How do I put the key words do the first page of the second page

there is a note that my external links are not all point to the home page, there are also many links to the headlight assembly of the content page.

because the word is on the ranking page, so I think that is not the weight within the page is too low, not stable rankings, then I decided to do an experiment, published an article on the owners of the house and stay inside the A5 above, the link is not home page link, but the word in the page links (before submission has been left the home page link), a few days ago suddenly found the word ranking on the front page, and on fourth

for reference!The original !

we do Shanghai dragon knows that love Shanghai for home page is often are given higher weights, so in order to get the inside pages of a relatively good ranking, you must first make Sitelinks, moreover wants to get a good ranking page often need better content to support. The following is some of the practices I improve the inside pages of the.

3 months ago, I now accept the company’s website, optimize the headlight assembly before the word, from other people over the word ranking is 16, I optimized the more than 2 month, that the word fluctuated greatly, often hovering in the second to third pages, not been on the front page of

in the station, I put the contents of the page using the popular articles, recommended articles this form to give some article page a link weight this way can well improve the content of the page. Do the station around a word, add anchor text for the headlight assembly within the page rankings is also helpful in other page. The content is also very important for ranking, for a page to get good rankings, so the readability of the article is also very important, so the headlight assembly this article page chose to re edit the article, meet the needs of users! Do these basic can page can have a very good ranking. Some of the practices, the above is my promotion within the pages of the


drunk after his gentle: 贵族宝贝chinaautolighting贵族宝贝/newsshow.aspx? Iid=272 please indicate the source, thank you


Don’t have sex in Shanghai ranking, how to optimize the site

take the brand route optimization, site vertical precise positioning, brand extension and create. The brand is a kind of method to optimize the site of the insurance. Is your website or product into a brand, the customer is not directly see your website, but see your name, they induce active search, actively looking for your site. Love thousand goose believes that brand optimization method is focus on the vertical positioning, optimize promotion brand word, let the user’s mind under an anchor, spoke of a detailed field, you are the boss. This is the brand optimization.

circle circle should be called the actual optimization promotion, is said to attract the target population to achieve through a lot of promotion; if the optimization ranking is not done well, and even the brand also feel that, it can only be diligent. It is impossible to push the circle of people, using human wave tactics to promote directional attract people, through the QQ group, micro-blog, WeChat, directed the crowd forum to vigorously promote your website, of course, those who buy the related software, by the Navy, malicious.

refers to the optimization of the mobile platform, the mobile terminal do website, ranking Quxianjiuguo in mobile phone search engine, love Shanghai siteapp, open mobile terminal adapter are optimization tools. Here is not only to the mobile terminal site, including mobile phone mobile terminal platforms, such as WeChat; WeChat optimization end is a bit out of the theme of this paper, it is the only WeChat public information optimization platform, push every WeChat information, there are two advantages, 1 to enhance the quality and quantity of users, attract target users; 2 can be beneficial to the brand communication, many excellent WeChat can go through mobile phone or Internet communication (some high weight website dedicated to collecting outstanding WeChat information).

Here the

other search engine optimization

love Shanghai is the dominant search engine, but it does not mean that no people do not live. We can also do the site optimization ranking in other search engines. Noble baby, 360, Sogou can do, of course, is certainly not the same as the corresponding flow (thousands of geese to understand current love at home and can not use the noble baby, 360 is said to have occupied 30% market share, Sogou has been in force). For example, 360 search engine optimization ranking, more analysis of 360 ranked good website, understand some 360 search engine optimization knowledge, can ignore the love Shanghai rankings, and the optimization objectives in the other search engines.

circle type optimization

Optimization of ?

mobile terminal

recently loose blog news makes a lot of Shanghai dragon Er terrified: HC spent 50 million 800 thousand to buy a lot of love Shanghai keywords natural search location. This means that the natural search has not only normal optimization can get the love of Shanghai’s natural search and PPC, can be bought; it also means that the love Shanghai natural search can not do optimization, so how to optimize the site should be

brand optimization


Borrow rice total Lei Jun seven words to talk about the Shanghai Dragon

then learn Shanghai dragon now? I still see a lot of people learn the way Shanghai dragon to learn programming language what. For example: ASP, php.div+css and so on, although I think that to learn, but tasted it, after all, we are not a programmer, this will lead you to the Shanghai dragon is half a bucket of water.

limit their ability to do

reputation: beyond user expectations of

attention: less is more, road to jane.

