Man tunnels into GameStop store steals 5400 worth of games

first_imgVideo games are an expensive habit to have. Past the cost of buying the console new releases can cost $50-$60 each. Steven Archer, of Greeneville, Tennessee decided to take a cheaper alternative to buying the games from his local GameStop store by tunneling into it and stealing them instead.Archer entered an empty building which was located next to the GameStop store. From there he began his tunnel through the wall and to the treasure trove of games that awaited him next door.AdChoices广告His plan was successful because he managed to make it through the wall. Once inside he picked up games with a value of $5,342 as well as $288.55 in cash. He even managed to leave the scene with all those games in tow and must have thought he’d got away clean.Unfortunately, his plan had a flaw and he’d forgotten to clean up after himself. A trail of evidence left at the scene of the crime apparently made it easy for police to track Archer down with Detective Pat Hankins making the arrest.Read more at Thinq and GreenevilleSun.comlast_img read more

Psychic Soccer Octopus Gets Memorial Statue

first_imgAdChoices广告 Germany has unveiled a new memorial for one of the early 21st century’s most celebrated individuals–an octopus that was really good at predicting the outcome of soccer games. The Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany unveiled the six foot tall plastic statue this week.It features the psychic cephalopod seated atop a soccer ball.Paul died at the aquarium in October of last year, after a series of uncanny picks during the World Cup. During his life, Paul chose the correct outcome of all seven of Germany’s World Cup games, plus the final game between Spain and the Netherlands.His ashes will be kept inside the soccer ball he sits atop of. last_img read more

Playing Halo hooked up to heart rate monitor

first_imgHave you ever wondered what happens to your heart rate when playing a game? Reddit user gortag did and decided to make it part of his PhD project looking into User Research to get a sample of his own heart rate while playing Halo: Reach.Details are limited as we only have a Reddit thread to go by, but the image above, and the full map of his heart rate while playing is available to view on actual setup for capturing the data involved connecting a Polar brand exercise belt, which measures heart rate when worn, via a makeshift USB cable to a Macbook. The Processing programming language was then used to create a program for collecting the data. As gortag explains:[The program] produces an event file, which was tied with markers to signify when the game started and ended. Then I opened the event file in a program called Carspan (which is designed to handle cardio data), calculated the inter beat interval and then made sure the data quality was ok and corrected any excessive artefacts in the data (there were one or two).After that I exported the event file again, and opened in it Excel. Then I loaded up the saved film of the Halo Reach map and watched it for interesting events (deaths, kills, armor locks, etc) and noted the time at which they happened by adding this to the timeline in the Excel data. As well as taking screenshots of the events as I went along. The final data was put together to form the image with a bunch of screenshots of the game being played. The main correlation between heart rate and playing seems to be when armor lock occurs which has a calming influence, but we’ll let you make your own conclusions.While a nice experiment on its own, there’s certainly room for this to be developed into a more formal system used to gauge the effects of gaming on the body’s function.Read more at Reddit, via Chris Remo’s Twitter feedlast_img read more

Houston grandmother first to use new Super WiFi technology

first_imgIt’s not always the youngest generation that is the first to try out the latest technology. A Houston grandmother has become the country’s first user of a technology called “Super Wi-Fi.”Now to be clear, it’s not called “super” because of its speed, but rather because the Wi-Fi signal has the ability to travel over greater distances and through walls thanks to its utilization of spectrum from unused television channels. The FCC created rules to enable the use of the spectrum specifically for this new version of Wi-Fi.AdChoices广告Leticia Aguirre’s home became a Super Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to a partnership between Rice University and a Houston-based non-profit group called Technology for All (TFA). Aguirre, who is 48 and a working grandmother, had previously been using a free community broadband Wi-Fi network in her home established by a Rice University-based research team led by Professor Edward Knightly and TFA. But Aguirre never received a good signal in her home because she lives at the edge of the network. That fact made her the perfect candidate for Knightly’s research team to introduce the new Super Wi-Fi technology.The Super Wi-Fi equipment used was created by Ryan Guerra, a graduate student at Rice. The equipment dynamically shifts between traditional Wi-Fi and unused UHF digital television channels to offer the best coverage. One of the advantages of the new Super Wi-Fi equipment is that it looks like any other traditional Wi-Fi hotspot to users. Additional Super Wi-Fi links are planned for Aguirre’s neighbors with the goal of reaching up to 3,000 homes in East Houston.The initiative has federal support from the National Science Foundation and hopes to develop the technology as an open-source solution in an effort to ease deployment of it in additional cities and rural areas.Read more at Rice Universitylast_img read more

