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website architecture design

determines the fate of the site, the site to more than competitors, to enhance the quality and quantity of content, add fresh blood to the original site, can enhance the search engine friendliness, a website truly reflects the useful things for users is the content, if you website how beautiful, but not to the user useful content, I guarantee that the user can not more than 3 seconds on the exit pages, go down for a long time, the website will sooner or later be sentenced to death. read more

The site does not add content also have good rankings

. Here the promotion including but not limited to the chain, social networking tools etc..

to search engine optimization for Shanghai dragon, the content of the website editor, the first step is to do is to love Shanghai included, this article should at least be included; then love Shanghai ranking, need included page ranking; and then the user can see whether users can page ranking see, for example, whether the user will search these words; and then the user can read, see this article, you can read is very important; finally be able to achieve the expected goals, what is your purpose in writing this article? Brand publicity or read more

The ranking to page not included Crawl errors

robots.txt’s crawl errors, as a webmaster should at least weekly check for updates about whether robots.txt can be updated normally. After we look under the "web pages" error:

The above example is

2 server, abnormal

is larger, the general will accelerate the use of CDN, but some sites not only on the "equipment" using CDN acceleration, but also used for Spider acceleration. What is the final result? If the CDN node is not stable, so to the website spider, this problem will be fatal. read more

The Shanghai dragon blog can build a personal brand

Affirmative view:

now Shanghai dragon blog can be said to have reached the point of overflowing with love, just a "search Shanghai City + Shanghai dragon", you can see a lot of personal blog on the first page of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon army practitioners no ground for blame, growing. Shanghai dragon blog number naturally began to erupt, Shanghai dragon Er most wanted to use my personal blog of Shanghai dragon to build a personal brand, then you can pick one. Of course, accumulated a certain amount of customer resources, open a studio or company optimization is possible, the Moonlight blog, Lou loose blog, believe in Shanghai Longfeng few do not know. These celebrities for their blog fame, but Shanghai dragon Er can build their own personal brand to Shanghai dragon blog? Online viewpoint, there is opposition, there are pros, everyone is not to debate each one sticks to his argument,. read more

How to write the original article on the website of some views

in Shanghai dragon website optimization, most of the original article is to improve and update the collection of love in Shanghai. Love Shanghai search engine spiders and intelligent but is a machine, write an article, as long as you write, no copy, 500-1000 words, it is easy to be included in the love of Shanghai, see many webmaster asked people to write the original article, general requirements are not too high, one is the original, two is not beside the point, don’t lose weight the breast enhancement can be written. read more

Mai Wenwen the three stages of Shanghai dragon ER development step by step

in my opinion, Shanghai dragon is not superficial, but it is a very deep knowledge, there are a lot of knowledge inside contain. If you are only in accordance with the public’s thinking to operate on the website, we easily believe that point, then you just stay in the first stage; if you are very specific, they will have the ability to observe and summarize, keywords ranking well, then you are the second stages of the Shanghai dragon ER; if there are a lot of you are can use the experiment and data to prove that the Shanghai dragon do high degree of controllability, is not simply a bizarre phenomenon as the search engine algorithm adjustment, then you do this when you controlled Shanghai dragon, is the third stage. read more

How to deal with the future development of Shanghai dragon will be bidding to replace

Er is part of the Shanghai dragon, we usually say that the white hat Shanghai dragon, a white hat would certainly have black hat, black hat optimization technique but as a challenge to search the bottom line, not rookie Shanghai dragon can come into contact with the technology, but it is not long, not recommended to contact. Proportionately, part of the white hat Shanghai dragon is an industry for more than 90%, but if Shanghai dragon is purely in order to optimize the website, get keywords ranking, Shanghai Longfeng this road will become narrower and narrower, and not just that will be replaced by bidding. In the next three years, Shanghai dragon is temporarily not be bidding instead, because the price bidding has not reached the ideal baseline, but once the bidding price reached a certain level, Shanghai dragon is really be unemployed, this is not alarmist. read more