today in the "own" Ray total Internet thought the article summarizes the seven words "focus, extreme, reputation, known as fast" seven words, let me think of Shanghai, did not like this

we open your site when the site optimization speed? Page loading speed? Your inner chain is reasonable? You whether the contents meet the users? Your outer chain really can bring you the user clicks? If you steal others results and modify made you of those Links? If you bring you the weight transfer of

: the ultimate

? ?How

estimates that many people Jobs "apple" series of very yearning, it represents what can not say here, I want to say that apple and Jobs gave us the first inspiration is the focus.


is the ultimate do the best you can do, others do not reach the height, when we talk about the extreme, in fact it is very easy to say it’s hard to do, you do

although the Shanghai dragon born SEM but I personally think that Shanghai dragon to understand something more, such as network marketing, e-commerce website, Taobao, these are to understand this is a webmaster will learn, but we as a Shanghai dragon as long as you focus on Shanghai dragon on the line, the other you as long as you know in principle, Shanghai Longfeng actual operation will encounter JS such as position adjustment, code noffow, and that in alt, some small icons div+css pages with the basic HTML code that you need to know.

what is beyond user expectations, a metaphor is when you watch the movie to find the site, the site not only let you enjoy the picture quality content, but also provides high quality broadband, not only that also help you recommend something you really want to see something, then you will not be happy? Would you recommend this to a friend.

I see a lot of people, when the algorithm has been updated many jumped up and said my website how, I don’t know whether you are dealing with your boss in the pure pursuit of quantity regardless of quality, the effect of changing the collection of people everywhere out of order? Here’s a suggestion is when you do outside the chain outside your chain is good for your website, if you do the contents of your users useful, your website can open your users quickly.

A5 Optimization the importance of Shanghai dragon follow love Shanghai guide the search optimization

the first category of "white hat Shanghai dragon"

2, what is the credibility of the credibility of the search, the search? A perennial Shanghai dragon people are less likely to be a bit of publicity, love Shanghai. "


no matter what there are always some people love the loopholes, Zoupian Jian Feng, even Shanghai Longfeng optimization is also so, these people use search engine defects in the rules, so as to enhance the website keyword violations trial weights, and finally achieve the purpose of "Shututonggui". But the drawback is obviously, for the optimization of such cheating test, the final result is often away from the search engines, commonly known as: K station. Such as: the domain name bombing, mirror, stations, hidden pages, links workshop, keyword stuffing and so on, are serious cheating, so A5 optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon zhenduan贵族宝贝) warned not to "webmaster black hat Shanghai dragon".

webmaster how to identify the "black hat Shanghai dragon"


really do rankings, no one will believe such opportunistic approach may be done in a day, but a few hours later "dead" instead of The loss outweighs the gain. The following now, how to see through the black hat Shanghai dragon?

many stationmaster itself is not proficient in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so invite Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website, but some websites in effect immediately after payment disappeared, what makes the ranking of "come, go? In fact, most likely is the webmaster site was "fix" black hat.

1 case, check if a stable case are not, then you feel reliable? Even if one day, as if it were raining flowers three days, Ranking Ranking, or a month, normal two months and so on.

with the network market demand continues to increase, optimization technology has become a major factor in Internet companies compete for market share in the search engine, can be said to have a good sales performance is not high ranking enterprise keyword will not. Therefore, the search engine optimization "Shanghai dragon" has become a lot of people work IT "occupation". Through many search engine ranking rules analysis, then timely on the site to make targeted optimization, and enhance the business more keyword ranking. But from the word "Shanghai dragon" appeared on, gradually divided into two acts:

called the white hat Shanghai dragon is do analysis of the rule of the search engine, a step by step to improve the website optimization problems, so as to improve the search engine friendliness in the foundation, and then get the keyword ranking and traffic. For this, love Shanghai to encourage the webmaster for the correct "white hat optimization" and released the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" I believe that many webmaster have heard.

second categories of "black hat Shanghai dragon"

Examples of Google Sitelink and Sitelink love Shanghai


Figure four: Google

with non Sitelink


recently launched Sitelink love love Shanghai, Shanghai has been doing micro adjustment, as for what is to enhance the user experience and reduce the user experience, this is really hard to say, the overall feeling is mixed. Love is not the innovation of Shanghai Sitelink algorithm, has been actually love Shanghai in imitation of Google search engine, and Google as a global leader. The algorithm exploits and user experience are just drops, imitation is always imitate, love Shanghai Sitelink and some places need to be improved. Below by comparing several examples of love Shanghai Sitelink and Google Sitelink.