Was Megaupload takedown in response to Kim Dotcoms upcoming iTunes competitor

first_imgLast week’s Federal takedown of Megaupload leads to a lot of unanswered questions. How did the US government get those internal emails that supposedly make Megaupload exempt from using the DMCA safe harbor? What about the suspicious timing of the raid, coming just one day after worldwide internet protests of SOPA and PIPA? Will the most expensive lawyers that money can buy get Kim Dotcom a fair trial?We can now add another burning question to that list. Was the US government moving to take out the next iTunes? Last month Kim Dotcom spoke with TorrentFreak about his upcoming plans, and they were big.Dotcom was planning on launching something called the Megakey. It would be a way for Megaupload users to get the perks of a premium membership for free. After installing the Megakey tool, 10-15% of users’ web advertising would be diverted to Megaupload sponsors. Dotcom said that the tool worked like an ad blocker, but instead of blocking ads it replaces other ads with those from Megaclick (the Megaupload ad network).That, however, isn’t even the biggest plan Dotcom had. He had a service called Megabox in the works, which was described as Megaupload’s “iTunes competitor.” As part of the Megakey software, it would grant users free access to premium music content.The real kicker? Megabox would pay artists 90 percent of earnings. So users who are downloading music for free (by seeing Megaupload ads all across the internet) would be supporting the artists who made the music. Even more audacious, Dotcom was also planning a similar service for movies, called Megamovie.Megabox sounds like a rare piece of innovation in a mostly stale industry. It could have turned the industry upside down and pushed artists to abandon their labels and turn to Megaupload for a 21st century method of distribution. We already saw that Megaupload could recruit A-list talent, with its video for “The Mega Song,” featuring Kanye West, Will.iam, Alicia Keys, P Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, and many more. The Megabox idea was a perfect example of using piracy as a model for innovation — which pays artists — rather than something to prohibit and destroy.To the recording industry, however, Megabox sounds like a threat to the established business model. It sounds like something that needs to blown off of the face of the earth, no matter how many lobbyists and campaign donations it takes. Of course the FBI takedown of Megaupload was probably being planned for a year or more, while the Megabox news was only publicly released last month. This would appear to negate it as a factor in the raid (which could be the case).But that doesn’t, however, mean that Megabox couldn’t have played a role. If the feds had access to Megaupload’s internal emails, then they could have known about this long before December. Either way, what was just an investigation into one of the largest file sharing sites on the internet could have gained a greater sense of urgency once Dotcom’s grand plans were revealed.via Techcrunchlast_img read more

According to the code SkyDrive is getting a cloud music player

first_imgSkyDrive is already one of the best cloud storage and syncing services around, and it’s about to get even better. Microsoft has been working away in secret to add a cloud-based media player to SkyDrive, and it could be arriving very soon. For those of you who signed on way back when, that means 25GB of free space in the Azure cloud where you’ll not only be able to store your music, but you’ll be able to stream it, too.And heck, even if you only signed up recently and snagged a 7GB account, it’s still a pretty nice no-charge bonus. It should provide plenty of room for a handful of your favorite albums, and you won’t even need to do any heavy lifting to upload them — just drop them into your SkyDrive music folder.When is the SkyDrive cloud player coming? Nothing official has been announced yet, but LiveSide spotted some changes in the SkyDrive HTML source code just the other day. Shortly after finding references to the player, they turned up a set of icons for the playback controls.New features often pop up in Microsoft’s web apps with little or no notice, so SkyDrive might get its cloud music player later today. It could also be another minor coding slip-up like the ones that have seen so many new Microsoft software downloads posted ahead of (or behind) schedule. But with key rivals like Google and Amazon already offering similar functionality, Microsoft is determined to make SkyDrive as attractive to users as possible. SkyDrive is the glue that binds together Microsoft’s many platforms, after all, and its importance will only increase in the future.via LiveSidelast_img read more

How to jailbreak the Surface RT

first_imgThroughout our coverage of Surface RT, a single complaint has repeated itself over and over again: There are not enough apps in the Microsoft Store to offer a complete experience. What could fix this if Microsoft remains unable to win over developers? Jailbreaking of course.Calling what happens in this tutorial a “jailbreak” is generous when compared to the recent iOS 6 jailbreak process. Jailbreaking your Surface RT will not violate your warranty, and the risks associated with running the software are fantastically low. In fact, all you are really doing is running a program that tricks Windows RT into allowing you to install programs that you have downloaded instead of just limiting you to the Windows Store.The jailbreak softwareTo get started, you’ll need to download the RT jailbreak zip. Unzip the file you just downloaded, and then shut your Surface RT down entirely.This jailbreak is to be run when you first start the Surface RT. Tap your power button and boot the tablet, and once you have reached the Start page you will need to navigate to the Desktop. Locate the file you unzipped from the Desktop and double click on the runExploit.bat sitting in the folder. This will open a DOS prompt to execute the exploit. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to run the exploit by pressing “R” on your keyboard.Once the exploit has started running, the dialogue box will ask you to press the Volume-Down key on the Surface. Press the button once, and a few seconds later the DOS prompt will disappear. At this point, you are now able to install apps that are not signed by the Windows Store.Run it once or at startup?This exploit needs to be run every time you reboot Windows RT, unless you install a script that tells the jailbreak exploit to run at startup. If you’re only interested in trying the jailbreak, or if you are concerned that malicious software can now be installed on your Surface RT, you can continue to use the jailbreak tool as a one-off utility.If you know you are going to want to be jailbroken all the time, you can use the runExploit.bat again and select option “I” with your keyboard, which will install the script needed to keep your Surface RT jailbroken every time you reboot the computer. If you should ever need to uninstall this jailbreak tool, option “U” in runExploit.bat will remove the jailbreak entirely, but it will not remove the apps that you have side loaded.Can it run Quake?Jailbreak complete: Now what?Now that you have a freshly jailbroken Surface RT, what can you do with it? Unfortunately, not much yet. Since Windows RT is built for ARM processors, you need apps that are either built for ARM or built entirely on Microsoft’s .NET 4.5 in order to install them on the Surface RT and actually use them.There’s currently a group of developers over at XDA that are maintaining a list of apps that have been ported, which include gems like Quake 2 and the PuTTy SSH app. There’s the .NET based IceChat for you IRC fans and of course 7Zip is floating around, but the list is fairly slim.Any apps that are closed source are unlikely to make it to the Surface RT unless they are ported by the developer, but if you know of an open source app you’d like to see ported to the Surface RT you can leave a comment over at the XDA forums for Surface.last_img read more

