very important

do not mind, this is not a simple mouth to say it, if it is a store business, a lot of time can be directly reflected in the operating status of the store. In short, the retail of this art, we must work hard to operate, without the intention, then it will naturally affect sales. Therefore, we must carefully study, can study the psychological customers, how to attract customers, do these, it can truly win the favor of customers, we should dry line love line, should go to study.

for example, there was a period of time, our customers are scarce, so I study and analysis, and finally reached a conclusion that their business model is a problem. Later, I changed the way. The traditional shelves into today’s shelves, the experience of the shelves more in line with customer psychology, more able to attract customers, customers like. This is the result of my intentions, if you do not mind to operate, then the development of the supermarket naturally became a problem. read more

The new station on the effect of the major search engine

for a long time did not write the article, tonight, to write an article on the new site in the search engine status of the article, welcome webmaster Paizhuan together.

now big and small websites on the Internet, just one click, enough to make up a medium-sized country. Then, these large and small websites have their own content, each has its own service object, whether it is to make money for the purpose, or to common interests for the purpose, we all want to be more people are recognized.

In the absence of read more

Sharing experiences in the operation of large cities and communities

now many large city has its own community forum, some even have been covered by the traditional large portal, like local portal strategy of Tencent has been extended to more than a dozen capital! For large portal infiltration, grassroots webmaster how to want to compete in the same platform, so the difficulty is as can be imagined! Grassroots webmaster, local community portal operation of a large city, it should take the segmentation of the road, take Beijing for example, there are a dozen large and small regions, each region there are a number of areas, we can run through these small portals, one can avoid a large community campaign, on the other hand, it is easy to make its own characteristics, make their own small and delicate, small affinity with read more

Competition strategy analysis of nternet used car market

PMCAFF: the largest Internet products community, is Baidu, Tencent, Ali and other product managers learning exchange platform. Regular production of deep product observation, interconnect product research preferred. In this paper, by PMCAFF columnist Huang Tianwen tiger @ flower original released in the PMCAFF product manager community, reprint please contact PMCAFF Product Manager community.

in 2015, the Internet used car market entered a rapid development channel, accompanied by a round of frenzied advertising war, ahead of time to accelerate the competition and elimination of this industry. read more

Peng Hongwei how to get better traffic through promotion

on the network promotion, in fact, are commonplace, and over and over again, they feel nothing new, recently invited by friends of the Yangtze River Kun Kun, the training camp to do the training of lecturers. To tell you the truth, I’m still a newcomer to this line for less than two years. For network promotion, I also feel that there is still a lot to learn. They are also with each other learning, common progress of the mentality to communicate with you. Here’s what I used in the promotion, through which methods to get more traffic?. read more

On the rise and development of interactive question and answer platform

with the second generation of the Internet is gradually mature, it provides a powerful information interactive platform for many Internet users, a variety of interactive communication platform such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared in succession, the general inquiry platform such as Baidu, Sina, Soso Ask to ask, ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, Taobao knowledge base the rise and hot, when you have problems can not be solved, can put a question to the majority of users through the inquiry platform, users can also use the inquiry platform to solve your problem. read more

Local car portal operating experience dry sharing

today is the second working day of 2011, our pioneering project, Nanjing car network also smoothly carried out a larger scale revision. Page design from the page design of the original rough now new program new platform, let the user experience is improved, we take a lot of detours, mistakes are big and small, but to change it. Recently Nanjing weather climate, occasionally have a little temper, sitting in the office, review before doing things, can not help feeling a lot. Thank the team, thank you for your cooperation, and thank you for your persistence. read more

How to make local websites according to the characteristics of the industry

recently, cross stitch is very hot, the cross stitch shop as a building like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, everywhere! Open 10 cross stitch shop like the neighborhood for, and whether the quality of the brand competition. A lot of cross stitch shop will be recovered from their shop to buy the finished cross stitch, I don’t know if they are cross stitch products where they are sold, sold in this area basically is not possible! Perhaps part of the cross stitch shop will have a fixed customer read more

Before promotion think about the value of your website

many webmaster in blind promotion of their web site, let 10 Internet users to your web site, if there are 9 see a glance, leave immediately, such promotion is very meaningless. Before you promote your website, think about the value of your website. It is more important to promote and retain Internet users.

1, your website content is original, the netizen comes in to see, the content of this website I have seen in other place, affirmation is interested greatly reduce. If your website content is novel, unique, can let the netizen shines, perhaps the netizen adds your station to collect favorites. read more

A 7 year old stationmaster’s crying where is the webmaster’s way out

night already very deep, I can’t sleep or toss about! Finally get up to open the computer to write this article! I think, I think the way we think this generation of webmaster way! We really have a way out? I started to contact the computer in 2002 2000, I began to build their own personal home page Internet cafes (with the two level domain name). In 2006, the first time I bought domain names and spaces, I began building the first personal website in my life. It was a forum. Easy operation for nearly two years, feeling full of sound and colour, registered members have two thousand or three thousand people, can catch up with the national special rectification forum for the record in the teeth of the storm, you will be my poor little to upset the read more

Let Baidu fast collection and update methods face to face view

how to let Baidu fast included? Said bluntly, is the horn, everywhere shout, go to a place where many people shout, shout where? To the large flow of people to shout, so as to arouse people’s attention, in order to let the news of a ten, ten people spread. On the Internet, where the largest number of people, no less than a few places: BBS, paste it, Baidu know. Among them, the forum contains the most categories, and if you can tell your stuff in these places, then your exposure rate will be higher……. read more

Why is the same size virtual host price gap so great

same 1G virtual host, some companies offer 50 yuan, and some companies offer 300 yuan, there are thousands of no, why different prices with the goods?

I use now go to the 1G space network to 150 dollars a year, feel good, speed is also fast, I want to open a new station, in the Baidu search for a virtual host, found that prices are expensive, hundreds of pieces of 1G, I don’t know the difference between them. Why the price difference so much


carefully searched the question on Baidu and summed it up: in fact, the answer was simple, read more