A comparison of the Figure three:

domain name search display Sitelink

and figure two can be found in love with Shanghai Sitelink display are several catalog page Chinaz master, or two level domain name page, why only the 6 display page? I guess love Shanghai algorithm is calculated according to page visits, "the webmaster tools" the two level domain IP every day may be the most, because too many people in the use of this tool. In contrast, Google’s Sitelink, you will find the same 6 Sitelinks, but more than a Google webmaster forum, I guess is the proportion of the amount of IP for Google’s Sitelink algorithm than love Shanghai, Google Sitelink (domain name or directory page note baryon content). In addition, Google’s Sitelink at the bottom and the other relevant information link.

is shown in Figure three and figure four are.

love Sitelink of Shanghai in a way is to enhance the user experience, but it also hurt many small sites in Shanghai, because of love for the Sitelink objects are some of the large, brand station, when a user searches for a brand word, is bound to more click the brand website, consider from the perspective of ordinary users, the move is to enhance the general user experience. Similarly, Google Sitelink also display some large sites, but two kinds of search engine is how to determine what kind of website belongs to the industry brand station, what kind of website is Sitelink. These we can make nothing of it!

: falling in love with a display of the Sitelink

A5 Sitelink


Figure two: Google sea search A5 station network domain name search web


search area


Ask the entrepreneur’s wife a question and a suggestionshlf1314AdSense violations highlights

, this is their own research and development, and their own release >


according to the information revealed on the Internet, I found out that the company should be Beijing exhibition game company, their game is mainly the following several.

, in order to ensure the quality and credibility of shlf1314 AdSense, will be in accordance with these plans, policies, review all applications to join the program publisher. We will also monitor the ad sites participating in this program when they begin to display shlf1314 advertising. Whenever we find a website that violates our policy, we warn or suspend or even terminate the account for the publisher.

account transfer

in your website sale or other transaction, AdSense account can not be transferred, along with the transfer or resale. For example, when a site of ownership or management changes, the previous owners or managers must undo this website AdSense account, and the new owners or managers to register a new AdSense account in his own name.

Place the

each page can display three ad units, but any two ad unit can not contain any of the same advertising. Putting two or more of the same ads on a single page constitutes a repeat delivery, which is against the shlf1314 policy.

page can hold up to two shlf1314 AdSense for search shlf1314 AdSense in the search box.

page elements can not cover the advertising, and the ad color must be to ensure that users can see all the text and other elements of advertising.

alternative advertising

then his husband went to CEO to talk about equity, and CEO turned him down.

as a Mobile Games practitioners, for today "even if 10 Fen of the shares once husband did not get in my heart, he is still the best entrepreneurs", to raise a few questions, said several opinions.

may be the author’s wife as his husband, for the hand travel industry no concept, so there are many places in this is almost impossible, I simply said a few of my own doubts.


brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

1, water one hundred million games, net profit has 5589

he said as he automatic speaking, second company employees, the first in the game development, water one hundred million, net profit also wuliuqianwan so far is still the game’s profit in the whole company to feed more than 100 people. However, he said, CEO said that the game bonus had been split the year before, the only money we got that year when we got married. We got rid of the car. After tax deduction, we had less than four hundred thousand. This is my husband from 10 years began to follow his business to now all dividends. But CEO also said that previous contributions cannot talk now, those are the past, if I give you shares, how can I be sure that you can make so many corresponding contribution to the company’s future, if you talk about companies such as water to achieve three billion, net profit of one hundred million do again, and who who took the greatest contribution big head, they are empty.


because Apple is divided into 30% on the IOS store, and on Android, Android channels tend to be bigger than fifty percent. Get rid of buying large Mobile Games in buy user the cost of removing taxes, this a few games of the three estimates are losing money, but the profit earning the most optimistic scenario will not exceed 30%.

That’s what the original

/ a source: a ID:astory4u

I think the author mentioned that game a lot of money should be the upper left corner of the "Titans" because this is three, they play the most games. But whether this is a few games in which one is impossible when water one hundred million, net profit of wuliuqianwan.


article probably means that his husband followed CEO entrepreneurship for many years, as a co-founder, has been holding a high salary, and later their company’s game earned some money, his husband points out one million bonus. But then take the money to buy a house, get married, the home has been stretched.