On the optimization of the electricity supplier website needs to pay attention to the four aspects

in the optimization of a glasses electricity supplier website, this website is the website of medium size, in the optimization I met a lot of difficulties, after solving these difficulties, the author summarizes some of the attention, which includes server, user experience and content, image processing, page optimization, chain construction etc. today, but the author mainly and we call server, user experience, content and pictures in four aspects. Speak out, following by the ultra billion optical network to exchange with you, optimize the business website needs to pay attention to the four aspects. read more

How to more effectively do the novice webmaster chain

said that although the favorites website is becoming less and less, many are not made public, but does not rule out some good websites such as favorites, love Shanghai favorites, love Shanghai favorites to give their weight is relatively high, and you can be published soon after collection; in addition, Le hand favorites is also good, but only the favorites included the main page to your favorites, the two pages included not to; in addition to a good favorites, that is Cape of Good Hope, which included fast, high weight, but now the favorites collection regulations, new users can not open, so the newly registered users first can send several messages, so you can open their own favorites, do the chain for your website. read more

The analysis included the amount decreased by reason of love sea

analysis from the site keywords, Shanghai dragon blog keywords ranking although there are ups and downs, but basically stable, but also increased the number of words ranking, only by comparison, almost no flow.

love Shanghai algorithm adjustment is simply to do original, not against cheating, illegal garbage sites, but the Shanghai Dragon technology blog, the original majority, and was not included in the article before, this is to make the author puzzled. We know that love Shanghai is through the link pages found, including the chain and the chain, when the page value reached standard will be included. read more

Shanghai dragon Er should now how to send the chain

to Iraq found that a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are blind to the article, the hair of the chain. They don’t even know why you want to do this. I talk about the purpose of the chain and how to do the chain.

!The chain of The The chain of

chain with the spider as everyone knows, the function. This is the first use of the chain. When you need a spider climb your site, you can send some chain. So the chain spider how to do? Related articles, the chain address needs to be included, included fast! This is the only read more

Returning to the individual search

also provides services based on the surrounding love Shanghai, such as Shanghai, Shanghai love love map, love Shanghai financial group purchase, in the life of the service, users can also be a key login.

What is the

search engine to return to the individual? In the early days of the search engine product line, between the user and the search engine is from the user is the user, the search engine is a search engine, even if the search engine said "customer is king", but also the group action. The "individual", is the single user as the main mode based on each user has a different user experience, this is the need to open the independent ID system corresponding to each user. read more

Taking into account the original effect can make the search experience to play

is to enhance the user experience, so we have to improve the quality, let visitors feel the material to be found. However, I believe that most webmaster hard original purpose, should not only to the user, but on balance or search engine optimization. Naturally, the quality of the article, at the same time, users love will also get popular search engine. However, the machine language has its natural characteristics, that is to say, the search engine has established the quality standard, and the standard user even cannot capture and perception. For example, the similarity search engine database and analysis program of their own strong; for instance, some sensitive hot topic, perhaps very welcomed by the users, but take into account the policy and commercial interests, the search engine does not necessarily indexed. I think that, if the contents of the original purpose of both search engine optimization, then the experience cannot be ignored, only taking into account the search engine experience, the original effect can be the most incisive play. read more

Shanghai dragon construction site of the domain name the older the better

The correlation between

my own view, generally considered the domain name is old, the higher the weight, in a situation is not good, that is the relationship between the correlation, ranking is not only associated with weight, and the correlation also has a great relationship, which will ultimately affect the ranking of the factors derived from the concept of the domain name the old is better then the correlation is a, if a website made in the early site type and you want to do after the type of site is completely different, so it will cause conflict between sites caused by the situation. One, two kinds of anchor text coexistence; two, love Shanghai said on this website to pre link do all off, and then re search, then no matter how long thought this time? Love Shanghai in our eyes is slow, so to say, the relationship that must be spend more time time to leave early index links and weights and the correlation between the nature of the website itself is a kind of hurt, more to myself is a test, finally will cause a certain impact on the site, which is a website, have a certain impact to the ranking. read more