D R A F T not the final draft Taoiseach spells out

first_img‘D. R. A. F. T – not the final draft’ – Taoiseach spells out his position in row with cross-party TDs A number of politicians are angry there will not be a Dáil vote on the Ireland 2040 plan. Wednesday 14 Feb 2018, 1:48 PM Feb 14th 2018, 1:48 PM 16,101 Views Share5 Tweet Email1 By Christina Finn TDs unite: These politicians want the new national planning framework to be voted on— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) February 14, 2018 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter Asked why the government is pushing forward with Ireland 2040 plan on Friday, before enactment of the above legislation, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the wording of the Bill states a ‘draft’ of the framework should come before the Dáil for a vote.“D. R. A. F. T – not the final draft,” Varadkar spelled out to the Dáil.The Taoiseach said a draft of the Bill was approved by the Houses in November. However, a number of politicians, including Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin said there have been substantial changes made to the plan in recent weeks, which have not been approved.Varadkar said there is nothing set out in law that says the plan is subject to approval by the Houses of the Oireachtas Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter 75 Comments This is the section of the Bill Alan Kelly say Govt is ignoring— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) February 14, 2018 Labour Leader Brendan Howlin told the Taoiseach that he was sitting at Cabinet when this legislation was first discussed with his predecessor Enda Kenny. Howlin claimed that it was always the intention to hold a Dáil vote on the final plan.‘Stroke politics’“This is stroke politics,” Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty told the Taoiseach today. He said avoiding a vote on the final plan shows “complete contempt” for the Dáil and the public.Fianna Fáil’s Eamon O’Cuiv has called for a special Oireachtas committee to be established to consider and make amendments to the final plan.Having been in Leinster House for a great many years, he said plans that tend to be rushed through without consultation “tend to fall flat on their face”. “D. R. A. F. T – not the final draft” Source: Leah FarrellO’Cuiv said the government would be wise to try and get as much political buy-in for the plan.“We have to remember we are talking about 23-year plan. One thing is certain, there will be changes in government, there will be changes here in Leinster House and what we need to do is get the biggest consensus we can,” he said.The Galway-West TD said it would be ”totally foolhardy” for the government to press on with the plan without the approval of the Dáil, stating that it will result in the plan not lasting the pace to 2040.Kelly said the government is engaging in “skullduggery” by launching the plan to much fanfare on Friday without consulting with opposition parties.“Huge pressure” is now on the government not to proceed as planned on Friday, said Sinn Féin’s Eoin O’Broin.Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has agreed to meet with the coalition of TDs at 4pm to discuss their concerns.Explainer: What is the National Planning Framework 2040?>DCU economist rejects Leo’s insistence that Limerick-Cork motorway ‘makes sense’> Short URL TDS FROM MULTIPLE parties have united to call out the government for what they claim is a deliberate attempt to rush through the Ireland 2040 plan.The National Planning Framework Coalition, made up of Labour’s Alan Kelly, Sinn Féin’s Eoin O’Broin, Fianna Fáil’s Eamon O’Cuiv, and independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice, said the integrity of the process has been compromised.The politicians told reporters today that the government is seeking to avoid a vote on National Planning Framework (NPF) by circumventing their own legislation.The NPF is the government’s long-term plan for Ireland over the next twenty years.Between now and 2040, the government wants to pull together all its action plans to ensure that it has national and regional strategies in place as Ireland’s population grows and as challenges such as Brexit land on our doorstep.Ministers are due to travel to Sligo to launch the plan this Friday.Kelly, who was the minister who initiated the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill during the FG-Labour coalition, said it clearly states that a vote on the National Planning Framework should take place in both Houses of the Oireachtas in order to place the plan on a statutory footing.The Bill is currently before the Seanad, and due to be completed in that House today. It is then due to be referred back to the Dáil next week.The Bill states:last_img read more