A record of a week to recover the special case of the K website

Kung Fu, on the day of analysis, the final accident and let me find the bizarre was the cause of the K, aiming at this problem, after settlement, the website also within one week of rapid recovery was included with the number, as shown below. Here I will talk about this a website by K analysis of the reason and solve process.

for Shanghai dragon Er, I sometimes feel it is the dancer on the blade, because the face of man-made or non-human factors brought by K punishment. I still remember this month in the morning of 5 to see all aspects of the site of Shanghai Longfeng data when the mood, when seeing their hard construction sites included and rankings are zero, feeling like a knife. I believe each Shanghai dragon ER in case of K station time is very difficult to calm down, I was no exception, the crazy keyboard hit the mouse, his mouth still scold. I need in the short time to find the cause of K is

site was K after we first need to find self detection, is the cause of the K, because K is often comes from their own reasons. Of course, this is our guess most of. Because the management of the site has not adopted other informal means to optimize the keywords, so the stack, hidden links, a large collection of text, or just on the line this year to buy punishment links are not leading to the site is Scindapsus algorithm K reason. Firstly, the exclusion of these factors. Since it is not because the informal means to optimize the cause, so is the K cause of narrow range a lot, then we will from some daily regular means of optimization analysis. Because I have to record the daily construction of the chain and content publishing habits, so I will start from these records analysis, results the author found that the quality of the chain recently is very high, although the content is not 100% original, but work in quality and relevance is the exclusion of this factor content and the chain the next station, the author analyzes the internal and external chain chain form, the author found that the content of the site found all the anchor text is pointing to the home page, the author consulted some predecessors, also check some information, it is found that there is a problem in Shanghai Longfeng site, but this is not enough to make love Shanghai K off the site. After the author analyzed some data, such as web pages and page in the competition, the friends of the chain, the site is black and all that may cause is the cause of the K. In the day of analysis and elimination of the author did not find the real reason, so today I decided to work overtime in the company, I have a long time did not work overtime, before work is directly home and do not have access to a web site in time. The livelong night, a person in the office analysis to about eight, the office suddenly cut off, I remember before the office building is not related to electricity, was the first reaction is finished, the site can not access the (company’s site on the server in the office). So I asked the building tube >

is self detection of

K websiteThe !

From the quality of the website construction and optimization of the key to victory


is different from the construction industry, the vertical portal and e-commerce website, website construction of small and medium enterprises is in two directions. One direction is to focus on start-ups, intelligent and finished website is in this context, due to affordable prices, many companies have been welcome; the other direction is a mature operation of small and medium enterprises, in order to enhance corporate image and effectively assist the sales, design and functional requirements of higher expectations; more professional companies to provide high quality custom design and application. But they have one thing in common is that both focus on that direction, enterprise website construction production quality are increasingly demanding. And this demands not only reflected in the elegant page art design, but also in the care of the details of the function, open the speed as well as the website, domain name and web site hosting options etc.. And the focus of enterprise website construction and web design company, to win the market and future, but also in the quality of rivet foot.


has written about the domain name selected article too many webmaster, domain name natural selection to short enough for the first principle, we will not go. But in the domain name registrar selection, DNS selection and analytical analysis. Many people think that is the same for all international or national, English or Chinese domain, where a register is not the same? In fact, the domain name selection contains thousands of knowledge. We may on storm analytic practice in mind, cause nearly half a Chinese network congestion phenomenon, is the DNS server storm from unknown attacks. Is the domestic focus IDC Product Service DNS server, often under attack, and each time the catastrophe will bring tens of thousands of web sites. So the choice of the domain name, especially large company DNS choice must choose in the quality of the domain name registration, even if some of the higher cost, in order to stabilize the website operation quality is worth.

quality winning: domain name

quality win two: buy

the same domain name, the host played in the website construction and operation can not be ignored, and web hosting web site is the cornerstone of safe operation. Although after the ministry again and again remediation, the country is still the existence of a massive server operators, just after the rest of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore pay more attention to quality and service. However, there are still many websites host operator, let the small and medium-sized enterprises and some stationmaster headaches, pain in enjoying just passable products and services. Not open slowly, is frequent downtime, not attack, is often "Service Unvalueable" prompt, web hosting quality has become the stable operation of the test site. This ridge is not only impassable, high quality and stability of the host need more cost only, such as the A5 Adsense nets and professional website construction company pilot technology, is a network host and domain name products distributors.

three: quality first page design

Ai Rui Yang Weiqing find a long-term foothold in the networkWebsite promotion terminology