The purchase of 30% 63% growth rate We improve the image search ranking optimization suggestions 9

home owners (Chinaz贵族宝贝) Note: with the increasing popularity of voice search, more and more owners began to inject more energy in this area. For now, what seemed to be a relatively small "competitiveness promotion media": image search. However, although the image search competition than web search, but due to various reasons, to do the optimization work is not easy, here are a few tips to optimize the foreign Shanghai Longfeng author Wesley Young shares.

image search below for your reference, reference: read more

The search results for the personal influence of Shanghai Dragon

fact, just let the same network view of people gathered together, for different people always separated by a big gap, the network did not let everyone’s eyes become open, but only the same people have a place to keep each other warm.


                optimization of the nobility do baby might have heard, some people think that the baby store aristocratic user’s information, and then give the search results according to the user’s click search history, let the user see through artificial processing content. Some people said, when the nobility baby we should see search results filtered out, we would know? If you don’t know, it may become a victim of personalized search results. read more

Zhang Weifang analysis of deep mining long tail keywords love Shanghai

1, Shanghai

Shanghai is a manifestation of love to know the best platform for user interaction, individual when analyzing a keyword, usually love from Shanghai know love because love start, Shanghai knows the problem more keywords to correlation is very large, or the user needs to search, is the same industry or do some related know. For example, I love Shanghai in Beijing know search appliance repair, the results obtained as shown in figure

3, love Shanghai search drop-down box

of course, this is only part of the screenshot, we can see the word for customer care or want to get answers from. So we have to be targeted to choose the long tail keywords. Then on our website in writing the relevant content to attract our customers. read more

Webmaster five Shanghai dragon secret tools two

degreeLove Shanghai love index of love

recommended: assumes

degree A popular search term

three, Shanghai Search Ranking

love Shanghai Search Ranking industry and list the main theme, and the fastest rising search term. The new keywords have the potential to help. Some popular search terms may be several months or even years remain popular, of course, also maintained a high level of competition. But some unexpected social hot one can expect, when these hot spots occur, will be reflected in the fastest rising search terms, this will give all sites a similar chance. read more

The two page is easy to overlook the website optimization

Shanghai dragon various query tool

404 page back status detection


Linux Apache setup in

贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon egghead贵族宝贝/

in search engine optimization, there are two problems about page state jump, generally overlooked. 301 and 404 error page jump.

301 jump is the permanent redirect to another page page, at the same time, the original weight will jump domain included some data transfer to the target page jump. So the 301 jump jump to www.xxx贵族宝贝 xxx贵族宝贝 is used to replace the domain name and website. To search engine, xxx贵族宝贝 and www.xxx贵族宝贝 are two websites, we generally understand www.xxx贵族宝贝 and domain name, xxx贵族宝贝 is actually a domain name. Www.xxx贵族宝贝 and bbs.xxx贵族宝贝 belong to the two level domain name. The search engine xxx贵族宝贝 in time and give the weight of the collected data and www.xxx贵族宝贝 is different. read more

We should pay special attention to the negative factors English Google ranked Shanghai dragon servic

let’s start simple, a very negative factor is the length of the domain name. But this is a very significant factor. If you have a domain name, Shoes贵族宝贝, ranking it will rank better than Buy-Cheap-Mens-Shoes贵族宝贝. Below I will repeat, is not equal to the influence factors. We can therefore expect a series of reasons. For example, Shoes贵族宝贝 might be a relatively long name. Perhaps it has been ten years and there are a lot of backlinks. Buy-Cheap-Mens-Shoes贵族宝贝 seems to look like a garbage site. It may not have too many links. BTW, if you look forward to these strategies, dash could be another negative factor. A domain name even more characters, negative influence on the ranking will be more. This does not mean that you can’t use those long domain name. But according to our observation that is not the best. read more