Elderly man dies after being hit by car in Roscommon

first_img By Órla Ryan 13,908 Views Thursday 8 Dec 2016, 7:25 PM Short URL File photo of N5 Image: Google Maps 8 Comments Dec 8th 2016, 7:25 PM Share Tweet Email center_img Elderly man dies after being hit by car in Roscommon The N5 is closed between Frenchpark and Ballaghaderreen and diversions are in place. A MAN HAS died after being hit by a car while walking in Co Roscommon this evening.Gardaí are investigating the incident, which happened on the N5 at Frenchpark at 5.15pm.The man is believed to have been in his 70s. The driver of the car, a man, was not injured.The N5 is closed between Frenchpark and Ballaghaderreen, pending the arrival of garda forensic collision investigators, and diversions are in place. Image: Google Maps File photo of N5 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Convicted Woman killed former partner and left body in back garden

first_img The Central Criminal Court No Comments A CENTRAL CRIMINAL Court jury has found a woman not guilty of the murder but guilty of the manslaughter of her housemate and former partner.During the trial, the court heard evidence that Monika Matracka (35) told gardaí that she killed Michal Rejmer (38) but was defending herself and was “the victim”. The deceased’s body remained in the house for at least three days before she moved it to the back garden.Today, a jury of six men and six women found Matracka not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter by a majority verdict of 11-1. They had deliberated for five hours and 38 minutes.Matracka, with an address at The Pines, Briarfield, Castletroy, Limerick had pleaded not guilty to murdering Michal Rejmer at that address at a time unknown between 8pm on December 30 and midnight on December 31, 2015.Mr Justice Paul Butler thanked the jury for their time and exempted them from jury service for a period of 10 years.“Thank you all very much, you worked very hard at this matter,” he said.The case was put in for mention on 6 March.Mr Justice Butler remanded Matracka in custody until that date. The court heard there will be no victim impact statement.The eight day trial heard that Michal Rejmer had helped Matracka out financially when she was studying in Poland in 2009. Matracka told gardaí that he wanted his money back on December 30, 2015 and if he did not get it she “would have to say bye bye to life” and he then cut her left hand with a knife.She also told gardaí that she stabbed Michal Rejmer in self-defence saying:I did it. It was me. I killed Michal.Michal Rejmer was reported missing on 6 January 2016 after colleagues became concerned when he had not turned up for work at McDonald’s in Castletroy for a number of days. He was last seen on December 30, 2015.His body was discovered by his friend and a local volunteer at the rear of his house in Castletroy under some plastic sheeting on 8 January 2016.State Pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy gave evidence in the trial and told the jury that Mr Rejmer died as a result of bleeding from stab wounds to the arms.Comments are closed as the case is still before the courts.Read: This couple say they are discriminated against because they are straight> Convicted: Woman killed former partner and left body in back garden She was found not guilty of murder. The pair were housemates. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share4 Tweet Email Image: William Murphy/Flickr The Central Criminal Court Image: William Murphy/Flickrcenter_img By Alison O’Riordan Feb 21st 2017, 5:25 PM Tuesday 21 Feb 2017, 5:25 PM Short URL 20,938 Views last_img read more

Its been unbelievable to have him Robbie Keane training with local club

first_img Short URL Thursday 9 Mar 2017, 4:40 PM ‘It’s been unbelievable to have him’ – Robbie Keane training with local club Shamrock Rovers The ex-Ireland captain has been taking part in sessions with Stephen Bradley’s side this week. Mar 9th 2017, 4:40 PM 18 Comments Follow us: Keane with current Rovers director of football Stephen McPhail at Tallaght Stadium back in 2014. Image: Donall Farmer/INPHO Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img Image: Donall Farmer/INPHO By Ben Blake Keane with current Rovers director of football Stephen McPhail at Tallaght Stadium back in 2014. Share3 Tweet Email2 21,691 Views Ireland climb a place in latest Fifa world rankings‘He did really well’ – Andy Boyle hailed after Preston debut SHAMROCK ROVERS MAY have two former senior internationals involved behind the scenes these days, but there is another Ireland legend around the place this week.The Irish Independent reported yesterday that the nation’s all-time record caps holder and goalscorer Robbie Keane has been training with his local club in a bid to stay fit.36-year-old Keane has been a free agent since leaving LA Galaxy last November, although he has been linked with several moves to England, the US, Asia and Australia.And while Hoops boss Stephen Bradley has stated that there is no chance of the Tallaght native linking up with old team-mates Stephen McPhail (director of football) and Damien Duff (first-team coach and U15s manager) at Rovers, he has been delighted to have him involved at their Roadstone facility.“It’s been brilliant,” Bradley told The42 today. “Robbie’s been in working individually with (physio) Tony McCarthy and then he has dropped in and out of our sessions.“He’s taken the strikers for finishing sessions too and to have someone like Robbie telling an 18-year-old about movement or how to finish is frightening.It’s been unbelievable for us as a coaching staff. When you look at his record at international level I don’t think it will be truly recognised for what it is for years to come. It’s scary.”There is no set time-frame on how long Keane will spend with the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division outfit but it is not expected to beyond a couple of weeks.“He has had loads of offers in England and away but that (a deal at Rovers) hasn’t even come into it,” Bradley added.“It’s basically just to keep him ticking over and to get fit so that he’s ready to go when he makes his next move. If Robbie says ‘can I come in next week?’, of course he can. If he says it’s his last day, then it has been unbelievable to have him.”After last week’s derby win over Bohemians earned Rovers their first three points of the new season, they welcome Derry City to Tallaght Stadium on Friday night before Monday’s trip to Galway and Bradley is eager to add another positive result.“Last Friday was unbelievable but it’s gone,” he said. “We have to move on and build on it now. Derry are a good side, we know that they are an attacking threat and they will come here to play.“We need to go and match them. I think we’re a different team to anything we’ve had here for a few years and I honestly believe we will only get better with time. Hopefully we can show that tomorrow night.”– First published 15.11The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us!last_img read more