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

Ai Rui Yang Weiqing: the next 3 years, the owners of entrepreneurial opportunities

our research areas include online advertising, search engines, digital entertainment, mobile value-added space, and the morning. Our clients are mainly large companies, including Sina, Sohu and sh419, and we have large teams in Beijing to provide them with research and data support services. I used to participate in some other webmaster activities, but also hope to give personal webmaster to provide more data support and research support.

news March 10th, 2006 Chinese super stationmaster entrepreneurship competition " entrepreneurship practice " training held in Beijing today, the Tencent of science and technology for this meeting for the exclusive broadcast.

below is Yang Weiqing, President of iResearch Consulting Group,

Yang Weiqing: the webmaster, we will start the afternoon, because many guests will bring wonderful speech in the afternoon, there are aspects of interaction, in addition to the guests to explore, we will give you more time left stationmaster interactive for everyone to participate in the discussion. The head of our company’s website department also came, my proposition composition is three years inside stationmaster to start an undertaking environment and opportunity. In fact, three years, five years or less time but there is no clear limit, just as I am concerned, we are now on the company on the Internet also has some accumulation, I told Eric to do something today to help you what.

there are more than 60 people in our company now. In China, it is almost the largest Internet research institution. We do market research on the one hand, on the one hand also learn from each webmaster, improve our technical terms, we have a technical approach to the study of Internet technology, to provide some technical support for research. In addition we just put our website we belong to a unified network Ereli, every year we will have several network economic conference, there will always be new sites, including we now publish new iResearch, to provide some new Internet industry, creating a variety of industry, make money the information.

first of all, I’d like to talk about the market analysis of personal websites. Before I talk about this, I’ll tell you about our product, IuserTracker. Our product has been prepared for more than a year and a half. What does it do? It is called the user behavior of Internet users through continuous testing, we actually install a small software in the Internet to the client, users pay through the Internet users all the behavior detection whether he’s use of software or Internet use. Why study from Internet users because of the end zone, we study the institution is not a separate website for us, we want to study the behavior of all Internet users. We draw a result through a rigorous process, including recruitment, including model weighting. This result does not include Internet cafes, because we don’t know men and women and Internet cafes

what is the search engine promotion?

What is the

Analysis of the factors included the causes and effects of the site included drop.

included site down sometimes is not necessarily right down, but right down will lead to the site included drop. Right down lead site included drop regularly, generally decreased from the flow of the search engine, and then the target keywords ranking drop then is included in the site down. There is a reason it will lead to the site included drop, that is the frequency of updates. For example, you’ve updated daily 100 article, now updated daily 10 article, then the total included you will fall. Below in order to clearly understand that two reasons included drop, let’s analyze, influence factors of the web site included.

included drop, in fact every webmaster will encounter a problem, often included drop, everyone will take down the right site to determine, today we have to analyze the reasons for the decline, influence the website included, as well as the basic factors of pages included.

said there are people that asked, is not all pages within the links will be displayed on the home page or column page. In fact, this need not. Let’s do a website to the user experience as the core, in order not to affect the user experience included. No >


search engine "is a standard, we should all know this. When a page is included with the standard will be included. What is the standard? It is a quality score of + the + Chain "in the chain = total score. When the score is greater than or equal to the included standard he will be included. In fact, this included standard is very low, so we do not worry. The search engine is not the same as for a station of all the web pages update frequency, such as the update frequency can reach home has been updated every day. But the inside pages can not achieve. Because of changes in the inside pages of very small weight no home high, so if the page is updated every day is not scientific, so they love Shanghai these search engines are not so stupid. Calculate them on the inside pages of the update frequency is time. According to the long-term observation, the update time is generally 4-8 weeks inside page. So it is a concept of time difference. I will mention. Let’s just say, "the standard is included in the chain of" quality + + Chain = total score, total score is greater than or equal to the time will be included standard to be included, so if you remove the inside and outside the chain chain, this article will be included, the answer is no.. Because this article has lost contact with the outside world. So the search engine did not check his presence. In our home chain in the update article in the daily and column page will be replaced by the new article. So the old lost within the chain home page and column page. The equivalent chain loss. If this article without the support of the chain, then love Shanghai in the next round of the update will remove these articles included. We mentioned in the page update time is generally 4-8 weeks, so even if the article is lost in the chain and the chain, the search engine is also included to cancel his happened after two months, there is a time difference. Here you can explain the influence of the amount collected on the website of the update frequency.