Well Leave It There So Erasmus denies Springboks link Leicester back Ranieri

first_imgWe’ll Leave It There So: Erasmus denies Springboks link, Leicester back Ranieri and today’s sport Meanwhile, it’s been a busy day in the Fitzgibbon Cup. Short URL Tuesday 7 Feb 2017, 7:51 PM Ireland flanker CJ Stander speaks about the impact the late Joost van der Westhuizen had on his rugby career.The Fixture ListThere are three Sigerson Cup quarter-finals on tomorrow’s calendar: Ulster University v UCD, Jordanstown, 2pm; DCU v St Mary’s (Belfast), DCU Sportsground, 2pm; and IT Carlow v UCC, IT Carlow, 6pm.Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri is hoping his side’s fortunes begin to turn, starting with tomorrow night’s FA Cup fourth-round replay against Derby County (19.45, BBC One).Showbiz, Baby!It seems ‘Adam Lallama’ has come to life on the left leg of a Liverpool fan. The good people over at ‘Tattoo Fixers’ could well have another customer in a few years’ time. Share4 Tweet Email By Alan Waldron The42 Rugby Show: how Ireland can get their campaign back on track after Murrayfield defeatJVDF takes disappointment on the chin as he pushes extra hard for starting place in Rome Adam Lallama 😂— Empire of the Kop (@empireofthekop) February 7, 2017 Feb 7th 2017, 7:51 PM center_img 8,659 Views Home DIT’s John Walsh battles for possession with Eoin Quirke of Mary Immaculate College. Source: Morgan Treacy/INPHOReigning Fitzgibbon Cup champions Mary Immaculate made light work of Dublin IT, securing a 32-point victory and ensuring they get a home quarter-final.Ireland’s U20s will be without captain and fullback Jack Kelly for this weekend’s clash with Italy through injury, and possibly for the rest of the competition.UCC, UCD and IT Carlow booked their places in the quarter-finals of the Fitzgibbon Cup with victories today.Munster director of rugby Rassie Erasmus insists there is no chance of him leaving the province to take over as head coach of his native South Africa any time soon.Clare’s Bobby Duggan and Tipperary’s John McGrath scored 1-20 between them today as University of Limerick cruised home against DCU St Pat’s in Group B of the Fitzgibbon Cup. Source: Empire of the Kop/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Add us: Dublin stars Ali Twomey, James McCarthy, Sinéad Aherne and Eoghan O’Donnell at the launch of AIG’s new home insurance offer today. Source: Seb Daly/SPORTSFILEAway Sweden’s Kajsa Kling clears a gate during the women’s super-G at the Alpine Ski World Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Source: Alessandro TrovatiThe All Blacks have expressed surprise over news that one of their security consultants has been charged with bugging their hotel before a Bledisloe Cup match against Australia.The Leicester City board have backed Claudio Ranieri to turn things around at the King Power Stadium, insisting the Italian manager has their full confidence.Two New England Patriots players have said they will boycott a team visit to the White House if the traditional invitation to the NFL champions comes from US president Donald Trump.Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse has called time on his football career and will now focus on his work as a DJ.New Zealand fullback Ben Smith, who had been linked with a move to Munster, has opted to remain at Super Rugby side the Highlanders.The Best Thing We SharedBeing three points down with time almost up isn’t a problem when you’ve got LeBron James on your side. An incredible shot from the Cleveland Cavaliers star tied the game against Washington Wizards last night and ultimately led to an overtime win.On The RecordIt’s tough because for my first professional start with the Bulls, he gave me my jersey, so I’ve got a bit of a connection with him. Everyone knew the time was coming but I think he’s in a better place. He’s going to be missed. The42 is on Snapchat! Tap the button below on your phone to add! 1 Comment last_img read more

Michael McDowell calls for the Garda Commissioner to step aside

first_img Short URL By Cianan Brennan Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Feb 16th 2017, 12:52 PM 95 Comments Share Tweet Email2 Thursday 16 Feb 2017, 12:52 PM 21,046 Views Michael McDowell calls for the Garda Commissioner to step aside McDowell, a former attorney general, stood as legal adviser to Maurice McCabe during the O’Higgins Commission of Investigation. Michael McDowell (l) and Nóirín O’Sullivan Source: Rollingnews.ieFORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL Senator Michael McDowell has called for embattled Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan to stand aside from her role until a tribunal investigating an alleged smear campaign against Maurice McCabe has completed its work.In a statement delivered to the Seanad this morning regarding the ongoing Garda controversy, McDowell acknowledged that he is unable to deal in public with the controversy due to his own legal involvement with McCabe having advised the Garda Sergeant during the O’Higgins Commission of Investigation into events in Cavan-Monaghan in 2007 and 2008.He said, however, that “these duties do not prevent me from fulfilling my constitutional and statutory functions… in relation to the proposal to establish a tribunal of inquiry”.“I believe it will be wrong for me to refrain from stating in this house that I believe the fairness and appropriateness of establishing any such inquiry while Commissioner O’Sullivan continues to exercise her authority and discharge her functions as Commissioner is very much an issue,” he said.McDowell said that “as a former Tánaiste, Minister for Justice, and Attorney General I believe I am in a good position to form an opinion as to whether it is appropriate or inappropriate” for the Commissioner, “against whom the gravest allegations of misconduct have been made” to remain in her position for the duration of the tribunal.“The relationship between the government and the Commissioner of an Garda Síochána must be based on confidence. Confidence in anyone’s language includes a solid belief that the person in question is truthful and reliable in every respect. Confidence cannot be said to exist if sufficient doubt exists in the mind of the government in respect of the gravest allegations to warrant the establishment of a tribunal of enquiry,” he said.Moreover, it is totally inconceivable that officers including senior officers of a disciplined force should be asked in public to accuse the person in charge of them of grave misbehaviour in evidence, and furthermore to instruct counsel to cross examine that person as to her honesty, reliability and suitability for office.“Accordingly, I wish to state in the strongest possible terms that there is no reason at all for the government to commit that the Garda Commissioner should remain in position, and she must step aside temporarily for the duration of the tribunal until it has reported, or permanently.”“The determination that the Commissioner should remain in place during the tribunal is neither fair, nor appropriate nor defensible,” McDowell concluded.Read: Maurice McCabe says he ‘probably wouldn’t do it again’Read: Live: After a rough week for government, Bruton takes Leaders’ Questions last_img read more

Trumps Secretary of State accused of using alias to talk about climate

first_img Rex Tillerson By Associated Press Trump’s Secretary of State accused of using alias to talk about climate change New York’s Attorney General is looking into whether Exxon deceived the public and investors for decades. 14,640 Views Short URL NEW YORK’S ATTORNEY general has said that when US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was CEO of Exxon he used an alias in emails to talk about climate change.The attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, made the accusation in a letter from his office to a New York court yesterday.He is investigating whether the company deceived investors and the public by hiding for decades what it knew about the link between fossil fuels and climate change.Schneiderman said Exxon failed to disclose that Tillerson used an account named ‘Wayne Tracker’ to send and receive emails about issues including risk management related to climate change. Wayne is Tillerson’s middle name. The account was used from at least 2008 through 2015, he says.Exxon Mobil spokesman Alan Jeffers said Tillerson’s regular email address received a large number of emails, including from outside the company, and the Wayne Tracker account was created for secure and quick communication between Tillerson and senior executives over a broad range of topics.Tillerson resigned as chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp at the end of last year, after then-President-elect Donald Trump picked him to become the nation’s chief diplomat.Investigation The State Department declined to comment on Tillerson’s use of an alias for email while at Exxon, but spokesman Mark Toner said Tillerson only uses a State Department email address to conduct government business and an official phone number for work-related calls.In a letter submitted by one of his deputies, Schneiderman said investigators found the Wayne Tracker account on about 60 documents but that neither Exxon nor its lawyers ever disclosed it was used by Tillerson. He said Exxon has failed to give his office all documents covered by a court order in response to his investigation. New York Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman Source: APExxon disputed this. “The very fact the attorney general’s office has these emails is because they were produced in response to the subpoena,” Jeffers said in a statement. He said the company has provided more than 2.5 million pages of documents to Schneiderman’s office.Tillerson would not be the first chief executive to use an alias in electronic communications. A notable case was John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods Market Inc, who used a pseudonym to post messages on investor websites criticising another company and suggesting that its stock was overpriced.Whole Foods later bought the rival over objections by federal antitrust regulators.Read: Snoop Dogg under fire for shooting an orange-faced Donald Trump clown in music videoRead: Trump didn’t mean wiretapping when he tweeted about ‘wire tapping’ – Spicer Tuesday 14 Mar 2017, 10:51 PM center_img Rex Tillerson Image: Susan Walsh/AP Image: Susan Walsh/AP Mar 14th 2017, 10:51 PM Share Tweet Email1 23 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

These stunning photos are up for the National Geographic Travel Photo of

Share56 Tweet Email5 Source: Stas BartnikasAs is known, the Colorado River is very shallow due to the active use of water from it for agricultural purposes. And when it reaches the ocean in Mexico it is almost dry. Aerial shot was taken from a Cessna. Sunday 31 Mar 2019, 10:30 AM Source: António LeongA local butcher is seen preparing to close his shop.Nature Source: Christian MurilloTwo groups of climbers make their descent from the icy slopes of huayna potosi. For many, this is their first 6,000m peak, resembling an achievement of a lifetime. For everyone, their respective mountain to climb is different, but mountains like this one are no stranger to changing the way your mind works. The moment of recognition of this growth of physical and moreso emotional stature is one of the most raw, transcendent, and blissful moments in my life, which is captured here. 33,776 Views Source: Anuroop KrishnanWhile lemurs are endemic to the island of Madagascar, even within the island there are diverse habitats which are home to a number of species of lemurs. The red-fronted brown lemur is found in south western part of the island, in its dry lowland forests. It feeds mostly on fruits, leaves, and flowers — often leaving the comfort of the trees in search of seeds. 6 Comments Mar 31st 2019, 10:31 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: Ryan KostMarket day in Urubamba. Beautiful, delicious, organic, and oh so colorful. Always so much healthier here. The only things being processed are your thoughts tickling your senses :). My daily routine. Stop here in the morning. Combine this goodness into a fresh smoothie and save some for a five o’clock drink with a kick of Pisco. My advice … if you want to experience more about a culture visit the local market. Source: Michael PereaLooking down at the Kilauea eruption from Fissure 8 as it enters the ocean, the plume of smoke opens up, and reveals the newly created island underneath.Cities Source: Mark ShimaharaUmbrellas cross the Shibuya Scramble in Japan. Source: Gonçalo Lobo pinheiroRundown neighbourhoods contrast with the glitzy Grand Lisboa hotel on Macau’s skyline. Short URL These stunning photos are up for the National Geographic Travel Photo of the Year Entries are still being accepted. Source: Ellen DoreCows such as this one in pushkar, India, have free reign to wander as they please. As this one approached the entrance of a temple in pushkar, dedicated to Vishnu, people made way for the cow to enter.More information about the competition and how to enter can be found here. By Hayley Halpin ONE OF THE world’s top photography competitions is seeking entries, as photographers compete for a top prize of $7,500.The 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest is well underway and it has three categories – Nature, People and Cities. As well as the cash prize and the prestigious title, the winning photo will also be featured on the @NatGeoTravel Instagram account.The contest is accepting entries until 3 May at 12pm EDT (4pm Irish time).Last year’s winner was Reiko Takahashi, who won the top prize for his photograph of a humpback whale near Japan’s Kumejima Island.Here are some of this year’s entries to the Nature category so far:People Source: Tihomir Trichkov Participants in the annual Golden eagle festival, showing off their skills. The festival is held in Bayan-Ölgii aimag, West Mongolia. The eagle hunters are celebrating their Kazahk heritage and compete to catch small animals such as rabbits and foxes. Eagle hunting has been practiced in Central Asia for thousands of years, although nowadays it is preserved only in the Kazakh culture where the traditions are still alive and well kept. read more

Upper House rejects Theophanous move

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The request by Theo Theophanous to the Victorian Upper House to give precedence to his motion against prosecutor Michelle Williams, SC for breaching parliamentary privilege was rejected on Tuesday. Mr Theophanous alleged that the prosecutor in the rape case against him that was dismissed last month, used an excerpt from a speech he made in Parliament in 2006. The Legislative Council President Bob Smith was asked to consider Mr Theophanous motion before any other parliamentary business. According to media reprorts Mr Smith, turned down the request. “Having examined the matter I am not convinced that it warrants precedence,” Mr Smith told the parliament. “This does not prevent Mr Theophanous from pursuing the matter by giving notice of a motion when he returns to the chamber,” he added. Mr Theophanous is on sick leave for a month. He has indicated that he does not wish to pursue the matter any further. During the committal hearing in the rape case against him, Ms Williams read out a passage from one of Mr Theophanous’ parliamentary speeches in which he said that rape victims should be protected from questioning in court about their sexual history. In his speech he said that the court could be “re-traumatising through the very process.” Ms Williams accused Mr Theophanous’ lawyer, Robert Richter QC, through his questioning of a witness of, “flouting the intention of this legislation that was moved by his client.”last_img read more

Frustrated migrants attempt to swim back to Turkey

first_imgWith migrants facing long stays in Greece and their fate questionable, six migrants on the island on Chios took matters into their own hands, trying to swim back to Turkey. The news was released by Greek harbour police last Wednesday report Kathimerini, after two separate groups of migrants were picked up several meters off the island’s coast on Monday and Tuesday. Turkey, which is visible from the island, is located nine nautical miles away, a distance the migrants had originally crossed with makeshift boats.According to police, the first group included four Iraqis who were attempting the swim with a rubber ring.There has also been speculation by the media that those picked up were among the migrants set to be deported back to Turkey under the March 20 agreement between Brussels and Ankara, authorising ‘irregular migrants’ to be returned to Turkey as a form of discouragement.By arriving on their own, police believe they would have been hoping to avoid being put in detention by Turkish authorities. Since the agreement came into play, an estimated 45,000 migrants and refugees arrived in Greece before the March 20 deadline, and have found themselves in limbo since Balkan borders started closing in mid-February. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Taxi drivers face extinction through regulation

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Just days after stepping down as chairman of Victoria’s Taxi Services Commission – the body established by the Victorian government to regulate the state’s taxi and hire car industry – Graeme Samuel has told reporters the government has “imposed a dead weight around the neck of the taxi industry” by continuing to levy high licence fees.A taxi operator before he starts the year knows he has to pay out a licence fee of $18,000 to $20,000.Speaking to radio station 3AW, Mr Samuel said that Victorian taxi drivers are being “regulated out of existence” while Uber “rubs its hands with glee”. As chairman of the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) for more than three years until his replacement last week, Mr Samuel was responsible for implementing a swathe of reforms influenced by the controversial 2013 report on the industry by Allan Fels.Reflecting on what has been a strategic guide for the government since its completion, Samuel said that the Fels report was “out of date” the day it was issued, with its limitations marked by an inability to predict the impact of ride-sharing services such as Uber – which launched in Australia a year before the Fels review was concluded.A former chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Samuel believes state governments have let down the traditional taxi industry, arguing that ineffective legislation hugely disadvantaged taxi drivers, compared to people who work for Uber. “They [the Victorian government] put the taxi industry at a major disadvantage,” he said. “A taxi operator before he starts the year knows he has to pay out a licence fee of $18,000 to $20,000. “The government fee is around $23,000, $24,000. So his business is already starting in deficit with that amount of money. The Uber driver doesn’t have that fee, so he’s already $20,000 better off.“What we’ve got to do is put the taxi industry on a level playing field,” he said.Mr Samuels added that “the best regulation of all, aside from issues of safety, is to empower the consumer to make a choice.”Meanwhile, his comments have received a mixed response from local taxi industry analysts. George Kapnias, managing director of one of Melbourne’s most respected chauffeur driven hire-car companies Southern Cross, has been one of the Victorian government’s – and the state Opposition’s – loudest and most articulate critics of their positions on resolving the problems of Melbourne’s taxi industry.Speaking to Neos Kosmos, Mr Kapnias said: “Most of what Mr Samuel says is common sense and I agree with him that Uber has rubbed its hands with delight at the massive cost benefits delivered to it by government inaction.Mr Kapnias added that “a level playing field is needed going forward – with licence fees removed, and driver accreditation left to the industry”.The Southern Cross boss has advocated the Victorian government should buy out existing hire car licences and lease them back, and put a $1 levy on all fares in the state for both traditional taxis or ride-sharing services, in order to fund a compensation scheme for long-term taxi licence holders who have seen their value slashed in recent years.”Long-time campaigner Sandy Spanos, spokesperson for Victorian Taxi and Hire Car Families and an ardent critic of the TSC during Samuel’s reign, said she was alarmed by his comments.“If Graeme Samuel felt the Fels reforms were inappropriate, why did he try and implement them, and now Allan Fels works for Uber. It smacks of corruption at every level,” she said.Following a deal between the Andrews government and Sex Party MP Fiona Patten, it is likely Uber will be legalised in Victoria within weeks, having operated in Melbourne for more than three years.Mr Samuel was replaced as chairman of the TSC last week by Mr Yehudi Blacher, who has held a number of senior positions within the Victorian public sector, including secretary for the former departments of Planning and Community Development, and Victorian Communities.last_img read more

Facebook devrait proposer un service de chat vidéo signé Skype

first_imgFacebook devrait proposer un service de chat vidéo signé SkypeD’après TechCrunch, le réseau social vedette sur le web devrait bientôt annoncer l’arrivée sur son site d’un chat vidéo en partenariat avec Skype.Vendredi dernier, Mark Zuckerberg, le PDG de Facebook, créait le suspense en annonçant l’arrivée imminente sur le réseau social d’une “nouveauté géniale”. Très certainement une riposte à Google+, plateforme sociale lancée au même moment par le moteur de recherche dans le monde entier, et qui a parfaitement réussi son buzz sur la Toile en quelques heures à peine.À lire aussiPourquoi les chats ont-ils des pupilles verticales ?Alors que Mark Zuckerberg doit dévoiler mercredi la nouvelle fonctionnalité en question, lors d’une conférence de presse, le blog américain TechCrunch, généralement très bien informé, a déjà une petite idée de la chose. D’après ses informations, il s’agirait d’un chat vidéo conçu par Skype, avec qui il a conclu un partenariat. Un concurrent direct à la fonction “Bulles” de Google+, qui permet la visio-conférence avec ses contacts. Le chat vidéo se déroulerait ainsi directement dans le navigateur web. Le blog indique qu’il faudra, pour pouvoir l’utiliser, installer un composant en local sur son ordinateur. Toutefois, nul ne sait pour l’instant si cette fonctionnalité nécessite la création d’un compte Skype au préalable ou non. Par ailleurs, d’autres nouveautés à venir qui pourraient également être révélées par Mark Zuckerberg sous peu, ne sont pas écartées. Le site ZDnet rapporte que parmi elles on soupçonne l’arrivée d’une application iPad, d’un app store entièrement développé en HTML5 ou encore d’une application de partage de photo pour l’iPhone, sans oublier un service d’écoute de musique en partenariat avec Spotify.Le 4 juillet 2011 à 09:19 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more